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Baby Fawn Enjoys The Morning2m58s

Baby Fawn Enjoys The Morning

Sometimes you just have to stop and awe at Mother Natures handiwork. I noticed this newborn Fawn the day before yesterday; hidden in the tall grasses behind the house. Since the mother wasn't around I worried that the Fawn had been abandoned. Now reunited with mom, she took the youngster out to explore the adjacent field. Even with a sore front foot, momma remains vigilant and attentive to her new baby. Baby is 2 days old. Please honor nature...it's what makes us human.

Check Out This Cool Mouse Trap Trick Shot 2m29s

Check Out This Cool Mouse Trap Trick Shot

When most people think of trick shots, they mostly think of cool shots with everyday items such as ping pong balls, soccer balls and hockey pucks. What most people do not think of is a literal trick shot. Yes, we mean a trick shot that involves literally shooting a weapon. A lot of people have not seen something like this before, that is until today! Is it possible to shoot something off the trip pad of a set mouse trap without the trap firing? 'Old Lady Shooter' puts her skills to the test and tries it out herself! The "Blue Cheese" set on the trap is actually a little blue pom pom she got from Walmart, which had to be hit just right or the trap would have fired. That shot was crazy! Did you see how sensitive that mouse trap was? Even that little weed set it off so it is amazing that this woman managed to accomplish something like this. Good for her for doing something that she loves. It just goes to show you that you are never to old to do something that you love! Her name may be 'Old Lady Shooter' but she seems like she is really young at heart! Please share this awesome clip with your family and friends as it will surely interest them and it is one clip that no one should miss!