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One-Year-Old Translates Mandarin Into English In Seconds33s

One-Year-Old Translates Mandarin Into English In Seconds

Young children are natural language acquirers and their brain allows them to pick up new language skills without conscious learning, unlike adolescents and adults. They have the ability to imitate pronunciation and work out the rules for themselves. Toddler brains are like sponges absorbing and processing new experiences and information at record speed. Learning a second language comes naturally at this age. Of course, mastering a new language is both fun and educational and can be a great family bonding activity. This parent decided to introduce bilingualism to her son and decided to expose him to both Mandarin and English from early age. A one-year-old boy was captured translating what his mum says in Mandarin into English in seconds in China. In the clip, shot in Urumqi in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region on March 2, the toddler translates Mandarin words into English words quickly and accurately. The mum says that her baby has a talent in languages, and she knows how important raising bilingual kids is. Watching how much fun this clever toddler has when translating, it is no wonder that he is passing the test with flying colors! This tot is destined to have a master in linguistics! Sitting in his high chair, the intelligent boy enthusiastically translates his mom’s words said in Mandarin. This creative mother has found the perfect way to entertain her child while teaching him new skills. Great job! This video is a proof that language learning can be fun and contribute for special bonding between family members. These two are clearly having a blast! This should serve as an example that learning a second language at a young age is very important for children’s future and is a great advantage! Here are the full translations of what they say in the video: Mum: Daxiang Baby: Elephant Mum: Xihongshi Baby: Tomato Mum: Jiqiren Baby: Robot Mum: Matong Baby: Toilet Mum: Qiaokeli Baby: Chocolate Mum: Zise Baby: Purple Mum: Heise Baby: Black Mum: Hongse Baby: Red Mum: Xigua Baby: Watermelon Mum: Gebo Baby: Arm Mum: Tui Baby: Leg Mum: Tou Baby: Head Mum: Eduo Baby: Ear Mum: Yanjing Baby: Eye Mum: Zuiba Baby: Mouth

How romantic! Carp fish form heart shape on White Day37s

How romantic! Carp fish form heart shape on White Day

A group of carp fish swam into a heart shape in a lake at a university in China on White Day (March 14). The cool clip shows the red carp swimming in the middle of a lake at Xinxiang Medical University and forming a heart shape. White Day is a day celebrated in East Asian Countries such as Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and China and takes place one month after Valentine's Day. Men usually give gifts to their partners in return for having received one themselves on Valentine's Day.

World's largest flower seen in peak bloom in Indonesia forest2m55s

World's largest flower seen in peak bloom in Indonesia forest

A rare Rafflesia flower has been discovered in peak bloom in a rainforest in Indonesia. Rafflesia flowers are reportedly among the largest in the world and only bloom for a few days before withering and dying. The flowers are not easily found and mainly grow in rainforests in Southeast Asia. This one was discovered in West Sumatra's Bengkulu province. According to Ade Putra, a local forestry officer, the flower was found by a local person on March 10 and was estimated to about three days old at that time and in perfect full bloom. Putra said: "This flower is part of the Rafflesia flower family but it's not [the more common] Rafflesia Arnoldy. Its name is tuan-mudae and they usually live in Malaysia forests. What distinguishes them is the shape of the hair inside the flower." Experts describe the plant as a parasitic plant. It has no visible stem, roots or leaves but threads that absorb nutrients from its host plant. Many people have given it the nickname corpse lily, because it emits an odour similar to rotting flesh that attracts insects to pollinate it.

Punters jive to 'Staying Alive' on high-street after first day's winnings26s

Punters jive to 'Staying Alive' on high-street after first day's winnings

Joyful punters hit the town to celebrate their winnings after the first day of this year's Cheltenham Festival. Video shows attendees of the horse racing festival dancing to the tune of "Staying Alive", made famous by band the Bee Gees, on the English town's high-street. The happy lads are then joined by a saxophone-playing busker. The festival is expected to bring in more money as day two rolls on, with the famous "Ladies' day" also looking to produce some iconic fashion moments.

Naked man shovels snow in -10C at Italian resort40s

Naked man shovels snow in -10C at Italian resort

A ski resort worker in northern Italy thinks shoveling the snow in temperatures of minus 10 Celsius while naked is good for the health. In video filmed during the recent cold snap that hit much of Europe at the end of February, Silviu Robciuc shovels the snow off tables and benches at the resort in Piani di Artavaggio in northern Italy. He does this every day during the winter months, according to the filmer, Robciuc's brother-in-law.

Hilarious moment US woman falls over while bowling38s

Hilarious moment US woman falls over while bowling

This is the amusing moment a woman falls over embarrassingly as she goes bowling. The footage, captured on March 9 near Atlanta in Georgia, shows the woman slipping in the bowling lane when she overshoots the line and tries to throw a strike. Her glasses go flying. The woman lies on the floor, then rolls over on all-fours in an attempt to stand up - amid much laughter among her friends. ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++

Terrifying moment bull throws woman several feet into air52s

Terrifying moment bull throws woman several feet into air

A woman survived after a raging bull threw her several feet into the air. A CCTV camera captured the terrifying incident that occurred on March 13 in Bharuch city, Gujarat, India. The video shows a woman, clad in a yellow saree, walking on the road. The bull trails her from a distance, scrapes by a scooter rider, before attacking her. The nearly 400-kg adult animal gores the unsuspecting woman with all its might and throws her into the air. The unfortunate woman does a mid-air somersault and crashlands on the road. People in the vicinity rushed her to a hospital, where the doctors treated her and said she was out of danger. Stray cattle have become a menace in many Indian cities. The ruling BJP government has banned the slaughter of cattle, which are treated as sacred animals in Hinduism. Many owners abandon the ageing or unproductive animals as they are banned from selling them for meat. A large number of these abandoned animals roam the cities fighting among themselves or attacking passers-by. ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++

Snake caught lurking inside moving bus2m34s

Snake caught lurking inside moving bus

This is the moment a live snake is pulled out from its hiding place - inside a bus. The python was spotted coiled inside the rear wheel arch by a motorist driving behind the passenger vehicle. They sped up alongside the driver and yelled at him about the serpent - causing panic among the tourists piled into the back of pick-up truck style bus. Driver Toon Chaiyo, 45, pulled over and called rescuers who tore open part of the bodywork to yank out the one-metre-long python in Pattaya, Thailand on March 13. Toon said: ''When the driver shouted to say there was a snake in the bus all the passengers panicked. I parked straight away and let them get another taxi.'' The snake was checked for injuries and released back into the wild by staff from the Sawang Boriboon rescue foundation.

Sevilla fans take over Manchester4m02s

Sevilla fans take over Manchester

Thousands of Sevilla fans take over Manchester ahead of their side's Champions League second leg against United at Old Trafford. Sevilla won 2-0 on the night, dumping United out of the competition at the Round of 16 stage.

Boy freaks out seeing ‘Alien’ chestburster scene for the first time1m06s

Boy freaks out seeing ‘Alien’ chestburster scene for the first time

A boy freaked out seeing the chestburster scene from “Alien” for the first time. This video shows the moment the boy’s father allows him to watch the infamous chestburster scene from the 1979 movie. The footage, filmed by the father, captures his son's organic and innocent reaction to watching the horrifying scene. The father’s reasoning behind allowing him to watch it? To see how he would react to the likes of practical effects against the current gratuitous CGI era we live in today. His reaction did not disappoint, the father pointed out.

Strange multi-horned sheep spotted in China44s

Strange multi-horned sheep spotted in China

Two strange multi-horned sheep were spotted by a restaurant owner at a villager's home in China. The video, shot in Lianyungang in the eastern Jiangsu Province on March 10, shows two sheep with four horns and five horns respectively. The restaurant owner purchased them and brought them to his house. The phenomenon was caused by a gene mutation, reports said.

Car's near miss with skateboarder caught on dashcam34s

Car's near miss with skateboarder caught on dashcam

A car driving out of a garage nearly ran over a boy riding a skateboard in southern China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The dashcam video shows a boy lying on a skateboard riding across a garage exit as a car is leaving in Nanning City on March 10. According to reports, the car driver didn’t notice it until he checked his dashcam later.

Third nor’easter blankets New York with snow1m03s

Third nor’easter blankets New York with snow

The third nor'easter in 10 days blanketed New York with snow on March 13. “Yet another nor'easter began dumping snow across the New York area Tuesday morning, with the storm expected to last into the early evening in parts of the region,” ABC 7 reported.

Third nor’easter slams Massachusetts coast with monster waves45s

Third nor’easter slams Massachusetts coast with monster waves

New England faced its third nor'easter in 10 days on March 13 as the coast of Scituate, Massachusetts, was slammed with monster waves. The Associated Press reported that the storm is bringing “blizzard conditions to coastal Massachusetts and Rhode Island, blanketing highways with fluffy snow and knocking out power to tens of thousands of utility customers.”

Adorable 10-week-old rescue puppy just can't stand up38s

Adorable 10-week-old rescue puppy just can't stand up

This is the heartwarming moment when an adorable rescue puppy falls in a heap when wearing a doggy life jacket. In the video, little Dora - a 10-week-old mixed-breed beagle - looks to have forgotten how to walk when wearing a life jacket. "I got my puppy a life jacket so she would be safe when we go to the river. It fits perfectly and she is not in any discomfort or distress, but her reaction is very funny!" writes the filmer. The video filmed in Plano, Texas on March 11 quickly went viral on social media.

Alaskan Malamute sings along with piano-playing owner43s

Alaskan Malamute sings along with piano-playing owner

An Alaskan Malamute sings every time its owner plays piano. In the video, filmed in Shenzhen City in southern Guangdong Province on March 1, the dog howls as his owner plays the notoriously tricky "Croatian Rhapsody" by Maksim Mrvica on the piano.