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Chaos at Stansted Airport as passengers wait hours for baggage34s

Chaos at Stansted Airport as passengers wait hours for baggage

Passengers were left waiting until 2 am at Stansted Airport as passport checks and delayed baggage handling led to hours of delays. Footage filmed this morning (August 10) at the Essex airport shows a crowd looking weary while waiting for bags to arrive. Traveller Miriam Gradel writes: "Hundreds of passengers are waiting at Stansted Airport after delays. "Most are either waiting for loved ones to get through passport check, which took up to an hour, or waiting for their baggage to arrive, which took between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours." She also claims onward travel options– such as trains and buses – were either fully booked or not running.

Stomach-churning moment 25-year-old cyst is popped5m53s

Stomach-churning moment 25-year-old cyst is popped

This is the horrifying moment a 25-year-old cyst on an elderly man's back is popped. Footage captured on June 24 at a home in Bristol shows the bulging blemish on Dave Andrew's back. His daughter, Kerry, attacks the pus-filled sack with a scalpel – causing yellow gunge to ooze out from all directions. The pus seems endless, with some of it even leaking onto the carpet. Once the cyst is empty, Kerry jokes to her father: "You'll need a tummy-tuck now... you've got loose skin." The popping of the monster spot had to be done at home, says Andrews, due to a change in NHS policy. She told Newsflare: "The cyst has been there for a very long time. "He had it drained on NHS 25 years ago, but it has slowly returned and they no longer do it on the NHS as it's classed as a cosmetic procedure. "In the last few days before we popped it, he said it was getting sore and uncomfortable when he lays down. "I was a bit concerned that I was hurting him but he said just go for it."

Ryanair pilots on strike outside Dublin airport39s

Ryanair pilots on strike outside Dublin airport

Ryanair pilots are seen on the picket line outside Dublin airport as a walkout across Europe grounds up to 400 flights. Footage filmed today (August 10) shows workers standing alongside banners from the Irish Airline Pilot's Association as staff in Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands and other nations in Europe carry out industrial action. The budget airline has been beset by issues this summer, with staff shortages and industrial disputes leaving hundreds of passengers outraged.

iPhone 6 explodes in moving car due to replaced battery1m00s

iPhone 6 explodes in moving car due to replaced battery

An iPhone 6 exploded in a woman’s car when she was driving with her husband on a motorway, caused by a replaced unofficial battery in eastern China’s Shanghai on August 1. The shocking dash-cam video shows the female driver named Jiang screaming out after her phone on the dashboard suddenly burst into flames. According to Jiang’s husband, she was not using the phone when it exploded. He had replaced the phone’s battery in a repair shop in February and later realised that it was not an original Apple one. Fortunately, no one was injured, while the unofficial battery was found to be the cause of the explosion.

Lioness snatches photographer's camera1m13s

Lioness snatches photographer's camera

Bush explorer Barbara Jensen Vorster, 57, was taking pictures of the pride from a 4x4 in the Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana in July when the equipment fell to the ground. Hearing the thud, a protective lioness jumped up and moved towards the vehicle, causing the exploration party to retreat. The incredible footage shows the mum picking up the camera in her mouth by its lens and prowling off - before giving it to some little cubs to play with.

Fire destroys 16 antique wooden homes in Bangkok34s

Fire destroys 16 antique wooden homes in Bangkok

Dramatic footage captured the moment a raging fire ripped through dozens of antique wooden homes in Bangkok, Thailand, this morning(August 10). Flames started just before sunrise in the Bang Yai district inside a small walled community with traditional style Asian homes. The fire spread quickly as rescue crews battled to contain the blaze. Ten fire engines spent almost an hour tackling the inferno. Sixteen homes were ravaged in the fire in the Wat Tha Phra sub-district. All the residents escaped serious injury but several people were treated for smoke inhalation.

Heavy rain sparks flash floods in the south of France1m30s

Heavy rain sparks flash floods in the south of France

Flash floods have hit the south of France following an ongoing thunderstorm on August 9. A river is shown to have burst its banks, causing water to flow down the streets in the Departement of Gard. The department, in the region of Occitanie, is on high alert as flooding has devastated the area. Locals and tourists are at risk and there have been evacuation and relief efforts. The filmer writes: "Large amounts of rain have led to flash floods, trapping some motorists on the roads." The weather has since calmed but the thousands of homes are thought to have been damaged.

Cheerful McDonald's worker becomes local celebrity1m15s

Cheerful McDonald's worker becomes local celebrity

This cheerful McDonald's worker became a local celebrity after his friendly interactions with customers went viral. Adam Gibson, who is employed at the Golden Arches in Leominster, Massachusetts, shows off his glowing customer service in a video posted to Facebook on May 7. "I love my job, I love what I do, and I especially love spending as much time as I can with my customers in the next 10 or 15 seconds," Gibson says in the clip. Heather Bashaw, who uploaded the video to Facebook, told Newsflare: "I had never met Adam Gibson prior to the video but he has a become popular sensation in our city for the way he greets and treats all of his customers at one of the McDonald’s here in town. "He just puts you in a good mood!" Other Facebook users echoed Bashaw's comments. "What an awesome young man! So energetic and full of life. Will put a smile on the most sour person ever!" wrote one. Another user added: "He served me today, he had my kids laughing." Leominster is a town about 64 kilometres (40 miles) west of Boston and has a population of approximately 40,000.

Terrifying moment Indonesian politicians caught in earthquake aftershock1m39s

Terrifying moment Indonesian politicians caught in earthquake aftershock

This is the shocking moment Indonesian politicians and police officials are caught up in a strong aftershock of the earthquake in Lombok. Footage filmed on August 9 in Tanju shows the governor of West Java, Mochamed Iriawan, the head of the North Lombok regency Najmul Akhyar, and West Nusa Tenggara police chief in front of the North Lombok hospital acting as a resource command centre after the devastating earthquake on August 5. As journalists and spectators look on, the ground begins to shake and windows rattle. Terrified people scatter in each direction and look concerned after the tremor. Varying figures have been placed on the death toll, with most estimates between 226 and 380. More than 150,000 people have been displaced.

Chinese elderly man hangs on tree and cycles in air34s

Chinese elderly man hangs on tree and cycles in air

This bizarre video captured an elderly Chinese man holding a tree to hang himself in mid-air, while moving his legs in a cycle motion, showing incredible grip strength. The clip was filmed at Shima Park in Loudi City, southern Hunan Province on July 31.

Man hit by lorry when trying to save a dog on the road40s

Man hit by lorry when trying to save a dog on the road

A man was hit by a lorry when he was trying to save a dog on a road. The dramatic clip, shot in Wuxi City in eastern Jiangsu Province on July 23, shows a black dog struggling to make it over at the zebra crossing, before finally falling down in the middle of the road. Then a man in an orange T-shirt can be seen running to the dog, while raising his hand up to gesture the lorry driver to stop. However, the lorry keeps going as the driver doesn't see him. It crashes into the man and runs over his leg, after he picked up the dog and was walking back. According to local reports, the driver in the overloaded lorry did not see the man because he was in the driver’s blind spot. No more details were known and the case was being investigated by local police, according to reports.

Fearless man pulls snake out of car engine with bare hands2m30s

Fearless man pulls snake out of car engine with bare hands

A 5ft long snake was captured from the inside of a car engine outside a supermarket in Pattaya, Thailand, on July 24. The owner returned to the black pick-up truck when he heard movement inside the engine and peeked under the bonnet at 9am. After seeing the non-venomous copperhead rat snake he called the emergency services who sent reptile handlers to catch it. Policeman Supachai Wongpong said: ''Officers arrived with rescue foundation volunteers at 9am and the snake was caught with bare hands under the bonnet of the car. ''The capture was a success and the snake was taken to the forest far away and released.''

US cyclist rescues disoriented turtle found on trail52s

US cyclist rescues disoriented turtle found on trail

This is the touching moment a cyclist rescues a disoriented turtle on a trail near Lake Elsinore in California. The footage, captured on August 2, shows the Sennen cycling with the turtle on his lap to take the animal to the lake moments after finding it in the middle of a trail. After cycling for a few minutes, Sennen arrives at the lake and puts the turtle on the shore. The animal then desperately swims in the water and disappears in the distance. The cyclist later wrote online: ''My mother and I were on a bike ride on some back roads near our house and on a trail I saw a peculiar rock and a trail of sand shuffled behind it, so I slammed on the brakes and turned around as I recognised it as a turtle. ''Next, we did a quick scan wondering where he came from, but there was no water in sight, so we got on the bikes and rode all the way to the lake as quickly as possible and returned him safely.''

Horror moment villagers watch landslide burying their homes56s

Horror moment villagers watch landslide burying their homes

This was the moment two houses collapsed and were completely buried by a landslide triggered by heavy rainfall. Fortunately, disaster management officials had evacuated the residents of these homes in time and none was injured. A large crowd of local villagers, who had gathered at the spot, fled as the landslide escalated. The incident occurred near Kannur in Kerala, South India, on August 9. Heavy rains and landslides have killed at least 22 people in Kerala. Unable to cope with the inflow of water officials have opened shutters of 22 dams in the state. Officials warned that the flood situation will worsen as they release more water from the dams. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, the state’s highest elected official, said the state was facing ''a disaster of unprecedented magnitude''. “We have sought the army, navy and air force’s help and control rooms will be opened in six worst-affected districts,” he added after an emergency cabinet meeting on August 9.

Dogs chase off vicious tiger, saving children from near attack in India village1m33s

Dogs chase off vicious tiger, saving children from near attack in India village

A group of playing children closely missed an attack from a tiger that had roamed into their village near the India-Nepal Border – thanks to two heroic dogs that managed to scare the beast away. This video, filmed on August 8 in the Indian village of Katarnia, near Katnariaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, shows the camera pointing to the ground and shaking as the filmer and other villagers screamed ran in panic. Towards the end of the clip, two dogs can be seen chasing the tiger away. According to the villagers, tigers occasionally cross the river into the village in search for food. Nobody was injured in the incident.

Mama bear with cubs charges cabin with frightened family inside2m19s

Mama bear with cubs charges cabin with frightened family inside

A mama bear with cubs charged a cabin with a frightened family inside. Sandy Jamison was watching a mama bear with her two cubs from her cabin in Tahoe Vista, California, on the morning of July 20. One curious cub tried to approach the cabin and come inside. The mama bear became defensive and tried to charge Sandy with her two kids through the window of the house. Bob Jamison used an air horn to scare the bears away and to deflect the attack. The mama bear made three charges — two at the window of the house and another toward the back bedroom of the house. The scared cubs climbed up the tree for safety.

Wait until the end to see how gigantic this raccoon really is1m31s

Wait until the end to see how gigantic this raccoon really is

A woman was visiting her mother who cares for a raccoon at her home. When the raccoon was coaxed out of her house, the daughter exclaimed, “Look at the size of this raccoon!” “Becky the Raccoon was injured two years ago and was paralyzed from the waist down, which led to weight gain,” the filmer explained. “My mom never gave up on her and has been nursing her back to health.” “This past year, Becky the Raccoon has been learning how to walk again, but still has partial paralysis and nerve damage,” the filmer continued. “I went to visit my mom and tried to get her out, but she wasn't coming,” the filmer said. “My mom then went and got some pistachios to coax her out. It was the funniest thing ever to see her coming out of the house. You see this little head and then — poof — there’s Becky. I've never laughed so hard.” “Becky the Raccoon brings so much joy and is so loved, but she’s still a wild animal,” the filmer said. "Becky is now used for educating the public on wild animals. Becky the Raccoon is on a diet and slowly recovering.”

California resident films up-close encounter with air tanker battling Holy Fire19s

California resident films up-close encounter with air tanker battling Holy Fire

A resident filmed an up-close encounter with an air tanker battling the Holy Fire in McVicker Park, California, on August 8. The filmer said his area is “on volunteer evacuation status” in a tweet. The Holy Fire in the Cleveland National Forest has grown to more than 9,600 acres, while a suspect has been arrested in connection with the wildfire, according to media reports. Visit the Salvation Army’s website at the link below to help residents affected by the California wildfires:

‘I honestly feel like this is prejudiced’: Black man records stop by police despite not being deemed a threat1m24s

‘I honestly feel like this is prejudiced’: Black man records stop by police despite not being deemed a threat

A black man filmed his encounter with a police officer who stopped him at Paddington Station in London despite not being deemed a threat. In the video, a man is seen recording his encounter with the police officer on August 8. “Can you please tell me why you’re stopping me please?” the man asks.
 “I already explained to you everything and if you want footage of that, it’s all recorded,” the officer says. “You are being stopped to account for your presence in this station.” The man then points the camera at himself and says, “You guys know me very well. Very, very well. I’m being stopped on the account of what? I’ve been flagged up, so in the presence of what — where are we? — in Paddington. Am I deemed as a threat? Do you classify me as …” “I’ve never seen you as a threat,” the officer replies. “You’re not a threat. We’re just asking you to account for your presence and your behavior at this station.” “So I need to account — a whole me — need to account for my presence at Paddington Station? Why? Because I’ve been flagged up. There’s so many people in Paddington Station, I’m the only one that’s been flagged up.” “I come to Paddington Station all the time,” the man says later in the video. “This has never happened to me before, and I do feel like this is prejudiced. I honestly feel like this is prejudiced.” The man then turns to the officer and asks, “Would you say this is prejudiced?” “You know full well it’s not,” the officer replies as he shrugs his shoulders. “Well, what basis would it be? I mean, really?” “Wow,” the man says in response.

‘Can I have my pants back?’: Puppy races around backyard with owner’s trousers50s

‘Can I have my pants back?’: Puppy races around backyard with owner’s trousers

A puppy named Evie May raced around a backyard in Melbourne, Australia, dragging a pair of trousers in her mouth while her owner called out, “Can I have my pants back?” “This is what happens when you drop the clothes when you’re putting them out to dry,” the filmer says in the video. “They get dried by grass. What do you do? She looks like she’s having fun. I can’t really stop her.” Then the owner yells out to the puppy, “Can I have my pants back?” while laughing.

Passengers use umbrellas on leaky train in Philippines after monsoon39s

Passengers use umbrellas on leaky train in Philippines after monsoon

This is the bizarre moment train passengers in the Philippines had to use their umbrellas inside the carriage - when rain started pouring in. Dozens of people were inside the carriage on the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) in Mandaluyong City on Tuesday afternoon (August 7). The area had just been lashed with monsoon rains but showers had passed when water started pouring into the train. Several people had to open their umbrellas to stop them from getting wet after the incident at around 4.30pm. Onlooker Giselle Tolosa said: ''It was raining hard outside when I took the train. But it was no longer raining outside when the water started dripping from the train ceiling. It felt like we were on an amusement park ride.'' Owners of the MRT train blamed faulty air conditioning units for the leak. Operators said in a statement that its trains' 10-year-old air-conditioners were supposed to be replaced a couple of years ago before its contract with the previous maintenance provider was terminated. MRT management said they have already procured brand new air-conditioning units that are scheduled to arrive shortly.

Woman has breast fondled by dog at exact moment she sings raunchy line from Ariana Grande song46s

Woman has breast fondled by dog at exact moment she sings raunchy line from Ariana Grande song

++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++ Lily Araminta was relaxing at home with her dog so she thought she'd sing some Ariana Grande with her dog, only for her dog to have a very unexpected reaction to one of the lyrics. Araminta was singing 'Into You', and on singing the line 'a little more touch my body', to her surprise her dog proceeded to accidentally fondle her breast.