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Car driver smashes access control barrier in residential area1m58s

Car driver smashes access control barrier in residential area

Dramatic video, from China, of a car driver smashing an access control barrier with a shovel at the entrance of a residential area. The CCTV footage, captured in Hohhot City in northern China's Inner Mongolia in 2015, shows a man getting off his car to destroy the barrier after he waited in front of it for a while. Then, the angry driver nearly collided with another car on his way out of the guarded area. The security guard, who was in the toilet when the incident happened, called the police after he came back. According to police, the driver lost his temper as he was in a rush to meet one of his friends in the residential community. The driver surrendered himself to the police and he was detained and fined.

'Harry and Meghan' spotted Christmas shopping2m03s

'Harry and Meghan' spotted Christmas shopping

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been spotted picking up some Christmas presents for the family - in the area where they first met. Shocked shoppers saw the pair, who announced their engagement last month, filling their basket with festive treats for Harry's niece and nephew, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. But all was not as it seemed, as the couple shopping in a new Wilko store in southwest London were actually professional look-a-likes. The doppelgangers were spotted buying a Wilko Blox Castle Mega Set for George, as well as a Wilko Foam Wand and Tiara for his sister Charlotte.

"Ghost Rider" charges a big wave in Nazaré, Portugal1m14s

"Ghost Rider" charges a big wave in Nazaré, Portugal

An unmanned surfboard casually rides a huge wave by itself, after a Surfer has fallen off board moments before. The bizarre moment happened last Tuesday during a Big Wave session in Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal. The surfboard belongs to Brazilian Waterman, Kalani Lattanzi, who missed what could have been the wave of the day, during a session that was not the biggest of the season but still registered several waves above 45ft. "The 'Ghost Ride' was one of the highlights of the session," the filmer told Newsflare.

YouTubers pretend to be actors at Marvel's The Avengers' red carpet premiere55s

YouTubers pretend to be actors at Marvel's The Avengers' red carpet premiere

Hilarious footage from the Marvel's The Avengers premiere where two lucky YouTubers made the best out of their experience, pretending to be famous actors and engaging with the fans. The video, shot in April 2017, shows the two YouTubers walking down the red carpet at the Los Angeles event for the premiere of the last Marvel's team-up event, and acting like they were the stars of the movie.

SUV smashes into hotel as driver presses accelerator by mistake46s

SUV smashes into hotel as driver presses accelerator by mistake

Dramatic footage of an SUV crashing through a revolving door into a hotel in China. The CCTV video, filmed in Uyghur in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region on December 6, shows passersby suddenly running to escape as an SUV crashes into the railings in front of the hotel. After a few seconds, the driver appears to press the accelerator by mistake and crash into the revolving door of the hotel. Police have excluded the possibility of drunk driving after testing the driver with a breathalyzer. Two women were reportedly injured.

Baby goats sleep and play on patient Akbash dog54s

Baby goats sleep and play on patient Akbash dog

Cute footage of baby goats playing around a very patient Akbash dog. The video, shot at a farm in Oklahoma on May 13, shows the little goats jumping up and down the back of the dog while one of them even takes a nap on him. "The dogs are protectors of all the goats and live with them 365 days a year. They aren't domesticated. At all times they work the herd, watching and listening all the sides," the filmer wrote online. "The babies are with the dogs from the time they are born. During winter the babies will lay, curled up and kept warm by the dogs."

Man hangs out 23rd floor window after escaping from ablaze flat1m33s

Man hangs out 23rd floor window after escaping from ablaze flat

Footage of a man hanging out of the window on the 23rd floor of a residential building after he escaped from his ablaze flat. In the video, shot in southwestern China's Chongqing on December 13, the man can be seen trapped outside before he is pulled into a flat by firefighters. The man reportedly only suffered scratches and was sent to hospital. After half an hour, the fire was extinguished. The reason for the fire is under investigation.

Woman screams in fear when playing virtual reality horror game2m04s

Woman screams in fear when playing virtual reality horror game

Hilarious footage of a woman screaming in fear as she tries a virtual reality horror game for the first time. The video, shot in December 2016, shows the woman accidentally switching the video to the horror VR experience "Face Your Fears." The game is designed as a child accessible experience, but it proved to be scary to adults as well: "just when I thought the worst was over a ghost jumped out and scared me out", the woman explained.

Man takes walk in 'magical' bamboo forest in Kyoto1m56s

Man takes walk in 'magical' bamboo forest in Kyoto

Mesmerising footage from Arashiyama's bamboo forest located on the outskirts Kyoto, Japan. The video, shot on October 18, follows the pathway that crosses the endless grove uphill and downhill. "Considered one of Kyoto’s top sights, the bamboo grove is one of the most photographed sights in the city. But no picture can capture the feeling of standing in the middle of this sprawling forest," the filmer said. +++Music is Royalty Free+++

Women ride camels to work to raise environmental awareness43s

Women ride camels to work to raise environmental awareness

Footage of women riding camels to go to work in an effort to raise awareness of green travel in China. The video, filmed in Yinchuan City in northwestern Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region on December 11, shows two women sitting on two camels' backs. The activists can be seen holding boards which read: "I advocate green travel and contribute to the blue sky project."

Lamborghini driver can't beat traffic1m03s

Lamborghini driver can't beat traffic

The driver of a 330,000GBP Lamborghini was filmed thrashing the supercar’s engine - desperately trying to escape busy rush hour traffic. Hep Nguyen, 29, was riding a moped when he found himself alongside the red Aventador Coupe in Hanoi, Vietnam, last Saturday (December 9) afternoon. Despite the supercar’s 220mph top speed, it was limited to just a slow crawl when dozens of riders on cheap motorcycles pulled out in front of it. Even when clear road was in sight, the driver revved the 6.5-litre engine but barely made it ten metres before hitting a row of motorbikes, a 4x4 and a bus. It then tried to overtake but was met with oncoming vehicles and more traffic ahead. Hep, who filmed the clip, joked that however impressive the car was, it could not compete with the busy roads. He said: ‘’I was excited when this car appeared next to me. It’s a very powerful machine. I don’t know who was driving it. ‘’The car costs hundreds of thousands of dollars but at this time in the city they weren’t getting anywhere quicker than the people on old motorbikes.’’ The car is believed to be a red Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster which has a 441,600USD (330,000GBP) base price before the cost of modifications and add-ons. Vietnam is one of the poorest countries in South East Asia with an average monthly salary of 145USD (108GBP) - but is also home to a small group of some 200 ‘ultra rich' with wealth in excess of 30millionUSD (22m GBP).

Housekeeper learns to drive a manual car for the first time4m14s

Housekeeper learns to drive a manual car for the first time

After learning how to drive an automatic car, Caroline, a South African housekeeper, goes behind the wheel of a manual car in Sunset Beach, Cape Town. In the video shot on December 2, Caroline and Joshua chat while she is driving a manual car for the first time until the moment when the housekeeper urgently needs to go to the toilet. The scene is hilarious as she starts to panic and cannot drive anymore. As Joshua Rubin explains it, Caroline and him "are like brother and sister, for years [they] have been doing pranks on each other and making videos." Caroline learned how to drive for the first time on October 26. You can find the first video here:

Firemen frees boy stuck in wetland51s

Firemen frees boy stuck in wetland

Footage of firefighters rescuing a boy after he got trapped in a wetland in southern China. The video, filmed in Suining City in Sichuan Province on December 9, shows a fireman tied by a rope walking on a wooden board to approach the boy and carrying him out of the wetland. According to reports, the boy was picking up shells when he got trapped.

Heavy snow hits eastern China1m24s

Heavy snow hits eastern China

Footage of heavy snow covering a whole city in eastern China's Shandong Province. The video, shot in Yantai City on December 11, shows the heavy snow blanketing the city.

Cute and curious hyena cubs approach photographer2m09s

Cute and curious hyena cubs approach photographer

These cute and curious hyena cubs fearlessly approached a photographer on a game drive in Kruger National Park in South Africa. Photographer and guide Quintin van der Merwe captured the footage on September 25. "Although hyenas may resemble large dogs, they are actually more closely related to big cats like lions and tigers," van der Merwe wrote online.

Man eats raw meat fresh from the carcass in southern China1m39s

Man eats raw meat fresh from the carcass in southern China

Bizarre footage, from China, of a man cutting out pieces of meat from a pig carcass and eating them raw. The video, shot in Bazhong City in Sichuan Province on November 26, shows a 30-year-old man hungrily biting into a strip of raw pork. According to local news, the man started to eat raw meat when he was a child and is in good health condition.

Boy on hoverboard crashes into Christmas tree37s

Boy on hoverboard crashes into Christmas tree

Funny video of a boy crashing into a Christmas tree as he rides his new hoverboard. In the video, shot on December 2 in Lynchburg, Virginia, the tree falls onto the boy as he hits it at fast speed. "He had the hoverboard for a week after Black Friday and is good at going fast and told me to record him trying to do a trick so I could post it to my Snapchat and YouTube and went wrong," the filmer wrote online.

"It's not fair at all": Christian woman from Jerusalem reacts to Trump's decision2m33s

"It's not fair at all": Christian woman from Jerusalem reacts to Trump's decision

A Christian woman born in Israel and based in Jordan since 1948 has condemned US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital as “terrible" and "not fair at all". Katy Mansour explains how shocked she is by the actual situation and the fact that she cannot even go back to her own country freely: "As I was born in Jerusalem, to take a visa to visit my country, how come? How come? You don't believe it." She talks about her own story and how she grew up in a Jerusalem where all religions used to live together in peace. Ms Mansour then had to move to Amman in 1948, following the first Palestinian migration wave and the creation of the state of Israel. The interview took place in front of an Orthodox church in Arman after the Sunday mass (December 10). DOWNLOAD THE ORIGINAL HERE:

Harlem Globetrotter Shoots Hoops From Top Of Madison Square Garden58s

Harlem Globetrotter Shoots Hoops From Top Of Madison Square Garden

A Harlem Globetrotter player made the shot of a lifetime Tuesday when he sunk a basket from the roof of Madison Square Garden into a net on the ground and 120 feet away. It was 30-year-old Zeus McClurkin, who had never been chosen for basketball teams from the seventh to tenth grades, despite trying out dozens of times, is seen on the video yelling a hearty “Woop!” when he made the shot. Zeus broke a world record on November 12, 2015 for making the most basketball slam dunks, when he managed to get 15 in one minute! The Globetrotters began as the Savoy Big Five in the 1920s. They were one of the premier attractions of the Savoy Ballroom opened in November 1927, a basketball team of African-American players that played exhibitions before dances. After several players left the team in 1928, the rest of them, led by Tommy Brookins, formed a team called the "Globe Trotters" and toured Southern Illinois that spring. Abe Saperstein became involved with the team as its manager and promoter. By 1929, Saperstein was touring Illinois and Iowa with his basketball team called the "New York Harlem Globe Trotters". Saperstein selected Harlem, New York, New York, as their home city since Harlem was considered the center of African-American culture at the time and an out-of-town team name would give the team more of a mystique. In fact, the Globetrotters did not play in Harlem until 1968, four decades after the team's formation. While parts of their modern exhibition games are pre-planned, the games themselves are not fixed.

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Men cover friend's door with tin foil for birthday1m02s

Men cover friend's door with tin foil for birthday

Funny video of a man running through a door covered in tin foil. The footage, shot in Northampton, UK, shows the man walking through his bedroom door after his friends covered it in tin foil as a birthday prank. "Our mate had his birthday and left his door open, he’s obsessed with foil in the kitchen, so we made him a new door," the filmer wrote online.

Guardiola says derby celebrations were not over the top1m07s

Guardiola says derby celebrations were not over the top

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola denies his players over-celebrated Sunday's derby win over Manchester United, saying: "I am the guy who encouraged each other to celebrate." United boss Jose Mourinho reportedly had milk thrown at him outside the Old Trafford dressing rooms after objecting to City's reaction on Sunday. Guardiola claims his side did not go too far following the 2-1 victory.