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Spring snowstorm slams East Coast1m07s

Spring snowstorm slams East Coast

A spring snowstorm slammed the East Coast on March 21, bringing frigid weather to Washington, D.C., New York City and Philadelphia. “The storm also unloaded snow on Virginia and West Virginia as it pushed into the Northeast,” The Associated Press reported. In the video, a filmer in Manassas, Virginia, captured the heavy snowfall at an empty train station.

Chinese baby born with three legs recovering after surgery38s

Chinese baby born with three legs recovering after surgery

A baby born with three legs has had his extra limb successfully removed at the age of 11 months after 10 hours of surgery. The video, filmed in Shanghai on March 19, shows the boy - nicknamed Xiao Fei - with a third limb protruding from his groin area, in between his two other legs. According to reports, the extra leg belonged to a parasitic twin. Since Xiao Fei's mum did not attend regular pregnancy check-ups, the parasitic twin had not been detected before his birth. Surgeons removed his extra leg and corrected his deformed right leg successfully in the operation. Parasitic twins are rare and only occur in around one in a million live births, reports said.

Watch snowballs fill the air in massive battle in Washington46s

Watch snowballs fill the air in massive battle in Washington

A spring snowstorm slammed Washington, D.C., on March 21, bringing frigid weather to the nation’s capital. As word spread through Facebook, hundreds headed to the National Mall to take part in a massive snowball fight. In the video, snowballs fill the air as people have fun battling back and forth in the snow. "With school out, a lot of young ones had a blast with the winter storm," the filmer said.

Dash-cam video shows bus hitting woman who abruptly exited car58s

Dash-cam video shows bus hitting woman who abruptly exited car

A bus crashed into a woman who had abruptly exited a car after she had argument with her husband. The dash-cam video, shot in Suzhou City in China’s eastern Jiangsu Province on March 14, shows the bus knocking down a woman after she stepped in front of it after exiting her car. In the CCTV clip, the woman can be seen exiting a car and then crossing the road quickly. However, she was hit by a bus just as she was crossing the road and fell to the ground. According to local media, the woman had an argument with her husband in the car and kept saying that she wanted to get out. The woman had fractures on her hand and was treated at a hospital. The case is under further investigation.

Bizarre bouncing hamster toy baffles shoppers20s

Bizarre bouncing hamster toy baffles shoppers

A bizarre bouncing hamster toy baffled shoppers looking at it in a shop in St Helens, England, on March 20. The filmer explained he was in a shop’s toy section with his girlfriend looking for a birthday present for his niece. “We came across this toy and thought it was cute, but then when we pressed the ‘try’ button, the hamster started making the noises on the video and bouncing in the box,” the filmer said. “We both found it hilarious and couldn’t help think it was over a happy naughty hamster, which was vibrating that much in the box it ended up falling off the shelf at the end of the video,” the shopper added.

Lorry driving in wrong direction turns around to cause massive pile-up56s

Lorry driving in wrong direction turns around to cause massive pile-up

A lorry driving in the wrong direction turned around to cause a massive pile-up on a motorway in southern China's Chongqing City. The CCTV video, filmed on March 18, shows a man on the motorway who appears to be guiding the lorry as it turns around. The oncoming traffic tried to stop as the lorry was turning, but a red lorry couldn’t brake in time and drifted into the vehicles in front of it and was followed by a semitrailer. Several vehicles were damaged and the road was blocked up, but no casualties were reported. The case is under further investigation.

Nation's capital covered in snow on first full day of spring1m03s

Nation's capital covered in snow on first full day of spring

A filmer captured snow falling in Washington, D.C., on the first full day of spring. The filmer shared his view of the snowstorm while standing at the National Mall on March 21. The storm brought the most snow to the Washington, D.C., region during this time of year since 1964, NBC4 reported.

Panicked dolphins swim in a frenzy to avoid killer whale attack1m09s

Panicked dolphins swim in a frenzy to avoid killer whale attack

An attack by killer whales caused a massive pod of dolphins to swim in a frenzy off Mossel Bay, South Africa. “I got a call from a friend who works on a cage diving boat to say he'd seen orcas nearby,” the filmer said. “They’re a rare visitor to Mossel Bay, so I was very excited to hear this.” “I drove to my nearest beach with my little one in the hopes of getting a glimpse of the orcas when suddenly we saw what looked like boiling water as hundreds of dolphins swam by in a frenzy,” the filmer continued. “My research colleagues — on the boat pictured — confirmed the dolphins were being chased by the orcas they were tracking. I have never seen dolphins behave like this in the seven years since I moved to South Africa from Scotland. And I work at sea a lot.”

Strange calf born with 6 legs and 2 bottoms50s

Strange calf born with 6 legs and 2 bottoms

A strange calf born with six legs and two bottoms was spotted at a farmer's house in China. The video shows the calf with two extra legs and one extra bottom growing from its stomach area. The clip was filmed in southern China's Chongqing City on March 10. The cattle was around 15 kg when it was born and is good health now.

Police standoff with gunman in Panera Bread captured on video1m13s

Police standoff with gunman in Panera Bread captured on video

An eyewitness captured a standoff between a gunman inside a Panera Bread restaurant in Princeton, New Jersey, and the police on video. The incident took place on March 20 across from Princeton University. “I was walking on Nassau Street and saw a woman cop crouching by the window of Panera Bread with her gun drawn looking into the window,” the filmer said. “This was a stark contrast from the beautiful campus across the street where I was forced to move as more police officers came, including a detective with a bulletproof vest,” the filmer added. ABC News reported that the “gunman was shot and killed by police after he engaged in an hours-long standoff.”

Exploding fridge nearly takes out customer at internet cafe36s

Exploding fridge nearly takes out customer at internet cafe

An internet cafe fridge suddenly exploded in central China, nearly taking out a customer. In the CCTV video, a fireball suddenly bursts out from the fridge in the internet cafe when a man walks by and approaches the internet cafe's front desk. The incident took place in Pingdingshan City in Henan Province on March 19. Fortunately, the customer was not injured. The cause of the fireball is under investigation. +MUTE FROM SOURCE+

Man 'breaks world record' by doing  41 push-ups in very unconventional way1m20s

Man 'breaks world record' by doing 41 push-ups in very unconventional way

A man in Armenia performed 41 push-ups in a minute by putting the back of his hands flat against the ground, jumping up and clapping. The incredible stunt – which the filmer from Vanadzor in the Caucasian country calls a “world record” - draws a crowd of onlookers. The crowd begins to clap as the man continues his impressive feat. The athlete, Narek Hakobyan, said the exercise was “quite tough”, and he does not recommend it for children and beginners. Hakobyan has performed other stunts, including running backwards 60 metres in under 10 seconds and 61 two-finger pushups in a minute.

Protest outside hospital after up to 57 pupils poisoned27s

Protest outside hospital after up to 57 pupils poisoned

Angry citizens of a Russian city led a spontaneous protest outside a hospital after multiple schoolchildren allegedly fell ill because of a landfill site. The video shows hundreds of people from the city of Volokolamsk, around 120km west of Moscow, milling around the hospital in the city where the ill children are staying. Four pupils from one school in the city were taken ill supposedly from toxic fumes from the nearby Yadrovo landfill, reportedly bringing the total number to 57. The author of the video, lawyer Denis Kunaev, said residents had been complaining about the issue for more than a year. It is believed a gas, hydrogen sulphide, is causing the illness among residents of the town of roughly 23,000. The governor of the Moscow capital region, Andrei Vorobiev, said the schoolchildren will be moved away from Volokolamsk. The Yadrovo landfill, opened in 2008, is a major dumping ground for rubbish from Russia’s capital. But residents say gasses from the site have been causing nausea, vomiting and fainting.

Trike driver hurled from vehicle after collision37s

Trike driver hurled from vehicle after collision

This is the terrifying moment a driver fell out of a three-wheeler onto the road after a crash. The CCTV video, captured in Bozhou City in eastern China's Anhui Province on March 10, shows the driver being thrown out of the trike and onto the road after it collided with another, heavy-duty three-wheeler at a junction. The larger vehicle did not stop, although police later found the vehicle. According to reports, the tricar driver was detained for 20 days because he held no driving licence and for not stopping at the scene. The trike driver had severe injuries and was treated in hospital.

Freestyle street footballer fools goalkeeper with penalty trick39s

Freestyle street footballer fools goalkeeper with penalty trick

This is the moment a street footballer performed a mind-blowing penalty trick that led him to score a goal. The footage, captured on March 18 in Argentinian Buenos Aires, shows 28-year-old Leo Tapias appearing to launch a ball to the goal and fooling the goalkeeper who throws himself to the floor in an attempt to catch the ‘ball’. That is when Leo Tapias turns on his feet, kicks the ball with his talon and scores. Leo Tapias says: ‘I started to play street soccer around 5 years ago.’’ ‘At that time street soccer was not famous in Argentina.' ‘With some friends, we started PannaTime, an organisation that focuses on promoting this sport working with young people as well as participating in national and international tournaments.’’ ‘Street soccer is all about ability and fair-play and that’s the reason why I love it.’ ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++

Submarine passes right beneath Hawaii scuba divers1m07s

Submarine passes right beneath Hawaii scuba divers

Video footage captured on Thursday 16th March 2017 at 12:00pm Filmed in Waipahu, HI This is the spooky moment a submarine passed beneath some scuba divers in Waikiki, Hawaii on Friday. The divers were exploring the YO-257 shipwreck when the Atlantis sub suddenly loomed into view beneath them. The electric submarine, which is part of the Atlantis Submarines tours, was seen by scuba diver Ryan, who claims he was "one of few divers who were in the right place at the right time".

Monster 2-meter fish washes up on Australian beach37s

Monster 2-meter fish washes up on Australian beach

A massive fish weighing around 150kg (330lbs) and nearly 2m (6.5ft) long mysteriously washed up on an Australian beach. Video shows the monster fish, thought to be a Grouper, washed up on Moore Park beach in Bundaberg, southern Queensland. The filmer, John Lindholm, said he had “never seen anything like it”. But when Lindholm and his wife, Riley, came back to site the next day, the fish had disappeared. Authorities said the state of the fish made it difficult to identify. Its cause of death has not been determined, but a spokesman from the Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol said it is possible the fish just reached the end of its lifespan.

Bungling thief wears see-through plastic bag to mask his face1m23s

Bungling thief wears see-through plastic bag to mask his face

Indian police have arrested a bungling robber after he used a see-through plastic bag to mask his face. The three CCTV cameras at Anisika mobile store in Kanyakumari, in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, caught the man breaking into the shop wearing a transparent plastic bag on the night of March 14. The thin sheet of plastic made no attempt to mask the thief’s face. He also left more clues to help the police track him down easily. He helpfully lifted his mask a few times before the CCTV cameras to see better. He pressed his hands fully on the display table of the shop leaving ample fingerprints on the glass surface. The bearded thief also made it a point to reveal a prominent tattoo above his left thumb. The shop owner, Sachin, who discovered the theft the next morning was upset that phones and accessories worth nearly 1,500 pounds had gone missing. But after running the CCTV footage of the night he called the police with a smile on his lips. The police have arrested a local youth on the basis of the clues. Describing the thief as an ‘amateur’ they said they will reveal his name and more details of his crime after they complete the investigation. +CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: MUTE FROM SOURCE+

Monitor lizard found lounging on bathroom shelves3m20s

Monitor lizard found lounging on bathroom shelves

This is the moment a pensioner went to the bathroom and found a monitor lizard laying on the shelves. Kimkhun Likitwattanaset, 81, had been sitting in his living room saying Buddhist prayers this morning (March 21) when he heard noises coming from the toilet at his home in Samut Songkhram, Thailand. The great-grandfather walked inside and was stunned when he saw the 5ft long reptile lounging on the plastic shelves next to the shower. Toiletries were even strewn across the floor from where the lizard had been rummaging around climbing over the furniture. Kimkhun called the emergency services and rescuers from the Sawang Baynjatam foundation arrived and quickly captured the monitor. The pensioner said: ''I was meditating when I heard noises coming from the bathroom. I didn't know what it was and when I went to look, there was a monitor lizard clinging to the wall like a gecko. ''Yes, it was a big surprise. It had caused a lot of mess and there were a lot of things on the floor. I closed the door and waited for the volunteer service to come and catch it.'' Rescuers caught the monitor lizard and dragged it outside before hauling it into a van to be driven away and released into the wild.

Nicole Scherzinger supports Andrew Lloyd Webber at album launch in London42s

Nicole Scherzinger supports Andrew Lloyd Webber at album launch in London

Nicole Scherzinger stunned in a flowing white dress as she supported veteran composer Andrew Lloyd Webber at the launch of his newest album in London. The former Pussycat Dolls singer was snapped at the Ivy in Covent Garden with Lloyd Webber, 69. The Phantom of the Opera composer released a new album celebrating his greatest hits, titled: "Unmasked: The Platinum Collection." Scherzinger is featured on the album singing the song "Memory" from the 1981 Musical "Cats".

Hospital uses robots instead of nurses2m04s

Hospital uses robots instead of nurses

A hospital struggling to cope with soaring numbers of patients has solved the problem - by using robot nurses. The Mongkutwattana General Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, was bombarded with new patients but was unable to hire enough staff at the end of last year. Instead of taking on new nurses, they bought three robotic nurses and kitted them out in the health facility's yellow uniform. The machines travel now between desks delivering important paperwork and medicine to doctors. Hospital boss Dr Riantong said the robots - dubbed Nan, Nee and Nim- improved efficiency and reduced human error. He said: ''There are seven or eight stations in this hospital. ''We use the three robotic nurses to deliver documents to and from each station. ''These robotic nurses help to improve the efficiency and performance of working in the hospital.They are not being used to reduce the number of employees.'' The robots are shaped like humans and travel along magnetic strips attached to the ground. ''They can travel more than 100 metres throughout the hospital for a single trip - each one covering several miles a day.'' Dr Naennaa, a specialist in neuroscience, said he is now planning to extend the use of the robots into the pharmacy units where they will pick and organise medicine. He added: ''I believe that all hospitals facing problems have thought about adopting them. ''They help to reduce errors, increase the rapidity of working, and lighten the load of hospital officers’ work.''

Portuguese couple follow truck transporting giant penis snow sculpture51s

Portuguese couple follow truck transporting giant penis snow sculpture

This is the amusing moment a couple followed a truck carrying an enormous phallic snow sculpture in a city in central Portugal. The footage, captured from the inside of a car by a passenger, shows the truck driving through the centre of Covilha city transporting the penis snow sculpture on its open rear end. ‘’Oh goodness!" the female filmer can be heard saying in the background. ‘’E perfeito! (It’s perfect!)," she says admiringly. Her male companion writes: ''While I was driving through one of the coldest places in Portugal, I noticed far away on a truck a 'snowman' -so I decided to follow it with my own car because it looked quite big." Only when the couple got closer did they discover the sculpture wasn't a snowman after all. ''After I finally got close enough it appeared to be a giant penis made out of snow,'' he said. The clip was filmed on March 18. It is not known to where the sculpture was being transported or why.