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Heavy rain causes flooding and traffic chaos in Bangkok1m15s

Heavy rain causes flooding and traffic chaos in Bangkok

Heavy rain on Sunday flooded many roads in Bangkok, making it difficult for commuters and tourists to drive. Footage captured this afternoon in the Thai capital shows a crowd waiting inside a subway station for the rain to stop. Pattaya and Bang Lamung districts in Chon Buri were also hit by torrential rain. According to weather forecasts, the rain is due to a weather system blowing into the country from the South China Sea and is expected to continue on Monday.

Giant lion sculpture 'roars' poetry in London's Trafalgar Square41s

Giant lion sculpture 'roars' poetry in London's Trafalgar Square

++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++ A red lion sculpture, which plays poetry, was unveiled earlier this week in London’s Trafalgar Square as part of the London Design Festival. The fluorescent sculpture, designed by London-based designer Es Devlin, creates poems thanks to a poetry-generating algorithm based on words people type on a screen next to the lion.

Thousands of Spanish retirees protest over pensions1m51s

Thousands of Spanish retirees protest over pensions

Spanish retirees rallied in Madrid to demand an increase in public pension payouts yesterday afternoon (September 23). Footage shows hundreds of protesters marching in the streets of the Spanish capital. Organisers of the rally, which includes the biggest workers’ unions in Spain, complain the former government's 0.25 percent increase fails to keep up with inflation. Experts have warned about the future of Spain’s pension system as the population ages, with fewer workers contributing to the national pension fund as the number of retirees rises. According to figures released by the Spanish Government, 139 billion euros (£125 billion) was paid last year in state pensions.

Tourists pose for pictures with frightened tiger cub in Ukranian zoo57s

Tourists pose for pictures with frightened tiger cub in Ukranian zoo

This video shows a two-month-old tiger cub being forced to pose for pictures with zoo visitors. The video was filmed by a witness in the Biopark zoo in southern Ukrainian resort city of Odessa who said she was determined to publicise what was going on. The clip shows a family that is the latest in line to pose with the clearly unhappy little tiger cub, who is attempting to get free and crying the whole time. The exhausted tiger cub is being held by a man in a white T-shirt with a woman that appears to be his wife, with their two children. One of the children – a boy with blond hair, can be seen petting the animal. The tiger is clearly distressed at this, but that does not stop the boy, who continues petting it, doing his best to make it roar even louder until his mother intervenes. The family have apparently handed the camera to the keeper and paid the required fee and he continues to take pictures despite criticism from the woman filming. The camerawoman identified as Katerina Solovyova can be heard saying in the background: “It [the tiger cub] does not like this!” But the zoo visitors who have paid for the snap completely ignore her and after collecting the camera, walk off to make way for the next family. However, Ms. Solovyova continues commenting on what is happening. She says that the tiger cub is kept by the photographer under the hot sun without any food for the whole day. Local media also reported that the cub was in the sun the whole day. Ms. Solovyova posted the video on her social media profile asking people not to be indifferent to the animal’s fate.

Crowds pay tribute to transgender sex worker shot dead in Paris45s

Crowds pay tribute to transgender sex worker shot dead in Paris

Demonstrators took to the streets of Paris to pay tribute to Vanessa Campos, a transgender prostitute who was reportedly shot dead for defending a client from a gang of robbers. Vanesa Campos, 36, was murdered on the night of 16-17 August in the Bois de Boulogne by a group of ten men armed with knives and firearms, a police source told Le Parisien newspaper. Ms Campo’s murder has sparked anger among sex workers and LGBT activists. Campaigners have demanded the repeal of a 2016 law which criminalises the purchase of sex in France. They say the law forces prostitutes to work in more isolated locations to avoid police - making them an easy target for criminal gangs.

Three 'drunk' men on motorbike escape death in head-on collision with bus33s

Three 'drunk' men on motorbike escape death in head-on collision with bus

This was the moment three 'drunk' men on a motorbike were involved in a head-on collision with a bus coming from the opposite direction. Their bike was crushed and the bus was also badly damaged. But the three men - Madhusudanan (21), Sukumar (17) and Arjun (22) – survived miraculously and escaped with just minor injuries. The incident occurred in Madurai district of Tamil Nadu, India, on September 16. CCTV footage shows the three men attempting a steep turn on a curve without slowing down. They collide with a government-owned bus coming from the opposite direction. The front tyres of the bus run over the motorcycle, crushing it. But the bus driver, called Nagendran, slammed the brakes avoiding running over the men who had fallen right in front of the bus. Bystanders rushed to help the injured men and took them to Madurai Rajaji Government Hospital for treatment. Additional Superintendent of Police Narasimha Varman said that the three youngsters were drunk when they hit the bus. “After they are discharged we will arrest Madhusudanan, who was driving the bike. We will also book the other two who were riding pillion without helmets,” he added. Nagendran has filed a complaint against the men at the Sholavandan police station.

Daredevils scale Aberdeen's Northfield Tower6m11s

Daredevils scale Aberdeen's Northfield Tower

Terrifying footage of a couple of friends scaling Aberdeen's Northfield Tower, performing nail-biting stunts in the mist. The crazy pair do pull-ups and dangle by one arm from the old radio mast. The video was shot in June this year.

UK motorist performs dangerous undertake on M62 hard shoulder38s

UK motorist performs dangerous undertake on M62 hard shoulder

A driver performs a dangerous undertake on the hard shoulder after crossing three lanes. The filmer was heading towards Manchester on the M62 when the red car in lane three started moving into lane two and lane one, before speeding up to undertake the truck. The video was shot on September 18.

Upskirt "creep" appears to be caught out by his camera flash1m15s

Upskirt "creep" appears to be caught out by his camera flash

A man who pretended to be talking on his phone while appearing to 'upskirt' a woman with his camera was caught out - when then flash went off. In the footage, the shifty man in a green shirt keeps looking around while he was supposedly talking on his phone at the mall in Quezon City, Philippines, last Sunday afternoon. Another person started recording him when he noticed that the alleged pervert's phone camera was actually on, instead of it showing the call settings. He appears to be pointing the camera at the legs of a woman sitting on the steps behind him when the smartphone's camera flash illuminates. The woman behind him is wearing a set of tights and skirt which are the uniform of one of the shops in the mall. The filmer, David Ventura, 22, said: ''He was pretending to be on a call but I could see that the camera screen was showing on his phone. ''He was acting suspiciously and kept looking around. Then the flash went off when he was pointing the camera at the woman's legs. I think he has been caught out.'' The man quickly disappeared after his camera flash lit up the area and the woman he was allegedly photographing has not been identified. Footage of the incidents alarmed locals who viewed it on social media. One said: "You son of a b***h. You are embarrassing. I would enjoy strangling you!" Another commented: ''Haha. You can see on the phone’s screen that he was using the camera. He was probably scared, that is why he ran down the steps!''

Float carrying dozens overturns in Osaka, Japan26s

Float carrying dozens overturns in Osaka, Japan

This is the dramatic moment a float carrying dozens of people overturned during a festival in Osaka, Japan last week. The incident occurred on September 15 during the Kishiwada Danjiri festival in which locals drag 4-metre floats - or "danjiri" - through the streets at high speed. The video shows the float attempting to round a corner too fast and toppling over into the road. Most of those on board appear to leap to safety as the 4-tonne wooden vehicle falls. There were no reports of any injuries. The Kishiwada Danjiri Festival is known as one of Japan's wildest festivals and is notoriously dangerous. Some participants are injured most years in their eagerness to prove their bravery by riding the floats.

Cheeky cat steals little boy's balloon18s

Cheeky cat steals little boy's balloon

Three the short-hair cat has a very strange affection for balloons. Any time they are in the house, according to his owner, he takes them and walks around the house carrying them in his mouth. "In the video he stole my son's balloon ," said the filmer. "Most cats like to just play with the string, but Three likes to proudly show it off." "Three has some very strange habits."

German kayaker becomes first person to run infamous Iceland waterfall1m10s

German kayaker becomes first person to run infamous Iceland waterfall

This is the breathtaking moment a German kayaker made the first-ever descent of an infamous 70-foot waterfall in Iceland. The stunning POV video, which was captured on September 15, shows Adrien Mattern paddling out into the river to make his approach to the Markarfljótsgljúfur falls. After a few seconds, he reaches the lip and over he goes, capturing for a moment the dizzying view from the top and then the insane freefall to the pool at the bottom of the waterfall. Mattern also set up a camera downstream to record the same run. This view reveals the sheer size of the falls and the enormity of his achievement. "The falls have been scouted before by several groups of kayakers over the years but no one stepped up to the challenge," said Mattern. "There is a super dangerous cave at the base of the falls, which you have to avoid at all costs in order to make it away from the cascade unscathed," he added. "Once you run a rapid or waterfall and you reappear afterwards, the feeling after is so rewarding and priceless and makes all the scary times totally worth it, Mattern said. "These are the moments when I feel fully alive and connected to the place I’m at and there is nothing on this world which can beat that feeling for me,” he said.

Seventeen injured when balcony collapses above procession in India54s

Seventeen injured when balcony collapses above procession in India

At least 17 people were injured on Friday in Madhya Pradesh, India when a third-floor balcony collapsed onto a religious procession. A video showed hundreds of people enjoying the Muharram procession in the Royal Chowk area of Chhindwara district when the balcony fell. According to police, of the 17 injured, six were in a serious condition and were taken to a hospital in Nagpur.

Oyster farm and hotel ravaged after mosquito spray catches fire1m09s

Oyster farm and hotel ravaged after mosquito spray catches fire

A multi-million pound oyster farm and hotel burned down on Friday after workers accidentally set fire to mosquito spray. Sinmana Farmstay - a floating sea resort which allowed guests to catch the molluscs - was preparing for big tour group arriving today (Sat). Workers sprayed the pier style building with a thick fog of flammable liquid - reportedly a mixture of oil, diesel and gas - which went up in flames at 5pm. Fire on the first floor engulfed artificial grass and the blaze spread throughout the building off the coast of Surat Thani, southern Thailand at 5pm yesterday (Fri) evening. Rescue crews arrived by boat and for several hours battled the inferno, which caused 20 million baht (620,000USD) in damage. Owner Somchai Sinma said: ''Workers were spraying mosquito spray because a big tour group was coming today. ''A spark ignited the spray and it quickly spread. They couldn't put out the flames and they spread very quickly on the artificial grass.'' The 200 square metre farm and hotel allowed guests to learn about oysters, catch them and eat them in the Bandon Bay. Nobody was injured in the incident. Somchai said he would now begin trying to repair the building.

Bolt of lightning strikes lorries parked in lay by1m04s

Bolt of lightning strikes lorries parked in lay by

This is the dramatic moment a lightning bolt sends sparks flying into the air after striking three lorries parked in a lay-by - as the drivers sleep inside. The trucks had stopped for the night in a lorry park on the side of the road in Komi Republic, Russia, when static lightning ripped down from the heavens Truckers who had settled down for the evening and fallen asleep were woken up by the cataclysmic lightning bolt on July 5 at 10.30pm. Two shocked male voices can be heard in the background of the video after the massive lightning strike. One of them reacts in Russian with shock. Dash cam footage shows several parked vehicles as heavy rain begins. Suddenly a lightning bolt strikes three lorries. Sparks fly into the air and streams of black smoke can be seen rising into the night sky from the lorries that were struck. According to the video owner, the drivers of the damaged lorries were inside their vehicles when lightning bolt struck them. He said: "The drivers were sleeping. They were awaken by the strike. They were deeply shocked and could not get out of their vehicles about ten minutes." According to the trucker, the drivers were not injured due to the incident, but the lightning bolt seriously damaged the vehicles. One of them - a Kamaz Russian manufactured vehicle - had an antenna installed on the roof-top of its cabs. The antenna melted after the lightning bolt struck it. Also a hole appeared in the roof-top due to the strike. But the Kamaz driver started his vehicle in the morning and drove away.

Pope Francis arrives in Vilnius, Luthuania1m00s

Pope Francis arrives in Vilnius, Luthuania

Pope Francis arrived in Lithuania on Saturday. He was filmed waving to the crowds that lined the streets of the capital, Vilnius. During his first day in the city, Francis will take a walk in the streets of the Old City, and he will head toward the Gate of Dawn, one of the ancient points of access to the Lithuanian capital. There, he will pray the Rosary and deliver a speech before an icon of Mary Mother of Mercy.

Pensioner arrested after riding mobility scooter through tunnel27s

Pensioner arrested after riding mobility scooter through tunnel

This is the bizarre moment a pensioner was caught on CCTV cameras riding a mobility scooter through a road tunnel in a seaside town. The 65-year-old man’s stunt landed him in trouble with the police in the town of Izola on south-western Slovenia’s Adriatic coast. His journey triggered alarms in the Markovec tunnel as sensors mistook the scooter for a pedestrian illegally using the road tunnel. And he was met by police officers as he emerged from the end of the two kilometre (1.2 mile) tunnel in the early hours of the morning. The man, whose name has not been released, was issued with an on-the-spot fine for an undisclosed amount for his journey. Police told local media the man had been unable to give them an explanation for the stunt and they assumed it was a prank or a forfeit for a lost bet. The video is proving popular with viewers after it was posted online by road safety officials as a warning to others.