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Royals attend Grenfell memorial at London's St Paul's Cathedral28s

Royals attend Grenfell memorial at London's St Paul's Cathedral

Video of members of the British royal family arriving at St Paul's Cathedral in London for a memorial service for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire. The Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry joined victims today (December 14) to remember the 71 people who died on the six-month anniversary of the west London blaze.

Car driver smashes access control barrier in residential area1m58s

Car driver smashes access control barrier in residential area

Dramatic video, from China, of a car driver smashing an access control barrier with a shovel at the entrance of a residential area. The CCTV footage, captured in Hohhot City in northern China's Inner Mongolia in 2015, shows a man getting off his car to destroy the barrier after he waited in front of it for a while. Then, the angry driver nearly collided with another car on his way out of the guarded area. The security guard, who was in the toilet when the incident happened, called the police after he came back. According to police, the driver lost his temper as he was in a rush to meet one of his friends in the residential community. The driver surrendered himself to the police and he was detained and fined.

'Harry and Meghan' spotted Christmas shopping

'Harry and Meghan' spotted Christmas shopping

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been spotted picking up some Christmas presents for the family - in the area where they first met. Shocked shoppers saw the pair, who announced their engagement last month, filling their basket with festive treats for Harry's niece and nephew, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. But all was not as it seemed, as the couple shopping in a new Wilko store in southwest London were actually professional look-a-likes. The doppelgangers were spotted buying a Wilko Blox Castle Mega Set for George, as well as a Wilko Foam Wand and Tiara for his sister Charlotte.

Grandfather holds triplets with leads to cross road40s

Grandfather holds triplets with leads to cross road

Footage of a grandfather holding his triplet granddaughters with leads as they cross a busy road in central China. The video, filmed in Zhoukou City in Henan Province on December 8, shows an elderly man holding three leads attached to the two-year-old triplets' school bags. According to reports, the grandfather used this way to guarantee the kids' safety on the way to send them to school.

Villagers rescue 200kg catfish stranded after floods3m25s

Villagers rescue 200kg catfish stranded after floods

This is the incredible moment dozens of villagers team up to rescue a 200kg stranded swamp fish. The enormous Mekong giant catfish, a critically endangered species, had lived in marshes in coastal province Phatthalung, southern Thailand, since 1991, becoming a local legend. But heavy rains at the end of last month caused flooding in the region - washing the massive beast from its home into a tiny pond. The waters subsided and on Monday (11/12) morning and residents spotted the creature - nicknamed the ’swamp king’ by locals - frantically thrashing around in the shallow water. They banded together and used a giant net to haul the wild fish out of the water and onto a motorbike trailer before racing over two miles to return it to its original home. Footage captured the entire rescue - which took more than six hours - as they released the Pangasianodon species of catfish back into its original stretch of water during sunset. Resident Khun Sooktong, from the Phatthalung district, said: ‘’This is a natural fish that was left in the marshes of the village in 1991. We call it the swamp king. It’s like a monster. ''At the end of November, continuing to the beginning of December this year, rain made the swamps overflow. There was more rain this year than ever before. ‘’It’s expected that the fish escaped from one swamp and went into another, about three km from the village. ''I found it on December 12 but at the time was not able to handle it. So on Monday a lot of people came to help and it took sixes hours to release the fish to its original home.’'

Deliveryman falls into fish pond in hotel34s

Deliveryman falls into fish pond in hotel

Footage of a deliveryman falling into a fish pond in the lobby of a hotel in China. The video, shot in Wuhan City in central Hubei Province on December 7, shows the deliveryman walking into the hotel with a food box in his hands before he trips and drops the parcel into a fish pond. Then, he climbs out of the pond and retrieves the package from the water. According to local news, the deliveryman thought there was a glass cover on the pond.

Invisible box challenge on snow goes terribly wrong35s

Invisible box challenge on snow goes terribly wrong

Amusing footage of a woman performing the 'Invisible box' challenge on snow and terribly failing in the attempt. The video, captured in Baton Rouge on December 8, shows Kendall falling to the ground and doing a split after leaping over an invisible box. ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++

Santa goes sledging in snowy Buxton, UK4m48s

Santa goes sledging in snowy Buxton, UK

On a trip to Buxton, UK Neil decided to make the most of the cold weather and dress as Santa Claus to sledge down a hill. The video, captured on December 10, shows the man spreading the festive in the British town.

Leopard gets sprayed with intestine fluid as zebra carcass explodes1m52s

Leopard gets sprayed with intestine fluid as zebra carcass explodes

This leopard got quite a scare when the zebra carcass he was trying to open it up. The video, shot in 2015 in Kruger National Park, shows intestine fluid shooting out of a zebra carcass as a leopard tries to cut it open. Mvula the leopard is the first predator/scavenger to stumble across a dead, decaying zebra," the filmer wrote online. " We, along with our ranger, Taxon, and our tracker, Fanot, followed Mvula for a couple of kilometres from the Djuma bush camp waterhole until the leopard picked up the scent of the decaying zebra." "Folks, watch this to see a VERY startled leopard..." they added.

"Ghost Rider" charges a big wave in Nazaré, Portugal1m14s

"Ghost Rider" charges a big wave in Nazaré, Portugal

An unmanned surfboard casually rides a huge wave by itself, after a Surfer has fallen off board moments before. The bizarre moment happened last Tuesday during a Big Wave session in Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal. The surfboard belongs to Brazilian Waterman, Kalani Lattanzi, who missed what could have been the wave of the day, during a session that was not the biggest of the season but still registered several waves above 45ft. "The 'Ghost Ride' was one of the highlights of the session," the filmer told Newsflare.

YouTubers pretend to be actors at Marvel's The Avengers' red carpet premiere55s

YouTubers pretend to be actors at Marvel's The Avengers' red carpet premiere

Hilarious footage from the Marvel's The Avengers premiere where two lucky YouTubers made the best out of their experience, pretending to be famous actors and engaging with the fans. The video, shot in April 2017, shows the two YouTubers walking down the red carpet at the Los Angeles event for the premiere of the last Marvel's team-up event, and acting like they were the stars of the movie.

SUV smashes into hotel as driver presses accelerator by mistake46s

SUV smashes into hotel as driver presses accelerator by mistake

Dramatic footage of an SUV crashing through a revolving door into a hotel in China. The CCTV video, filmed in Uyghur in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region on December 6, shows passersby suddenly running to escape as an SUV crashes into the railings in front of the hotel. After a few seconds, the driver appears to press the accelerator by mistake and crash into the revolving door of the hotel. Police have excluded the possibility of drunk driving after testing the driver with a breathalyzer. Two women were reportedly injured.

Groom slips and falls during wedding first dance33s

Groom slips and falls during wedding first dance

Amusing footage of a groom slipping and falling during his first dance with his bride. The video, shot in Covent Garden, London, UK in 2015, shows Jo slipping on the bride's, Chloe, dress and falling to the ground. Thankfully, he appears unhurt and carries on dancing as if nothing happened.

Indian Army smashes mobile phones of 50 soldiers to curb social media usage44s

Indian Army smashes mobile phones of 50 soldiers to curb social media usage

Indian Army officials ordered the destruction of mobile phones belonging to 50 soldiers recently. As the men were ordered to stand and watch, two of their colleagues smashed the phones with stones. The officers of the unit had banned mobile phones to curb the use of social media. When they spotted a few soldiers with phones they ordered a search that led to the confiscation of the phones. The video of the incident which took place at the Mahar regiment in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, highlights the underlying tension between the ranks of the world’s second largest military force. Many soldiers, unhappy at the facilities and treatment they receive, have made videos of their shoddy living conditions and shared them on social media triggering huge controversies. Much of the grievance is targeted at the orderly system, a colonial hangover, under which soldiers are assigned to manual work at the homes of senior officers. Alarmed by the growing incidents of soldiers sharing videos on social media, Army chief General Bipin Rawat had shared a What’s App number early this year and urged his men to air their grievances through that. Junior Warrant Officer (rtd) Nalin Talwar, who fights for the rights of soldiers, said many who complained on the official What’s App number had been victimised. Sharing the Mahar regiment video, he said, there was no need to destroy the phones of soldiers. “They could have been just confiscated and returned later to send a message,” he said.

Baby goats sleep and play on patient Akbash dog54s

Baby goats sleep and play on patient Akbash dog

Cute footage of baby goats playing around a very patient Akbash dog. The video, shot at a farm in Oklahoma on May 13, shows the little goats jumping up and down the back of the dog while one of them even takes a nap on him. "The dogs are protectors of all the goats and live with them 365 days a year. They aren't domesticated. At all times they work the herd, watching and listening all the sides," the filmer wrote online. "The babies are with the dogs from the time they are born. During winter the babies will lay, curled up and kept warm by the dogs."