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Child Screams And Runs Through An 8 Hour Flight From Germany To Newark4m49s

Child Screams And Runs Through An 8 Hour Flight From Germany To Newark

A long flight across the world is torture enough. Can you imagine sharing the flight with a misbehaving toddler? A baby is one thing, they don’t understand their surroundings and the high altitude pressure and the noise from the plane’s engines might disturb a baby. But this is a three-year-old child, running and screaming through the airplane taking passengers from germany to Newark, New Jersey on an eight-hour trip! One of the disgruntled passengers recorded the child ’s antics, as the boy climbs on top of the seats and screeches. The plane hasn’t even taken off yet. Many would have hoped that the kid will settle down for a cartoon or something. He doesn’t. In the original video, posted on YouTube by one Shane Townley with the title “demonic child screams and runs through an 8-hour flight” with the description: "Watch as this kid runs and screams throughout the entire flight while the mother does little to nothing to stop him. 3 years old on an 8-hour flight from Germany to Newark NJ. He never quits!" The mother of the unruly child tries getting “the WiFi going so we can get the iPad going" and even attempts to calm the boy down, but the kid ignores his mom’s pleas to be silent and continues on his rampage , running up and down along the aisle and screaming at the top of his lungs. As passengers disembark from the plane, they can be heard saying how “even noise cancellation headphones would not have drowned out this terror”, with some even suggesting someone call an exorcist! Child addicted to technology screams for an 8-hour flight because his mother couldn’t get the Internet to work, the parents are not paying enough attention! What would you do if you were on that flight? As much as we feel that the child was screaming for much-needed attention and placement of boundaries, we can't help feeling sorry for everyone on the plane. Parents need some help on how to handle the situation as love won't work alone. Every child needs boundaries to feel safe, the iPad can't provide this. No less than twice in the video, the baby's mom is heard attempting to enhance the circumstance. She tells the flight specialist, "We should get the Wi-Fi going so we can get the iPad going," before the plane takes off, and amid the flight, reveals to her child, "Calm down, honey." This video got more them 1M Views on YouTube, and a lot of negative comments especially toward the mom, people were saying that she failed at parenting and that she needed to calm down her child because no one deserves that kind of torture for 8 hours. Others, in any case, were more thoughtful to the mother and more basic toward the man behind the camera, similar to one analyst, who kept in touch with, "It says the youngster has an inability. How could you disgrace him and his mom? Comment below and tell us what do you think about this video!

Published: February 14, 2018192,072 views
Fearless Horse Forgets He’s A Horse And Walks Right Into Wolf Pack 1m02s

Fearless Horse Forgets He’s A Horse And Walks Right Into Wolf Pack

Winter can be an awesome time of the year when everything is covered in a white blanket! This time of the year is perfect for long walks in the squeaky snow, making angels in the snow, engaging in a snowball fight, making a snowman, you name it! And it's not just humans that love snow, this video is soundproof that animals are equally excited about it as well! Footage shows a cheeky horse gleefully playing with around in the snow as he would if he were to be all alone. This horse chooses to ignore its surroundings, we mean all the scary looking, probably very hungry wolves and still is determined to remain on his path on having fun in the deep valley snow. Watch as the playful horse raises his front legs and playfully stands on two limbs, as he is caught up in the moment and goes full play mode! Have you ever seen anything like this? This may be the most cheerful horse we have ever seen! He is playing in the snow like a little kid, regardless of the dangers of his hungry "friends". A professional wildlife photographer has captured on camera the remarkable moment a brave horse frolicked with a pack of wild wolves. The scene was filmed in Abruzzo, Italy on February 4. In the clip, the horse wanders nonchalantly among six of the predators and then even rolls in the snow as the wolves watch on. Wolves have been known to attack and kill horses, so this behavior is very unusual. Horses are well known for being beautiful and graceful creatures, and if you are not sure about that just check all the history books and you will see for yourself. However, this amazing horse in this breathtaking video really takes the cake. Of all the horses we’ve ever seen this is by far of one the most graceful and the bravest horse ever! Horses have been raced competitively for centuries, and horse racing events remain a popular part of human culture. There are five main gaits or ways in which a horse can move; these are called walking, trotting, cantering, galloping and backing. The average speed at which a horse gallops is approximately 48.2 kilometers (30 miles) per hour, but the top speed reported is considerably higher. Amazing! What makes this video even more interesting is that horses are one the animals who are not brave at all! In spite of their enormous terrifying size, they are amazingly apprehensive. They can be terrified of their own shadow, decline to advance into a stream they've crossed each day since birth and escape in an outright frenzy from a bit of material fluttering in the breeze, potentially killing themselves in the process by slamming through a wall, kicking down entryways or lurching over handcarts. A horse is always a prey animal-never a predator, so they must be on guard at all times. But, not this horse! He is brave and he doesn’t even care about the wolves he just minds his own business!

Published: February 21, 2018158,622 views
Slippery Road Causes Convoy Of Trucks To Spin In Succession51s

Slippery Road Causes Convoy Of Trucks To Spin In Succession

It must be hard for those who literally live off the road. Drivers of all calibers have their office and desk on the asphalt concrete and their entire livelihood depends on the good conditions on the road. So when things start slipping, they have the hardest part, as this video will prove. A security camera in China has captured the bizarre moment three identical lorries skidded one after another on a wet road. The remarkable clip, which was filmed on Monday in Longyan City in southeastern China's Fujian Province, shows an uphill road that is completely wet during a day of heavy rain. Longyan City is a mountainous city, so there is bound to be some ice on the roads in January. Three dump trucks appear from the far side of the road, heading into the camera’s direction. As the first truck starts to take the curve of the road, is starts slipping and skids to the side, right towards the lip of the road, where the mountain begins. Probably in an attempt to slow down his vehicle and prevent further damages, the drive slams on the breaks, making the heavy truck spin full circle around its axle. What makes this footage really interesting is that this truck in the first in a convoy of three. As soon as they reach their leader, each one of the succeeding trucks spins in the same fashion. The identical second and third truck, which were following close behind, hit the same slippery patch and start the same counterclockwise rotation. At one point, all three lorries are spinning simultaneously, almost as though carrying out some kind of synchronized routine. No-one was injured in the accident. A bad driver is something that no road can possibly be saved from. Now, there is an incredible number of cars in the world, and they all travel on the same roads. If you drive smart, you can quickly get to work, go on a trip to anywhere in the world or just go shopping for a few weeks ahead. But at the same time not all drivers follow the rules of the road making the lives of the first group simply unbearable. And the worst part of it all is that you just have to learn to live with this, because whatever you do, whatever the authorities do, nothing will be done in the end. So, what happens now on the roads of the world? More and more people get a driver's license, buy their cars, but not all of them make efforts to comply with all the rules of the road the majority of drivers adhere to. Unfortunately, the lousy driver is not only oblivious to the rules but simply refuses to care what else is going around them - they just make a mess of it all, do minor mucks on the road and leave! Like what they have just done does not concern them, it was not their fault they slammed into someone’s car, or a person and caused damage or injury, those extras always appear out of nowhere anyway! And you are usually so shaken after the incident that you have no focus or time to write down their car make or registration number and you find yourself at a double loss. But now, thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can correct the situation a little. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Published: January 11, 2018121,789 views
Baby's Precious Reaction To Sound After Trying A Hearing Aid1m26s

Baby's Precious Reaction To Sound After Trying A Hearing Aid

A heartwarming footage has emerged of a baby opening her eyes and mouth wide as she hears her mother's voice for the first time. Her reaction is adorable! The video, shot in South Carolina on November 1, captures Maggie's astounded reaction as her hearing aid is turned on for the first time. Watch this little girl’s reaction when she hears her mother’s voice and is left dazzled and confused by the strange stimuli in her ear. Precious moment! Maggie was born with a birth defect called microtia and atresia, meaning she has no right ear or eardrum or ear canal , like the character in the movie/book Wonder, the main character Auggie has microtia and a craniofacial disorder like our Maggie does. Maggie is hard of hearing and uses American sign language and also goes to speech therapy once a week. Poor girl! Microtia is a congenital deformity affecting the outer ear where the ear does not fully develop during the first trimester of pregnancy. A Microtia ear is often smaller in size, can have a peanut shaped appearance, only have a small nub or lobe present, or be completely absent at birth. Microtia can affect one ear (unilaterally) or both ears (bilaterally). Microtia occurs in every 1 out of 6,000 to 12,000 births. The right ear is more commonly affected. Microtia is often accompanied by Atresia which is the absence or closure of the external auditory ear canal. The malformation of the middle ear bones may be affected including the narrowing of the ear canal, known as canal stenosis. At times, anotia/microtia happens as a result of a variation from the norm in a solitary quality, which can cause a hereditary disorder. Another known reason for anotia/microtia is taking a medication called isotretinoin amid pregnancy. This solution can prompt an example of birth surrenders, which regularly incorporates anotia/microtia. Anotia/microtia typically occurs during the first few weeks of pregnancy. These imperfections can differ from being scarcely discernible to being a noteworthy issue with how the ear is shaped. More often than not, anotia/microtia influences how the child's ear looks, however, as a rule, the parts of the ear inside the head (the internal ear) are not influenced. In any case, a few children with this imperfection likewise will have a thin or missing ear trench. Thanks to modern technology, hearing aids can benefit many children with hearing loss. Getting professionally fitted hearing aids for your baby is one of the best advances you can take to assist your youngster with hearing misfortune completely appreciate the encounters of adolescence and achieve his or her potential. While listening devices can't reestablish your youngster's common hearing, they are a huge apparatus in advancing sound-related aptitudes so your kid can better hear, appreciate, react to, and communicate with his general surroundings. Differences among deaf people are okay, but we need to recognize those differences and work together. By deafness one gains in one respect more than one loses; one misses more nonsense than sense. Incredible and touching story!

Published: December 22, 2017113,816 views
Excited Chihuahua Meets Newborn Baby For The First Time1m00s

Excited Chihuahua Meets Newborn Baby For The First Time

Living with us in mega-cities or in small villages, on the sea, in the desert and even in space or on the North Pole, they march along, leaving 4 paw traces, our friends - dogs. They are glorified in legends since days ancient as being more faithful than people and remain close in perilous times. There are volumes of poems inspired by and devoted to them, monuments erected in their remembrance and the never-fading memories we cherish of growing up with our first dog. In ancient times, dogs helped our ancestors hunt for mammoth and toothed tigers. Dog teams bare the credit naturalists, geologists and other adventure-seekers ventured into expeditions and conquest of the Arctic and Antarctic. In the world of today, many dogs live a comfortable couch life next to their beloved owners and we are grateful to them for the company. Among other things, people love to show off with their pets. They are treated as stars, as cute toy creatures that give one joy, or even ugly, but ridiculously funny pets. Pets are, and this is a fact, one of top-5 keyword searches on the Internet. This is why we decided show you an adorable short video of the moment a tiny Chihuahua pooch meets her equally adorable baby brother. Watch! This is the moment a chihuahua reacts to meeting its owner’s newborn baby for the first time. The footage, captured at a home in Dublin, Ireland on March 14, shows chihuahua Quica excitedly wagging her tail as she sees 4-day-old Nicholas lying in his father’s arms. Nicholas' father then approaches Quica to show her the new member of the family more closely. Quica's reaction leaves him stunned when the dog lies on her back as if it was mimicking the baby. Nicholas' mother wrote:"When I was pregnant my chihuahua Quica was very protective of my bump. Whenever my husband would attempt to rub my belly or touch my bump Quica would instinctively react and snap at my husband to stay back. Consequently, we knew that Quica would be eager to meet the precious goods. We were stunned by Quica's reaction which was to immediately submit to Nicholas. Quica displayed a remarkable motherly instinct. Ever since Quica stands guard by Nicholas' crib and watches over his every move while eagerly wagging her tail." How adorable is that?! You just know that they are going to grow up being the best of friends. Did you have a pet while you were growing up? What was it and what sort of trouble did you two get into? Make sure you share those sweet memories with us in the comment section down below.

Published: April 5, 2018107,950 views
Flight Instructor Shows Applaudable Maneuvering Skills55s

Flight Instructor Shows Applaudable Maneuvering Skills

A heart-stopping footage has emerged showing the moment a flight instructor narrowly avoids a mid-air collision with a private jet west of Eastbourne, UK. Footage, captured on March 7, shows the small plane veering to the right in order to avoid the oncoming plane which appeared out of nowhere. Learning how to fly a plane is not a simple thing to do. It takes a lot of training and skills in order to complete the process and become a certified pilot yourself. Trainees are often accompanied by their instructors when flying their planes, even after they have completed the classes and gained some experience. Watch as this experienced instructor puts his reflexes into action and avoids the dangerous mid-air collision. The instructor had only seconds to react and fortunately prevented a mid-air collision with the jet. What could have been a serious disaster was stopped and nobody got hurt! While conducting a flight training in uncontrolled airspace a mile or two west of Eastbourne when a private jet appeared out of the blue and caused a little turbulence in the jet. Fast reflexes saved the day! A mid-air collision is an aviation accident in which two or more aircraft come into unplanned contact during flight. Owing to the relatively high velocities involved and the likelihood of subsequent impact with the ground or sea, very severe damage or the total destruction of at least one of the aircraft involved usually results. The potential for a mid-air collision is increased by miscommunication, mistrust, error in navigation, deviations from flight plans, and the lack of collision-avoidance systems. Although a rare occurrence in general due to the vastness of open space available, collisions often happen near or at airports, where large volumes of aircraft are spaced more closely than in general flight. When on the topic of excitement, adrenaline rushes and all sorts of daredevilry, you just have to look at this next video of these brave daredevils who were free climbing on a 2,165-foot skyscraper! This is the amazing duo called ‘ On the roofs’ by Vitaliy Raskalov & Vadim Makhorov. They explore the world in a way that is unfathomable to most: they scale its tallest buildings, bridges, and industrial structures with no safety equipment, and there, up high, they take some spectacular photographs. At their core, their photos capture not only the stunning beauty of the world’s most famous cities from unique angles and viewpoints but also the very moment of scaling the summit, transmitting the accompanying wide range of emotions. There is a sense of elation of achieving a goal, the happiness of pushing beyond personal limits and fears as well as savoring the deadly danger. The euphoric rush is probably just like a drug — every next rooftop also brings about a new daring plan to conquer yet another one. Chances are, they find it hard to live in between the ascents. "On the Roofs" traveled to Shenzhen, China and scaled the 2,165 foot Ping An International Finance Centre to capture these jaw-dropping images. The skyscraper, which is currently under-construction, is expected to be the 4th world’s tallest building and second tallest in China!

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Piggy Refuses To Play With Joyful Husky 49s

Piggy Refuses To Play With Joyful Husky

Unusual friendships such are always a charm to see. Dogs happen to be the most adaptable to other animals and be able to make friends the quickest. This might be coming off a bit rough to people that prefer other animals as oppose to dogs, but never the less, we're sticking by our statement. Here we have a pig and a dog that has somehow found a way to build a trusting and a unique friendship full of good times and great cuddles. However, not both of them are really excited about playing at the current moment. This big big piggy is just trying to lay back and have some high-quality shuteye whereas this doggy is just too full of energy to even think about laying down next to his friend piggy. She tries everything to get her up on her legs and playing with her. She tries barking, stepping on her and even jumping on her back. But nothing seems to work. After a little while of the Husky annoying the life out of her piggy friend she has had enough. She finally decides to get up and see what all this nonsense is about. Although, her Husky friend is much quicker than she realizes that she has gotten up for no reason. Never the less, with these two in the house there isn't any off time for the owner. Take a look at this adorable friendship! This playful Husky is just so impatient for her pig friend to finish with his nap so they play and have fun together. And we can truly say that she is doing her best to wake him up and she is doing it so funny! She is tapping him, barking at him, she even climbs on top of him, however, nothing seems to work! In the end, her persistence pays off when her piggy friend decides that it is time to get up! That is so adorable! The strong bond of friendship is not always a balanced equation; friendship is not always about giving and taking in equal shares. Instead, friendship is grounded in a feeling that you know exactly who will be there for you when you need something, no matter what or when. What do think about this friendship? More and more people realize that pigs are amazing domestic animals! They are clean, they do not sweat and they are very very emotional! They are the best pets you can ever have! Mini pigs are also very good with other pets, not only with dogs like this amazing and cute friendship, but they can also be friends with other animals! This can and piggy are best friends for life! So much that this loving cat gently grooms sleeping mini pig ! Oslo the cat takes care of his new baby sister, Ginger the mini pig. From the look of it, he is loving every minute of it! Watch him groom Ginger in what should be an adorable animal friendship for years to come.

Published: January 24, 201849,747 views
Protective Husky Doesn’t Allow Pregnant Owner's Belly To Be Touched46s

Protective Husky Doesn’t Allow Pregnant Owner's Belly To Be Touched

A heartwarming footage has emerged of a Husky protecting its pregnant owner's belly from being touched by others in northernmost China. The video, filmed in Harbin City in Heilongjiang Province on December 17, shows the dog barking and trying to bite a woman's hand every time she attempts to touch its pregnant owner's belly. The woman can be heard saying: "Oh my god, I cannot touch. Let me touch it!" Then the owner pats the husky and says to the dog: "It is OK." According to local news, the dog only allowed its owner and her husband to feel the pregnant woman’s tummy . It is hilarious how this loyal pet gives a new definition to the phrase 'guard dog' as he watches over his pregnant owner and attacks her lady friend any time she tries to lay a hand on her baby bump. Footage shows woman's friend sitting on the bed next to her and trying to put a hand on her baby bump, but gets a serious warning by the overly protective Husky. Watch as the dog tries to keep the lady away as he barks, stands on two legs and bites to keep her away. This Husky has become extremely protective of the yet to be delivered bundle of joy and noted that the dog hasn't been trained to watch over the unborn baby. Dogs closely observe their owners and their usual patterns of behavior so when owners start to act differently, the dogs notice. The animals can pick up changes in a woman's body language and a change in the attitude of others toward her when she becomes pregnant. Dogs can then become more aware and protective of their owners, even barking at other family members, including the baby's father. Many dogs return to normal behavior once the baby is born, but it's thought to be better to stick to normal routines during pregnancy so dogs don't have to cope with big changes. Since we are speaking of overprotective pooches , how about this cute fella? His owner is preparing dinner when this little shiba inus won’t let her be touched by anyone. If the man wants to touch his sister, he gets agitated and starts barking at him. Every time the guy reaches out towards the woman’s shoulder, the dog barks as loud as he can and jumps to bite the offending arm. No one touches this lady! Shiba Inus can be a little reserved around strangers, but they are fiercely loyal to their families. If anyone ever tried to harm their owner, they have something coming right at them. To demonstrate just how protective they can become, this man decided to show just how protective they can get!

Published: December 22, 201742,931 views
Croc Catches His Prey In The Worst Possible Moment34s

Croc Catches His Prey In The Worst Possible Moment

Life is always “hunter and prey” in the African bush. You have your predators and you have your prey, every one of them struggling to live another day. With the magnificent hunters evolving into the stalkers they have become over time, their prey adapted into the fast and stealthy runners we know them today. But it doesn’t always help to be fast and stealthy. Sometimes you are just out of luck. This is the horrifying moment a crocodile launches a surprise attack on a herd of thirsty Impalas drinking by a dam. The footage shows the crocodile suddenly emerging from the water and catching one the Impalas as the other members of the herd run away. The crocodile then drags the Impala into the water and swims away with the prey in its jaws. The clip was filmed on February 6 in Kruger National Park. The footage of the massive croc catching his meal was recorded from a restaurant at the Berg en Dal Rest Camp Dam in Southern Kruger Park. The safari tourist was filming the impala having a drink at the dam with his cell phone when the hunt occurred, catching everyone by surprise, the impala included. According to the tourist, there was decent water in the pools but thick mud around the edges, while in previous and subsequent visits there was only one large pool in front of the camp. In contrast, one adult buffalo turned the tables on a lioness that was hungry and sleeping when the herd passed her. The bovine didn’t wait for the lioness to pounce. Instead, he attacked her, launching her in the air and saving his brethren.

Published: February 22, 201834,069 views
Cat Falls In The Pool While Trying To Catch A Bird37s

Cat Falls In The Pool While Trying To Catch A Bird

We’ve heard it one too many times that cats are incredibly smart and that they can probably survive a zombie apocalypse if push comes to shove. But if we’re being completely honest, cats are the biggest goofballs around town. They can appear calm and collected at one moment and then completely lose it in the next, chasing their tail until they tire out, and this video is a prime example. This footage shot in April 2017 will leave you in hysterics. A cat’s epic fail at trying to catch a bird out of mid-air resulted in a splash landing at a home in North Yorkshire, England. A CCTV camera shows the cat named Sam hiding in garden pipes waiting for a bird to drop out of the sky in front of him. Eventually, a jackdaw flies just above him and he can't resist trying to catch it. Sam leaps up, misses the bird and then lands in a backyard pond. The owner said that Sam “is a real troublemaker and is willing to tackle anything without thinking it through with the consequences often being hilarious.” See what we mean? They are the silliest creatures walking this earth on four paws and we absolutely love them. After all, nothing can brighten your day as much as a feline’s antics. Whether it is in the living room or in the garden, cats will find a way to goof off. Most cats have incredibly soft fur that is irresistible to pet. As you stroke the velvety fur they purr, which is delightful and raise your spirits, additionally reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and giving you a sense of security. They are wonderful and we know that they make our lives better. We think cats make the perfect pet because they are self-sufficient, intelligent, and good companions. Cats are amazing creatures and a gift from God. Cats are strong, with flexible bodies, quick reflexes and they are super cute. However, it seems that this cat has some slow reflexes! But, this video is so funny! Cats are always the greatest source of entertainment. Whether they’re being hilariously over-dramatic or getting stuck in the most bizarre situations, they always make us laugh! But, at the end of the day, it’s a cat’s nature to hunt! Cat hunting abilities have never truly been lost all through the entire procedure of their training. Your kitty will at present want to go out and chase feathered creatures, mice, frogs, in truth anything that is sufficiently little to get. This is a puzzle to a great many people as they can't comprehend why felines keep on hunting, particularly as we give copious nourishment and water to them. Funny enough it was the chasing abilities that initially charmed the catlike populace to people in any case. A great many years back when people started to develop their own particular harvests, mice and rats started to end up an issue in the putting away of these foodstuffs. How amazing, right?

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Adorable Bulldog Loves His Toy So Much That He Sends Dad In Fits Of Giggle1m10s

Adorable Bulldog Loves His Toy So Much That He Sends Dad In Fits Of Giggle

The simple moments we share with our pets are often what make us smile the most. Our dogs are great at cheering us up, even on the worst of days, and this bulldog is a beautiful example of the love between a man and his dog. He made his owner laugh non stop while playing together. The bulldog is using a simple trick at his home in Contra Costa County, California. Dad uses a squeaky toy to call for his dog that runs to get the toy only to get his head stuck in dad’s arm. Every time he pops his head through, dad can’t stop laughing. This guy finds it hilarious and asks his dog to do it repeatedly. If it isn’t clear enough from the man’s actions how much he loves his dog, the tattoo of his dog right over his heart should make it loud and clear. The bulldog is probably smart enough to know that he could get to the toy more easily if he went around his dad entirely, but this canine obediently does his simple trick because his dad finds it wacky. The bulldog looks like a gruff fellow, but his low slung, jowly appearance belies his jolly personality. Hundreds of years ago, this breed had a violent history, used by people to bait bulls and fight other dogs. However, he has overcome his ferocious past and has many traits making him a loyal family pet. When at the topic of Bulldogs, take a look at the next video. These English Bulldog puppies can't stop kissing each other ! This is Maggie and Stanley. They are two young English Bulldogs who in human standards are clearly in love. In our minds, licking and kissing are one and the same thing, and, even without the science to back us up, we can say that there two are simply adorable! Now, do dog owners understand the everyday behavior of their beloved four legged friends? What does doggy "kissing" actually mean? American professor of psychology, an expert on animal behavior - about the differences in the perception of the world by man and his pets. Many owners say that their dog kisses or their dogs love each other so much that they kiss, meaning – they lick each other or they lick the owner’s face. Perhaps you will be surprised, but when licking a person’s or another dog’s face, the dog does not always experience positive emotions. The mother dog licking her young is one of the first bodily contacts for the puppy after birth. A newborn puppy does not hear anything and does not see anything, but it has a keen sense of smell and well-developed tactile sensations. The mother warms the puppy with the licking, stimulates its blood circulation and improves its digestion. Immediately after birth, licking also acquires a hygienic character. Newborn puppies should not emit any smell, as it can attract predators who are not averse to dining on defenseless newborns. After birth, the mother's saliva is saturated with antibacterial substances, which make it possible to clean the puppies' hair and give it a neutral smell. The goofy bulldog’s adorable antics are too cute! Share a little love with the world today. Spread this video around to cheer up somebody’s day!

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Funny Man Slips And Falls Through Skywalk Steps43s

Funny Man Slips And Falls Through Skywalk Steps

These things might not always make sense, but some people actually enjoy doing them. Whether we’re talking about adrenaline sports or absolutely extreme stunts like this one, they are among the most common hobbies in the world. The risk of failing and the exaltation of completing the task afterwards are very well worth the risk. You might be wondering why, so let’s revisit a biology lesson in order to explain this. It all boils down to a hormone called adrenaline. It is released by our adrenal glands usually in really stressful situations, thus getting the name ‘fight or flight’ hormone. What it does is it speeds up all of our normal functions, starting with our heart beating faster, making the blood flow faster to wherever it is needed. Along with adrenaline, the body releases other hormones that flow faster through the blood vessels thanks to adrenaline, some of them being the hormone of happiness - serotonin and the natural pain-reliever, the hormone endorphin. This heady mix of hormones is what makes these activities worthwhile to the so called adrenaline junkies. They are willing to get into some really risky situations in order to feel the high again and again. We can see them climbing rocks, climbing buildings, jumping off of aircrafts and lately - falling from skywalks in China. A funny video has emerged of an overexcited man walking on a skywalk at Chongqing Wansheng Ordovician Theme Park in southwest China. Moments later, overwhelmed with emotion, this man misses one step and falls between the steps. Scary! Footage, shot on November 5, shows a Chinese tourist tied to a safety rope walking on a 150-metre-high skywalk and boasting, "I am a man! I am superb! I am happy" in Chinese language of course. Even for those of us who don’t understand Chinese, it is pretty clear that this man is very excited to have the honor to walk on the high skywalk! However, he loses his footing and falls off the skywalk, slipping in between two steps, before he once again says: "I am very superb." This both funny and scary video of a man undergoing a sudden fright when he falls in the abyss, being caught by the safety ropes attached on his body, is the perfect example that theme parks can give us the adrenaline of a lifetime. This adventurous man got caught in the moment and somehow slipped on the steps. It is very curious how he managed to miss the step when they are so wide, but maybe it was his excitement that got him going and the words that he said kept him from falling down. What would you do if this kind of accident were to happen to you when visiting a themed park? Would you be scared for life or will this unfortunate event give you the courage to try scarier adventure parks? What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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CCTV shows moment of collapse at Jakarta stock exchange1m09s

CCTV shows moment of collapse at Jakarta stock exchange

A floor inside the Jakarta Stock Exchange collapsed on Monday (January 15), injuring nearly 80 people. Security camera footage shows the moment of collapse, with people falling several feet. Eyewitness video also shows people running out the building and injured lying on the ground outside the tower.

Published: January 15, 201821,951 views
Male Lion Jumps Into An Open Safari Truck Full Of Students 1m07s

Male Lion Jumps Into An Open Safari Truck Full Of Students

A curious video has emerged of a lion suddenly jumping inside a safari truck full of tourists giving them the fright of a lifetime. There is no doubt that these students will remember their close encounter with a lion for a long time, as it might be one of the most terrifying moment they have ever experienced in their life. Bela Bela is a little town in northern South Africa, situated in the Limpopo province. This area is the home of many national park and wildlife reserve centers. Being approximately 250 miles west from the Kruger national park and practically a neighbor several private game reserves and game farms, Bela Bela is an attraction for tourist in love with the South African nature, wildlife and of course – lions. During a school trip to this exact place, a male white lion decided to jump aboard for the safari truck and greet the passengers! At safaris, in general, you should expect to ride along dirt paths enjoying the scenic view and observing lions, but nobody expects that a hitchhiker might tag along in your cart! Immediately after the intruder hopped inside the safari vehicle, the teacher tried to calm the students in order to avoid any possibilities of disturbing the lion. The startled group of students are told to “relax” and are ordered to climb out of the truck as Zeus, the hitchhiking lion, roams around the cab freely, inspecting in detail the safari truck. As the lion calmly explores the tour bus, the experienced guides slowly escorted the shocked students off the bus and into safety. The driver was eventually able to coax Zeus out of the vehicle, and continue with the tour. What a unique experience! The star of the video, the male white lion is called Zeus. He is one of the many lions raised by humans as cubs before being given to the reserve in Limpopo province. “The driver warned us that they ‘thought cars were toys for them’ and that they may jump in - we thought he was joking,” said the person that made the video. Zeus, according to him, is the “friendliest” of the three lions. Friendly indeed, he didn’t pick on any student, so that’s the best way one can put it! As vicious and ferocious lions may seem, you have to admit that they have a soft side in them! There are numerous videos that show the strong connection lion handlers have with these wild cats . Watching these huge beasts share warm, loving hugs with human beings, gives us serenity and we forget about their scary nature for a while. In that moment, you just want to take one home with you and keep it as a pet! Have you ever seen something like this before? However, this is not the first time a friendly lion decided to greet safari-goers. In another startling video, a family drives through a lion park in South Africa and stops just to take some pictures of the lions, when one curious lion walks up to the car and tries to befriend them. Due to the shock, they did not think much of it at first until the lion bit the door handle and opened the door ! Looks like someone did not lock the car door! What would you have done if you were in a situation like this? Let us know down in the comments!

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Rehabilitated Wild Monkey Gets Huge Hug From Family When Released58s

Rehabilitated Wild Monkey Gets Huge Hug From Family When Released

Looking at society today, it’s hard to imagine that once upon a time we were just another part of the wilderness that stretched all across the globe. We were eating, sleeping, feeding and hunting right next to ones of the most fierce predators that ever existed. Humans have come a long way since then. We don’t know what might actually be the reason why we evolved into civilized animals, but the fact is that we have become so much different than the other species that our behavior is almost unrecognizable. Whether you believe in the process of evolution, or you think that there was a greater power responsible for our existence in this place and time, you can’t ignore the fact that we definitely share some traits with other animals in the wild. In fact, there is one animal that we found out shares 99.6% the same DNA as us. While scientists thought that there is not much difference between Bonobo apes and chimpanzees, in 2012 they discovered that in fact there is. Humans aren’t the only animals out there that can show emotions and create long lasting bonds with other members of their families. There are groups that are extremely loyal to each other and so tight-knit that it almost makes you wonder whether we are the ones that are civilized or them. This following footage is a prime example of the sense of belonging animals have. This is the touching moment a monkey was given a huge hug by its family after it was released back into the wild. The clip, which was filmed in Amanzimtoti, South Africa last week shows Tracy Rowles releasing a rehabilitated vervet monkey called Pearce. Last month, a student at Kingsway High School in Amanzimtoti, South Africa, spotted the young vervet monkey in need of help with a seriously injured leg. The student contacted Umsizi Vervet Rescue Center, a rescue organisation run by Rowles. A team of volunteers went out as quickly as they could and, after hours of trying, eventually caught Pearce. Pearce’s family members were furious, fearing the team was going to hurt the young monkey . Pearce was taken to the vet and then to the rescue center to recover. Three weeks later and it was time for him to be released, but finding Pearce's family was far from easy. Vervet monkeys roam for many miles. However, after hours of searching, the team eventually located them sitting on top of a building on some school football fields. When Rowles opened the cage, Pearce hopped out and climbed the building on which his family were sitting. Recognising him at once, a family member hauled him onto the roof where he was embraced warmly by his troop, who had perhaps feared they'd never see him again. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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Huge Frozen Ice Balls Rolling Onto Lake Michigan Shore47s

Huge Frozen Ice Balls Rolling Onto Lake Michigan Shore

A curious video has emerged of huge balls of ice washing up on a portion of the shore of Lake Michigan. This clip was filmed at the pier of St Joseph Lighthouse on December 29, the particularly large ice balls are seen being tossed around by the waves in the lake. Footage shows unique ice balls forming along the shore of Lake Michigan. It is believed that these balls form when chunks break off massive ice sheets on the lake in winter. They gain their shape as waves in the lake ceaselessly toss them about, slowly rolling them into spheres. Have you ever seen ice balls in this size? Marvellous nature! The low cold temperatures in Michigan caused the lake to turn into a pile of giant ice balls rolling around the freezing water . Incredible footage shows that Lake Michigan has turned into a sea of ice balls. It is actually the deep freeze in the US that causes an unusual sight on the shores of Lake Michigan as huge ice boulders wash onto beaches. The polar vortex which has gripped North America in sub-zero temperatures has brought with it a natural phenomenon on the shores of Lake Michigan . Watch as the huge, basketball-size balls of ice wash up by the lakeside town of Glen Arbor in Michigan. This phenomenon occurs when the lake water temperature is just a little bit below freezing, which forms small pieces of ice in the water which are carried around as the waves move back and forth, adding additional water and freezing in layers. Amazing! As the frozen balls grow bigger and bigger, they eventually become big balls of ice, that are pushed to the shore by the wind and waves. These "ice balls" or "ice boulders" are a regular phenomenon in the Great Lakes during winter.

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Fried fish moves on plate34s

Fried fish moves on plate

Footage from China of a fish twitching on a plate after it has been fried. The video was filmed at a supermarket in Hengyang City in southern Hunan Province on December 20, 2017.

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Mother Dog Carefully Watches Over Her Premature Newborn Puppies 52s

Mother Dog Carefully Watches Over Her Premature Newborn Puppies

Animals are amazing companions that have brightened up our lives. From the time that humans have been around, we have co-existed with animals, even using them as faithful companions that help with everyday tasks. We have formed a bond with them that lasted years and still proves to be there even today. In this particular case we believe that it is more than certain that many mothers can relate with this puppy in the video. Scientists have conducted comprehensive research and have determined that when a person looks at a pet dog, the hormone oxytocin is produced in his or her body. Apparently, that's why dogs love to look at their master with their gentle eyes, when they want to get something. By the way, the same hormone in the body is produced when a person looks at a small child. This oxytocin is the sole culprit why dogs “understand” us so profoundly. Many dog owners can confirm that whenever they are sad, worried or anxious their dog starts to behave differently, as if they can read our thoughts and feelings. Adorable footage of a proud mother dog watching over her premature newborn puppies. Four-year-old Chihuahua Kuma went into labor early - giving birth to three little dogs in Bangkok on April 20. Two of them were weak and needed extra care. So Kuma stood anxiously on a green vet's stool with one paw on the side of the incubator while peering inside lovingly. In photographs, the daddy dog - named Sour Pork - was seen sitting calmly on the tiled floor wearing his best floral shirt for the occasion - and staring up at the babies. The three youngsters went home later that day and are finding their feet as part of the 'Yuta Family' and their eight other dogs. The owner said: ''They're so cute. We love having them at home. Kuma was just watching her puppies like a nurse. She kept checking on them.'' Mommies have a lot of worries, primarily from taking care of the children, raising them properly, being active around the house with all the household chores and many other million things around the family. Being a mom is not easy at all and it’s pretty the same in the world of animals, except for the household chores. Especially when it comes to giving birth. The moment of seeing your child for the first time is precious and everybody wants everything to be perfectly well. Just look at this mommy dog! She is so much concerned as she looks at her premature born puppies being in an incubator, worrying so much and hoping that everything will be ok. And it will be, because her puppies are real fighters and they will grow up to be little devils. She can’t get off the glass, watchfully guarding her puppies . We are deeply moved by the unconditional love she has for them, and of course, mommy’s love for her children is the strongest. There is no bond more powerful than that! This is one story with a happy ending. Take a look! If you love dogs as much as we do, share this video on social media or tell us a story of your beloved four-legged pal in the comment section below. And remember: dogs rule!

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Tourist Freaks Out When Glass Walkway Cracks Under His Weight38s

Tourist Freaks Out When Glass Walkway Cracks Under His Weight

When it comes to pranks, this one has to be the most terrible one of them all! An amusing video came from China of a tourist terrified by a glass walkway suspended above a cliff that creates the illusion of cracking as soon as you set foot on the glass. The footage, filmed in Handan City in northern China's Hebei Province on December 8, shows a man walking along the six-foot-wide and 3871-foot-high bridge as its glass bottom deliberately fragments. The guy is scared to slip down and then climbs to hang onto the side rails with his legs lifting up immediately. According to local news, the authorities deliberately ordered the splintered glass effect on the walkway, thought to be a gimmick to attract tourists. One of the world’s most (in)famous Chinese walkways in China went viral for all the wrong reasons, when a tour guide was reduced to tears and forced to crawl across the class. Why, you ask? Because someone decided it was a good idea to add illusions of the 3,871-feet-above-sea-level glass path cracking beneath your very feet! And it is a looong way down! The glass walkway around the eastern face of the Taihang Mountain in Hebei, China is making its rounds on social media, not because of the gorgeous scenery that it provides a view of, but because it will probably give you a heart attack when you walk over it. After several incidents happening with people unaware of this illusion, the The East Taihang district administration sent out an official public apology, to explain that the splintering glass was merely an "effect" they worked into a portion of its bridge. The walkway designers had placed shattered glass fragments in one of the layers, stretching across several panels at the end of the bridge. When you walk over those panels, the glass appears to shatter under your feet, and you can even hear the sound of glass breaking as you walk.

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Stray Dog Chases After Bus Until Driver Adopts Her1m26s

Stray Dog Chases After Bus Until Driver Adopts Her

This is a story of a stray dog that is obviously more than 2 years old and has been wondering the streets of the Quezon City in the Philippines. However, the tables happen to turn and she is eager to take the chance and literally the leap that will change her life. This is the heartwarming moment of a stray dog that kept chasing after a bus - until it stopped and the driver had no choice but to adopt her. The young Aspin breed of dog started following the jeep passenger vehicle in Quezon City, Philippines on March 27. When the bus pulled away, the pooch kept up with it - attempting to leap aboard. At one point the doggy had her paws on the steps and tried to leap in but fell back onto the road. The bus driver eventually pulled over and scooped up the stray. He has now adopted the dog , which proves this doggy to be successful in finding a loving owner. Passenger Jaypee Barcelinia said: ''The dog really wanted to join us. She tried six times to get inside the jeep. ''The driver kept going. He didn't want to let her in because he thought she might bite the passengers. ''Even after the journey finished the dog didn't want to leave. The driver is now keeping her and taking care of her.'' Take a look as she does not seem to give up on her one chance at having a loving owner!

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Living Spider Is Removed From A Woman’s Ear After Experiencing Strong Pain55s

Living Spider Is Removed From A Woman’s Ear After Experiencing Strong Pain

A living spider was removed from the ear of a woman, who was relaxing at her home in India. It was just another day for the 49-year-old housewife, who was unwinding after completing her household chores. Her regular routine is to lie down in the veranda during summer afternoons. However, this day was different. As she woke up after falling asleep for a couple of hours, she started feeling discomfort in her right ear. She tried to remove the particle with the help of her finger but failed. After experiencing unbearable pain and discomfort, she asked her daughter to look into her ear with a torch. The sharp pain followed by a feeling of discomfort was unbearable. Her husband rushed her to Columbia Asia Hospital to consult with Dr. Santosh Shivaswamy. “I was terrified as I could feel movement of a creature in my ear,” the woman said. “The acute earache followed by sharp pains suffocated me. I couldn’t think of anything and was petrified when the doctor confirmed presence of a spider in my ear.” “It is common to see emergency room visits due to the presence a foreign object in the ear, and it takes a simple procedure to remove the object,” Dr. Santosh Shivaswamy said. “However, when a living insect makes its way inside a human ear, the patient might get frightened making it difficult for the doctor to continue the procedure. It was a rare case to see a spider moving inside the ear canal.” The woman identified as Lekshmi L, went to the hospital with a headache, a fairly common event that doesn't immediately scream 'good god, there's something horrific living inside my ear', but then a hairy white spider crawled out. This footage occurred in June 2017 in Bengaluru, India and shows the gruesome moment when a spider calmly crawls out of a woman's ear hours after it snuck in while she slept. She had fallen asleep in the afternoon on her veranda but when she awoke she had a nagging headache, slight discomfort in her right ear and an inexplicable tingling sensation. She dug her finger into her ear canal but she couldn’t remove the obstruction. When the discomfort turned into a splitting headache, her husband rushed her to the Columbia Asia Hospital in Hebbal, India, where the doctor was shocked to see a live spider inside her ear. The doctors poured a liquid medicine in her ears and coaxed the spider out of her ears using torchlight. The entire process was filmed by doctors who were highly surprised to see the spider alive and crawling out of the ear canal. It is common to see emergency room visits due to the presence of a foreign object in the ear and it takes a simple procedure to remove it, however, when a living insect makes its way inside a human ear the patient's anxiety makes it difficult to continue the procedure. The woman was terrified as she could feel movement of a creature inside her ear and felt acute earache followed by sharp pains. Fortunately, the doctors have confirmed that no severe damage was caused to the woman’s ears. Her ear swelled so much that it took three days for doctors to finally remove the bug. Doctors are still shocked how the creature managed to get inside because it’s rare to see a live spider moving inside someone’s ear canal.

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Hilarious footage of woman pulling off her eyebrows in face mask removal4m22s

Hilarious footage of woman pulling off her eyebrows in face mask removal

Amusing footage of what happened when a woman's face mask wrong - and it ripped off her eyebrows. Genella Pabianes Carabbacan, 22, was given two packets of the charcoal mixture for removing blackheads. She applied the sticky mask to her face - forgetting to read the instructions which said not to cover hair and eyebrows. The footage shows her struggling to remove the product before it tears out her eyebrows. Genella said: ''My friend gave me the face mask and said it will get rid of the dark spots on your face. ''I was so excited I didn't ask anything more.'' Genella applied the mask and let it dry on her face for around 15 minutes. But when she went to peel it away, it was stuck to the hairs on her eyebrows. Genella's brother Mark filmed her - struggling to contain his laughter - as she cried while desperately trying to peel off the mask. The siblings spent around three minutes gradually removing it - along with Genella's eyebrows. She was left with most of the hairs pulled out and had to shave off the rest because of the damage. She said: ''I was just crying because I lost part of my eyebrows. ''I had to shave the rest of them for them to regrow properly together. ''I should have read the instructions.''

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Queen Elizabeth II attends London Fashion Week35s

Queen Elizabeth II attends London Fashion Week

Queen Elizabeth II made her first-ever visit to London Fashion Week today (February 20). The video shows the 91-year-old monarch arriving for a catwalk show during a surprise visit. ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++

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Discover The World's Highest Man-Made Waterfall On A Chinese Skyscraper36s

Discover The World's Highest Man-Made Waterfall On A Chinese Skyscraper

Chinese social media went berserk over the highest man-made waterfall in the world. A spectacular video was released, shot in Guiyang City in the southwestern Guizhou Province on July 20, which shows a 108-meter-high man-made waterfall running down the side of a hotel building. The Liebian Building which is located in the business district of the city, now has one of the world's largest water features pouring down onto the side of it and it just looks absolutely stunning. Chinese media report that the highest waterfall made by man is for the time being opened only for domestic or world events for around 20 minutes. The water running down the building comes obviously in ample quantities and therefore it is recycled from an underground storage system. Residents, tourists, and reporters have been gathering in the Guiyang City, in south-west China to see the spectacle only to be left staring in astonishment at the gigantic artificial waterfall which cascades acoustically for more than 100 meters down the side of this skyscraper. As you can see in the video at the top of the page, it not only looks majestic, but it is an awesome feat of engineering as well. They have blown out in proportion the simplest plan for water pumping used in fountains: at the bottom there is a vast tank which includes several heavy duty pumps that pump the water from the fountain up back up the side of the 121-meter-tall skyscraper, from the top of which it promptly falls all the way back down. When the sun rays fall at the appropriate angle, it creates a vast rainbow within the waterfall which flows down in front of the glass-sided building. Luckily, there is some pretty amazing video footage that shows off this feature. This might seem like a waste of water, but it's not on all of the time - the huge fountain is only active on special occasions, such as celebrations in the city. In addition, most of the water used in it is recycled tap water and rainwater. Obviously, only a small portion of the water comes from other sources, so this does not seem like too much of a waste. The building has a four-story underground water storage and drainage system, from which the water is pumped and recycled. That's why the facility managers do not switch on the waterfall every day but only for special occasions in the city, mainly because it needs too much electricity to run. One hour of operation would cost 800 yuan (about £89). But, regardless of how costly it is, or however much water it wastes there can be no doubt that it looks fantabulous. They hope that the construction will become a tourist attraction, which would help to pay for at least some of the operation and maintenance fees. In hot weather people can gather around the bottom and cool down as it sprays water at them. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!tem.

Man hacks oscillating fan to help water grass evenly1m22s

Man hacks oscillating fan to help water grass evenly

A man hacked an oscillating fan to help water his lawn evenly. In the video, an impatient man can be seen watering a lawn with a hose until he gets an idea. He comes back with an oscillating fan and attaches the hose on top of it. The fan then moves back and forth as the hose waters the lawn evenly.

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