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Dog and toddler have tug-of-war24s

Dog and toddler have tug-of-war

A beloved pet dog named Whisky plays tug-of-war with two-year-old Senna on a lazy Sunday afternoon after a shower. "They are best of friends," said parent and owner Lynda, in Chennai, eastern India.

Four good dogs receive air treats with enthusiasm1m11s

Four good dogs receive air treats with enthusiasm

Four cute dogs patiently sit, in order to be rewarded with one of their human's delicious air treats. Pretending to pass each dog a treat, every animal eats the nothing in his hand gratefully, several times. The dog nearest the camera is particularly enthusiastic. "Forget about Geico!" said the owner. "We saved a bunch of money by feeding our fur babies Air Treats!"

Russian man swims 25m under ice at world's deepest lake48s

Russian man swims 25m under ice at world's deepest lake

A Russian man swims 25 meters under the ice at the world's deepest lake, Baikal, as part of a January tradition in the country. After taking the plunge, he propels himself forward under the ice, and opts out of surfacing at a "halfway hole", instead deciding to do the whole length in one breath. Aleksandr Shumskas, the swimmer, says that as he neared the end it was simply "scary, but not difficult." "I concentrated so much that I didn’t feel any cold and the fear was dulled," he added. In January it is traditional for Russian Orthodox Christians to take icy dips to mark Epiphany, or the baptism of Christ, which is celebrated on the 18th. The temperature on Friday was -12 degrees Celsius. However, others, like Shumskas, take the plunge a little earlier in the year, when it would have been even colder.

Monkey gets trapped under the hood of a car in India and has to be rescued1m52s

Monkey gets trapped under the hood of a car in India and has to be rescued

In a strange incident a monkey was struck by a car and became trapped under a car bonnet in western India today (January 18), and was freed after prying it open. The bizarre scene occurred on the Vododara-Ahmedabad Express Highway in Gujarat state, as the monkey was struck by a car driving by and crawled under the moving car's bonnet. Seeing this the driver stepped out of the car to check and was surprised to see the tail protruding from his car. He then called highway services who came and pulled out the trapped monkey, which immediately ran away.

Truck hits toddler riding toy bike on roadside42s

Truck hits toddler riding toy bike on roadside

A truck hit a one-year-old boy riding a toy bike on the side of a road in southern China. The CCTV video, shot in Zhongshan City in Guangdong Province on January 12, shows a truck stopped on the side of the road suddenly starting forward and knocking down a boy on a toy bike in front of it. The driver named Wang stopped and got out of the vehicle to check as he felt that he'd crashed into something. As he saw a boy and a toy bike lying under his truck, he and other people nearby took the boy out immediately and sent him to hospital. According to Wang, he did not see the boy when he started up his truck after he got back from a shop. Fortunately, the boy suffered minor injuries. Wang was blamed for the incident.

Smart cat mimics owner saying 'good night' in Mandarin41s

Smart cat mimics owner saying 'good night' in Mandarin

A three-year-old British Shorthair cat mimicked its owner to say "Wan An", or goodnight in Mandarin. In the clip, shot in Xi’an City in Shaanxi Province on January 15, the woman Mrs Zhang says goodnight in Mandarin to her cat Yuan Bao. Then it can be heard replying Zhang back with the same pronunciation. According to Mrs Zhang, Yuan Bao only says goodnight when she says to it at the door of her bedroom in dark.

Chinese woman shows off bizarre tongue tricks43s

Chinese woman shows off bizarre tongue tricks

A Chinese woman showed off her bizarre tongue dance in southern China. The video, captured in Laibin City in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in August last year, shows the woman twisting her flexible tongue to do different movements.

Keeper uses apples to stop intense fight between pandas2m03s

Keeper uses apples to stop intense fight between pandas

Two pandas had an intense fight at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and were only stopped when a keeper stepped in and separated them. The video shows a panda named Qi Guo biting another panda named Xing Guang and refusing to let it go in their enclosure. A tourist can be heard saying “ Qi Guo! Stop fighting! Xing Guang! Run away quick!” Finally, the keeper uses apples to attract the pandas' attention and stops the fight successfully. According to the filmer, Qi Guo and another panda Yuan Man used to live in the enclosure. However, three more pandas moved in one month ago. Since Qi Guo thought his territory was invaded, he started a fight with Xing Guang. The base confirmed that neither panda was injured and will separate them in the future, reports said.

Dancing horse gets out of control at Indian wedding and charges into crowd32s

Dancing horse gets out of control at Indian wedding and charges into crowd

At a wedding in western India, a horse got too into its dancing and lost control, ploughing into a crowd of wedding guests and injuring a number of attendees. The incident happened on 16 January in Vadar village near Rajkot, Saurashtra, Gujarat state, when a crowd of women formed around the groom's horse during the Garbba (a Gujarati traditional dance). The horse became excited during the dance and its handler lost control for a few moments, letting the horse run through the crowd knocking down many women. The handler reacted quickly and brought the horse back under control.

New York man gives incredible flute performance while hanging upside down35s

New York man gives incredible flute performance while hanging upside down

A man in Brooklyn, New York was spotted making an interesting performance by playing the flute, upside down while hanging from a tree. Filmed last week (January 12) the musician is spotted on the side of a busy road in the New York borough whilst also attempting some form of acrobatics, spreading his legs. The filmer said: "This man was performing this 'routine' while listening to headphones on a busy street in Brooklyn." He later added: "My assumption is that he was doing it for money."

Beautiful scenes from umbrella festival in northern Thailand as local women wear traditional costume4m20s

Beautiful scenes from umbrella festival in northern Thailand as local women wear traditional costume

Beautiful scenes from northern Thailand today (January 18) where local women wore traditional clothes for the start of the region's umbrella festival. The Bo Sang umbrella festival in Chiang Mai province celebrates hundreds of hand-painted paper sun umbrellas being produced in the village. Locals began making them centuries ago when a Buddhist monk from the area travelled to neighbouring Burma, returning to his home with the newly learned umbrella making technique. Villagers in Bo Sang adapted the skill - becoming known as the umbrella people - and spawning an industry that manufacturers hundreds of thousands of handmade sun umbrellas that are shipped around the world. Each year, villagers celebrate their tradition by lining the streets with bright, intricately decorated umbrellas. While the town's young women wear traditional silk gowns as the ride bicycles and carry umbrellas to shade them from the sun. The festival lasts for three days, starting today and finishing on Sunday evening.

Car plunges through hospital portacabin injuring two patients1m01s

Car plunges through hospital portacabin injuring two patients

A car plunged through a hospital portacabin injuring two patients when the driver tried to reverse on a slope. The terrifying video, shot in Wuhu City in eastern Anhui Province on January 17, shows a white car suddenly smashing through the door of a portacabin at Wuwei People’s Hospital, and crashing down the wall on the other side of the house before it stops. Since the driver mistook the forward gear for reverse gear when he tried to reserve to park his car on a slope, it smashed into the portacabin nearby. Two patients suffered injuries and were treated in hospital. The case was in further investigation.

Famous Thai cave rescue site becomes major new tourist attraction1m42s

Famous Thai cave rescue site becomes major new tourist attraction

The site of the famous Tham Luang cave rescue, where twelve children and their coach were rescued from a flooded cave system in June 2018, has become a famous tourist attraction. Tham Luang Nang Non (Cave of the Sleeping Lady) in Thailand's Chiang Rai province became famous last June during the rescue of the Wild Boar football team who had become trapped during monsoon flooding. Following a clean-up operation, the Tham Luang caves are now open to visitors, as seen in this footage captured on January 15. An international team of divers rescued 13 members of the team but Thai diver Saman Kunan died during the operation. Visitors are now flocking to the site and paying respect to the rescuers and Saman, who is remembered by a statue fronting a museum detailing the rescue. Some 7,000 folk, mostly Thai, visit the site each week according to local police.

Two residents forced to jump to lower floor to escape high-rise fire54s

Two residents forced to jump to lower floor to escape high-rise fire

Two residents jumped to a lower floor to escape fire in a high-rise building in eastern China. The video, filmed in Qingdao City in Shandong Province on January 18, shows black smoke coming out of the 24th floor of a residential building. An onlooker shouts “Do not jump!” to the woman sitting on the edge of the balcony and trying to jump to the 23rd floor. After the woman lands successfully, a man can be seen climbing over the wall to jump down with her help. According to reports, two people were both rescued and sent to hospital. Fortunately, they only suffered minor injuries. The fire has been put out by firefighters. The cause was being investigated.

Abandoned kitten with neurological condition gets adopted20s

Abandoned kitten with neurological condition gets adopted

A young kitten named Jasper with a neurological condition had been taken to a rescue centre in Oklahoma when his now-owner Annabelle realised that she couldn’t live without him. The clip shows Jasper walking through Annabelle’s house in an adorable manner, while shaking. Jasper suffers from cerebellar hypoplasia, which is a condition kittens can develop that affects their stability part of their brain, meaning they will shake while they walk. Vets believe that Jasper will grow out of it and he is not in any pain. “Three kittens were dropped off in a box, one feral, one sweet and then Jasper who couldn’t stop shaking. I took one look at him and decided I was taking him home. I took him to the vet the next day and found out he had cerebellar hypoplasia. “There’s a possibility that he can grow out of it, but most likely he will be wobbly for his whole life. He now lives at my parents house with his best friend, Poe, another tuxedo kitty who had a spinal injury,” said his rescuer Annabelle.

Lorry driver blinded by splash of water brakes on busy motorway38s

Lorry driver blinded by splash of water brakes on busy motorway

This was the terrifying moment a lorry driver was temporarily blinded by a large splash of water in busy traffic while driving down a motorway yesterday (January 17). The incident took place between junction 7 and 8 on the M25 (anti-clockwise) as the driver was in the middle lane attempting to overtake another heavy goods vehicle with a trailer. As the driver increases speed to overtake the lorry in the left-hand lane, a large gush of water is swept up its tyres and completely covers the windscreen of the middle lane driver. He immediately slows down in a terrifying moment of panic that could have resulted in a pile-up. The driver, John Mitchell, told Newsflare: "I was driving between junction 7 and 8 on the M25 anticlockwise, a route I take every day but this day it had been raining heavily so the road was soaking which made it hard to see puddles. "A truck to my left just in front couldn't have seen the puddle so I wasn't annoyed or bothered, it just caught me by surprise. "I saw a load of water come up from the road and come straight for me. "Even though I was behind a screen it still made me try to dodge the water. "Luckily I was already going in an almost straight line so when I couldn't see a thing I knew I had to keep the steering wheel straight and lay off the throttle just in case. "We don't normally get loads of surface water like that because of the constant flow of traffic not giving a chance for puddles to form."

Stunning footage shows divers swimming with 20-foot-long great white off Hawaii coast2m21s

Stunning footage shows divers swimming with 20-foot-long great white off Hawaii coast

Divers near Oahu were monitoring tiger sharks feeding off a decomposed sperm whale when they encountered what some would regard as their greatest fear, but for them, an incredible discovery – a great white shark. And it wasn't just any great white. According to marine biologist and conservationist, Ocean Ramsey, who is seen in the video, the shark in question was Deep Blue. The 20-foot-long creature is believed to be one of the largest on record and has created such a name for itself in the world of marine biology that it even has its own Twitter account. The filmer, who took the footage on January 15, recounted the incident to Newsflare. "When we first got there there were a bunch of tiger sharks feasting on the carcass and then suddenly they all swam away, probably sensing what was approaching," the filmer said. The 50-year-old shark later swam right by the carcass towards the divers, seemingly more interested in the group than the whale carcass. "She then made her way out to the surrounding boats to check them out as well. After that she slowly descended and swam off," the filmer said. Great whites are uncommon in Hawaii's warm waters, Ramsey said, but hunger could have driven the shark out of its comfort zone. State wildlife officials took to Facebook to discourage the public from approaching the rotting whale carcass and the wildlife it attracts, warning that the shark may mistaken divers as food.

One dead, nine missing in Himalayan mountain pass avalanche35s

One dead, nine missing in Himalayan mountain pass avalanche

At least one person was reported dead and nine feared trapped in the snow in Khardung La, a mountain pass in the Ladakh region of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, on Friday. A vehicle was hit by an avalanche at around 7 am, according to local media. Rescue operations are underway at the mountain pass, which, at 17,500 feet, is among the world's highest motorable roads.

LA teachers' strike stretches into fourth day1m05s

LA teachers' strike stretches into fourth day

Teachers of the Los Angeles Unified School District continued their strike on Thursday. This video shows teachers at Michelle Obama Elementary School in Panaroma City. Over 30,000 teachers working for the district, which serves 640,000 students and is the second biggest school district in the country, are currently on strike. They are demanding better pay, smaller class sizes and higher quality teaching resources.

Filipino mother pleads for help to separate her four-month-old conjoined twin daughters1m17s

Filipino mother pleads for help to separate her four-month-old conjoined twin daughters

A desperate mother has appealed for help to save her conjoined twin daughters who are joined at the stomach. Rubilyn Guinto, 31, was expecting twins or triplets, but was unaware there would be complication when went into labour in October last year. After several difficult and painful hours, Rubilyn gave birth to the sisters through caesarian section. The twins, named Mercy and Divine, emerged with all of their own limbs and heads, but were stuck together at the belly. Now four months on, the sisters are healthy, but unless an operation takes place, they risk debilitating health problems in the future. Rubilyn, a housewife, and her partner Edmund Cerillo, are now battling to scrape together at least 250,000 Philippine peso (3700GBP) to pay for the operation which doctors said has a ''high chance of success''. Rubilyn said: "Taking care of them is not easy, but I had to endure. I feel really bad about it. ''People told me when I was pregnant that it might be twins. I did not believe them because we don't have history of having twins. ''I was advised to visit the doctor but since we don't have much money, I did not go.'' The mother, who has no other children, said she did not know that she will be having twins. "I cannot afford regular medical check-ups. I only knew about it on the day of my delivery,'' she added. Rubilyn said she tried to give birth naturally but was in too much pain and needed a caesarian operation.

Joyful whippet puppy jumps at seeing chicken dinner37s

Joyful whippet puppy jumps at seeing chicken dinner

While preparing some chicken for a dinner, a family in France were surprised when their young whippet puppy smelled the feast and was hopping mad for a taste. The little whippet can be seen on his hind legs jumping up and down to get a glimpse of the meaty chicken breasts on the kitchen counter, and whining adorably for a mouthful. The filmer said: "I'll give him 10 out of 10 for trying! For a dog so skinny, you'll be amazed at how much he loves his food!"

Cold weather in Toronto causes rainbow-like refraction in the sky3m02s

Cold weather in Toronto causes rainbow-like refraction in the sky

This video, filmed in Toronto, Canada, shows a rainbow-like effect in the sky as a result of the cool weather. The filmer told Newsflare the phenomenon was caused by the ice crystals formed in freezing temperatures refracting sunlight in the clouds, creating a soft rainbow-coloured effect in the sky. This was filmed at around 1 pm on January 17.

Dramatic moment Miami cop saves 'suicidal' woman on bridge17s

Dramatic moment Miami cop saves 'suicidal' woman on bridge

This is the moment a Miami police officer hauled a woman who appeared to be about to jump from a bridge. The incident took place this morning (January 17) over the 95 overpass railing during rush-hour. In the video, it appears to be a female who appears on the verge of jumping while one officer distracts her. At that moment, another officer comes from behind her and hauls her to safety. This video was taken on the southbound lanes of I-95 at the Ives Dairy Road Overpass. Jimmy Powers who was in the car with filmer Matthew Mariani told Newsflare: "We have never seen anything like this before and were in shock as it was happening. "It’s one of those 'in the moments' where you just get silent and don’t really know what to say to one another. "As you can see and hear from the video we didn’t say a word and all you hear is the radio. "It all happened so fast. The traffic slowed down and then we looked up and witnessed this. "It’s like something you see in the movies or on TV. It was amazing to see how great those officers were and can only imagine what they went through." Mariani added: "We’ve never seen anything like this. [It was] just a regular Thursday morning commute turned upside down. "At first, no one knew what was going on because there was not an accident or cars blocking the road. "We only caught the end of the incident but we were one of the first cars on scene. "After looking up we witnessed what we thought was going to be a horrifying tragedy turn to the harrowing rescue. That made this experience one we will never forget. "All I can say is God bless the brave officers for saving a life today."

700 pound man who gorged on seafood and ice cream for two decades is rescued from his house2m26s

700 pound man who gorged on seafood and ice cream for two decades is rescued from his house

This is the astonishing moment a 700-pound man (300 kg/50 stone) was hauled out of his wooden home after spending two decades gorging on seafood and ice cream. Thongchai Jamjang, 26, started his mammoth eating spree when he was just eight-years-old in Prachuap Khiri Khan, southern Thailand. His mother ''didn't think there was a problem'' until he began suffering breathing problems last month and suddenly lost his appetite. Health workers finally intervened and found Thongchai sprawled naked across a filthy mattress at his beach-side shack. He weighed in at just over 300kg. A staggering 30 fireman and neighbours had to carry morbidly obese Thongchai from his home, first into a boat and then into a pick-up truck. He was too big to wear any clothes and had to be covered with a blanket. Thongchai has now been admitted to hospital where medics hope to stabilise his health before attempting to fit a gastric band. Rescue worker Phukit Phokawat said the man was in a ''severe health crisis''. He said: ''He obviously had breathing difficulty, making his blood oxygen shockingly low. All we could do was give him oxygen while waiting for him to get to the hospital.'' Relatives said that with the house being next to the sea, Thongchai had always had easy access to an abundant supply of seafood arriving from fishing vessels. He would eat plates of shrimp, prawns and fish before washing them down with sugar-laden Thai desserts. The footage was captured yesterday (January 16). SEE NEWSFLARE NEWS DESK FOR FULL COPY