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'Angry' hawk takes down drone59s

'Angry' hawk takes down drone

This is the remarkable moment a hawk attacked a drone and caused it to crash. The footage, captured on August 27, 2017, shows the hawk colliding with the drone as it is flown over Charlottesville. After the attack, the drone falls to the ground and the bird of prey flies off. The filmer writes:''The hawk came without warning and immediately struck the drone. ''The hawk flew away unharmed leaving the drone in multiple pieces shearing the Go Pro off the frame.''

Woman freaks out during first roller-coaster ride50s

Woman freaks out during first roller-coaster ride

A 67-year-old woman freaked out during her first roller-coaster ride at Legoland in Winter Haven, Florida. The woman’s daughter took her son to Legoland for his 11th birthday. The woman, who had never been on a roller coaster before, decided she was going to give it a try, too. She screamed the entire way. Her daughter explained that her mother kept looking up because she told her not to look down since she’s petrified of heights. “She’s a great sport!” the daughter said. The footage was shot on February 10, 2018.

Dog sweeps up his own fur with a Swiffer28s

Dog sweeps up his own fur with a Swiffer

A yellow Labrador retriever named Oliver put a Swiffer in his mouth and swept up his own fur from the wooden floor. The dog’s owner is constantly dusting the floor with a Swiffer, since the 11-month-old yellow Lab is shedding constantly. The dog will then follow her around and try to grab the Swiffer’s handle. On this particular day, the owner went to the laundry room to get another dust cloth for the Swiffer. When she came back, the dog had the Swiffer handle in his mouth and was pulling it around the kitchen. He was actually weaving in and out of furniture dusting the floor. The footage was shot on February 3, 2018.

Up-close footage of a guide hand-feeding a 16-foot-long croc1m52s

Up-close footage of a guide hand-feeding a 16-foot-long croc

A guide had a close encounter with a hungry 16-foot-long crocodile while hand-feeding it along the Rio Tarcoles in Costa Rica. Local agencies take sightseers on boat tours to see a river literally crowded with crocodiles. The guides know all the crocodiles and even name them. The up-close footage, which was shot in August 2017, was the result of a tourist asking a guide to use his GoPro camera while feeding the crocodiles.

Kim Jong Un’s sister arrives at South Korean train station36s

Kim Jong Un’s sister arrives at South Korean train station

A fan at the Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, was at the Gangneung Station on February 10 when he saw a large group of police officers and people with cameras. When he asked why this was happening, he was told that Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, was coming through the station.

Chinese New Year celebrations kick off in Perth, Scotland6m28s

Chinese New Year celebrations kick off in Perth, Scotland

Chinese New Year celebrations kicked off in Perth, Scotland, on February 10 to mark the year of the dog. Onlookers enjoyed displays by Yee's Hung Ga International Kung Fu Association from Edinburgh, which provided drummers, costumed characters, dancing lions, a dragon dance and fireworks at the end of the celebration. Provost Dennis Melloy from the Perth City Council marked the dragon at the start of the celebrations.

Man feeds rare albino deer1m59s

Man feeds rare albino deer

This is the moment a man and his family have a close encounter with a rare albino deer. The footage, captured on February 10 in Quebec, shows the man feeding the deer with carrots. The filmer writes: ''We took the kids to a drive-through safari in Quebec. ''On the way through, we spotted an albino deer. It was magnificent.''

Spectacular eruption of Mount Bromo in Indonesia2m25s

Spectacular eruption of Mount Bromo in Indonesia

A series of shots of Mount Bromo's volcanic eruption in 2016. The clip, filmed from a nearby village, shows a massive plume of ash and steam spewing from the crater of the volcano. Mount Bromo is an active volcano and one of the most visited tourist attractions in East Java, Indonesia.

Earthquake rattles northern China1m15s

Earthquake rattles northern China

A magnitude 4.3 quake jolted northern China’s Langfang, Hebei province, on Monday evening. CCTV footage showed homes rattling and items falling from shelves. The quake’s centre was about 65 kilometres from Beijing and was felt in the capital, Tianjin and Hebei province. So far there are no reports of any casualties or severe damage.

Just two otters 'french kissing'34s

Just two otters 'french kissing'

A pair of otters was caught on camera spending a rather intimate moment together. The footage, captured on February 4 at Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire, shows two otters licking on each other's mouth.

Chinese university unveils robot dog1m28s

Chinese university unveils robot dog

A Chinese university has released footage of their latest creation, a robot dog. The clips shows the 1-metre-long quadruped robot named "Jueying" or "Rapid Shadow" maintaining its balance and avoiding obstacles. According to its creators at Zhejiang University, the robot can carry up to 20 kilograms, jump, climb ladders and squat.

Severe dust storm hits Bhopal, India46s

Severe dust storm hits Bhopal, India

A severe dust storm hit Bhopal city in India yesterday (February 11) making life difficult for commuters and local residents. Footage showed clouds of dust sweeping through the city and battering pedestrians. No injuries were reported, according to local media.

Model dog poses perfectly for fashion photographer48s

Model dog poses perfectly for fashion photographer

This is the hilarious moment a dog posed so perfectly for a fashion photographer that seemed it must have spent a lifetime working as a model. The amusing clip was recorded during a shoot for the luxury Italian brand Dolce&Gabbana in Palermo, Sicily on February 7. In the video "Crispi", wearing a bow-tie, holds perfectly still with an air of ice-cool indifference as the photographer snaps away. Of his own accord, Crispi then offers the snapper some interesting new facial angles and then, when asked to turn to the left, he does so right on cue. "Crispi" belongs to an ancient and rare dog breed, the the "Cirneco dell'Etna".

Stunning Japanese snow festival draws to a close4m45s

Stunning Japanese snow festival draws to a close

As the 69th Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan draws to a close on Monday, this video shows some of the impressive snow sculptures from the 2018 event. The weeklong festival sees snow creations rise from the ground at three venues around Hokkaido’s capital. More than 2 million people were expected to attend the festival. ++MUSIC IS ROYALTY-FREE++

Two-year-old boy narrowly avoids being crushed by palm tree30s

Two-year-old boy narrowly avoids being crushed by palm tree

This is the miraculous moment a two-year-old boy came within inches of being crushed to death by a falling palm tree. Tong Gosungnern had been playing with friends on the road outside his parents' home in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, on Saturday afternoon. CCTV captured the terrifying moment a 30ft high old palm tree came loose at base - crashing towards the children below. As the youngsters see the tree, they scatter across the road. But curious Tong looked up in awe at the falling tree, rooted to the spot. Incredibly, the tree missed his head by a whisker as he stood transfixed, the palm tree hitting the road and bouncing at his side before his mother, Jane, scooped him up in her arms. Jane said: ''This was an old palm tree, so big. Nobody knew it would fall down. The moment I looked over and saw Tong with the tree coming down towards him, my heart stopped. ''I just ran over and picked him up. We are so lucky that it did not hit him. The tree is so heavy, if it landed on him I don't know what would have happened. ''The emergency services came to help and all the neighbours have been checking the trees now.'' Tong escaped unhurt and was oblivious to the near miss - casually going about the rest of the evening playing with friends.

Dramatic moment a gas tanker explodes in northern China1m20s

Dramatic moment a gas tanker explodes in northern China

A gas tanker rolled onto its side in northern China on Sunday and exploded, injuring eight people. A dramatic dashcam video of the incident near Beijing, shows the liquefied petroleum gas - which leaked onto the road - ignite, completely engulfing a car. Flames then shoot into the air and right along the side of the road, burning vegetation for at least 50 metres along the highway. Emergency services came to the scene and quickly brought the fire under control. The incident is being investigated, according to local media.

Brazen necklace robberies shock Indian city53s

Brazen necklace robberies shock Indian city

Two separate incidents of necklace robberies have shocked the South Indian city of Chennai. In the first, a 50-year-old woman, Menaka, was targeted on February 11. Menaka was on her way to a wedding when two thieves on a motorbike struck. The pillion rider tried to pull her thick gold chain, which held firm. Shocking CCTV footage shows the thieves dragging Menaka behind their bike in an attempt to get the chain. Menaka said: “They dragged me for over 100 metres. No-one came to my help even though I shouted.” She lost consciousness and was taken to hospital with injuries to her hands, legs and neck. In the second incident, an elderly couple Ashok Kumar and Jeyashri came under attack. The couple were walking on a deserted road on February 11 when a man approached them from behind and snatched Jeyashri’s chain. She lost her balance and fell down as she tried to hold on to the chain. Ashok Kumar tried to chase the culprit, who managed to run to his accomplice, who was on a bike and ready to get away. In both the cases the thieves managed to snatch the gold chains and get away. Police said they have picked up vital clues from the CCTV footage and are working to catch them. Necklace robberies are common in India, a country which is known for its love of gold. But these two incidents have shaken up Chennai with their sheer audacity.

Aftermath of massive fire in Thailand tourist spot1m25s

Aftermath of massive fire in Thailand tourist spot

Recovery efforts continue at Koh Phi Phi after a blaze swept through the Thai island on February 6, injuring tourists and destroying multiple buildings. The aftermath footage, captured on February 9, shows residents repairing their properties amid chaotic scenes of burnt out dwellings and charred rubble. Local media reported that three Thais and six foreign tourists were injured when the blaze raged through shops, bungalows and a small hotel on Phi Phi Island. At least 25 buildings were damaged. The cause of fire was a leak from a cooking gas tank in the restaurant of the October Hostel, followed by an explosion that was caused by a spark, according to local media.

Man solves burning candle Rubik's Cube2m45s

Man solves burning candle Rubik's Cube

This is the amazing moment Rubik's cube enthusiast Tony Fisher solves a Rubik's Cube made of candles. The footage, captured on February 7 in Ipswich, shows Tony rotating the cube's burning panels to solve the puzzle. Fisher holds the official records for both the world's largest and smallest Rubik's Cubes.

Florida boy gets stuck in arcade claw machine33s

Florida boy gets stuck in arcade claw machine

A little boy got trapped in an arcade claw machine while trying to get a stuffed toy. The footage, captured at a restaurant in Titusville on February 7, shows the moment firefighters broke the machine to get the boy out. According to local media, the boy climbed into the machine through a tiny opening and then became stuck. All ended well as the boy did emerge clutching a stuffed toy football, according to reports. ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++

Snow blankets Greater Manchester1m19s

Snow blankets Greater Manchester

Snow blanketed Greater Manchester in the UK on Sunday night. This video, filmed in Littleborough at around 9pm local time, shows snow falling and sticking to the ground and parked cars. Drivers were warned about the risk of ice on Monday morning as the UK faces another cold snap.

Archive footage of an Antonov AN-148 - the model which crashed today48s

Archive footage of an Antonov AN-148 - the model which crashed today

Archive footage of an Antonov An-148 aircraft - the same model which crashed shortly after take off in Russia today (Sunday). This archive footage was filmed in 2016 in Germany. The aircraft had taken off from the Domodedovo airport en route to Orsk, a city in the Urals, when it crashed in the Ramensky district on the outskirts of Moscow.

Brexit beer on sale at UK supermarket29s

Brexit beer on sale at UK supermarket

A shopper at a B&M Homestore in Derby in the UK spotted Brexit-themed lager for sale on Sunday. The label reads: "The Brexit Beverages Company" and features illustrations of Big Ben and the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. The label on the neck of the bottle reads: "Article 50". A 330ml bottle of the 4.6 percent alcohol beverage was selling for one pound. Lager beer appears to have originated in mainland Europe in the early 15th Century but may have been consumed earlier. The word "lager" means storeroom or warehouse in German because it is a type of beer which is traditionally matured in cold storage.