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Is This The Worst "Selfie" Fail Ever?26s

Is This The Worst "Selfie" Fail Ever?

Could this be the worst "Selfie" fail ever? This video from the Newsflare archive shows a man who attempted to take a "Selfie" with a fighting bull. The incident occurred at a bull running event in the French city of Bayonne in 2014. In the video, the unidentified man tries several times to get the perfect "Selfie" with the angry beast before turning his back on the animal once too many and getting knocked to the floor. Fortunately the man escaped without injury.

CCTV captures moment man appears to steal parcel left at UK home2m18s

CCTV captures moment man appears to steal parcel left at UK home

CCTV cameras installed at a UK home have captured the moment a man appeared to steal a parcel, rummage through it and then discard it when he realised it contained nothing of value. The clip, which was captured on Saturday, shows the moment a delivery man arrives at the property in Runcorn and leaves a parcel in the front garden. Later that afternoon, another man - who the homeowner claims was delivering flyers - arrives, spies the parcel, picks it up and goes down the side of the property to open it. When he realises there's nothing of value in it, he discards the package.

Heartbreaking story of dog which waits night after night for same train2m33s

Heartbreaking story of dog which waits night after night for same train

Night after night a female dog stands on the same platform in front of the same carriage at Kanjurmarg Station in India searching for someone in vain. Local man Sameer Thorat captured the heartbreaking behaviour on video and posted it on social media, immediately creating a stir on social media. Other commuters took it upon themselves to track the dog's movements and discovered that she has four puppies. CCTV footage showed the dog arriving at the station but shed no light on why she performs this strange ritual. Whether she's looking for a lost owner or is a stray searching for someone to love remains a mystery. The only certainty is that she will show up every night at 11pm on Platform 1 and stare longingly into the train bound for Kalyan.

Trail camera records mountain lion running at full tilt in California48s

Trail camera records mountain lion running at full tilt in California

A trail camera recorded a mountain lion running a high speed in the hills surrounding Los Angeles on February 19. The cool clip shows the big cat leaping nimbly over a log in the San Gabriel Mountains and then racing past the camera. The clip was filmed by "citizen scientist" Robert Martinez. "With my cameras, I've been able to learn and see more than I ever thought possible," Martinez said.

Savage rhinoceros fight caught on camera51s

Savage rhinoceros fight caught on camera

This is the dramatic moment two rhinos locked horns recently in a savage territorial battle. In the clip, which was filmed on February 17 by tour guide Tim Brown in Hluhluwe Imfoloz game reserve in South Africa, a dominant bull rhino drives a weaker male from his territory, goring him repeatedly with his horn. The savage attack left the weaker animal with life-threatening stab wounds. "Seeing a dominant bull Rhino fighting for the right to hold his territory against an intruder is very rare and can be very violent. Fighting to the death is common is both rhinos are equally matched," Brown said. "This however is a natural affair and is a far better way to have a rhino killed than poachers killing a rhino for his horns," Brown added.

Man helps deliver baby goat and then performs life-saving CPR1m08s

Man helps deliver baby goat and then performs life-saving CPR

This is the touching moment a US man helped to deliver a baby goat which was in the breached position and was then forced to perform CPR to resuscitate the newborn animal. The remarkable moment took place near Plum Grove, Texas on February 19. "My momma goat was having a hard time delivering her kid as it was coming out backwards," said farm owner Lester Morrow. "With the camera in one hand, I delivered the baby BUT the time it took was way too long and the baby had already stopped breathing," Morrow said. "I rushed the kid into the house where I had more lighting and began administering CPR. Within a few minutes I felt movement and in no time the little guy was up and moving around," he added. "He was born on Presidents Day - a holiday here in the United States. I named him Trump."

Shocking footage shows two-car collision on UK's M20 motorway1m06s

Shocking footage shows two-car collision on UK's M20 motorway

This is the frightening moment two cars collide on a motorway in south-east England. In the video, which dates from August 2014, a driver of a green Volkswagen Golf driving southbound in the middle lane of the M20 between Ashford and Maidstone skims a lorry driving in the inside lane. The male driver of the Golf overcompensates, spectacularly losing control before slamming into a central reservation at speed and then colliding with the driver of a Renault Grand Scenic coming up behind. The incident was captured on a pair of SunnyCam video recording glasses by the Renault driver, Stephen. He ended up having weeks of physiotherapy on his shoulder as a result of the accident. “Five seconds to make a decision,” Stephen wrote on social media of the incident. “I hit the brakes as soon as I saw him hit the lorry." Stephen adds: "I had to make sure what was around me at the time and look at the Golf and make a decision in about five seconds. "Obviously, as we drive we take note of our surroundings but I had to make sure other hadn't taken any action that could create even more trouble. "In the time I had, I did the best I could.” +MUTE FROM SOURCE+

Waiting passengers sleep outside as fog causes delays at China port1m01s

Waiting passengers sleep outside as fog causes delays at China port

Passengers waiting for ferry services to resume after heavy fog at a port in southern China queued for hours and even slept in the road. In video filmed at Haikou Xiuying Port in Hainan Province on Wednesday (February 21), hundreds of vehicles queue during both day and night and some citizens even took to getting out of their cars to sleep on the road. Heavy fog has disrupted ferry services on the Hainan Strait, stranding more than 100,000 passengers and some 10,000 vehicles, local authorities said Wednesday, which was the last day of China's Spring Festival holiday. Hainan, known for its tropical climate and clean air, is a popular destination for Chinese tourists during the Lunar New Year holiday.

Fitness guru is back with more Friday night wine workout ideas46s

Fitness guru is back with more Friday night wine workout ideas

Fitness fanatic and wine lover Megan Vaughan is back again with a compilation video of her ingenious home workouts using wine. The footage, captured over the last two years in Maryland, shows Megan doing a series of workouts using her favourite incentive: wine. "I love fitness. I love wine. Why not combine the two?" she says, not unreasonably.

Double bombing rocks Somali capital22s

Double bombing rocks Somali capital

Two car bomb blasts struck Mogadishu on Friday (February 23). According to local police, the blasts were followed by gunfire. At least three people have been killed. Video filmed from an elevated position in the Somalia capital shows a huge plume of smoke rising into the sky following the second blast, reported to have occurred near the parliament. Writes the filmer: "I live on the fourth floor, close to the Villa Somalia (the official residential palace of the president). It’s Friday so everybody is off work and I was just relaxing at home when I heard gunfights. "After that, I when to the balcony with my phone - that’s when the explosion happened, catching it on video."

Street school aims to give New Delhi slum kids an honest education1m37s

Street school aims to give New Delhi slum kids an honest education

India's most unique school shows money can't buy happiness as it gives poverty-stricken children and teachers a new lease of life while teaching outside in the street under the shade of a tree. The school is run by the Sunaayy Foundation, a team of dedicated women determined to empower underprivileged kids from the slums of New Delhi. The foundation was started in 2009 by Richa Prasant. "I finally decided to follow my heart and left behind a corporate job to help and empower kids from slums," she says. "In the whole journey, my family and friends have been my constant support and have played a vital role in the school's foundation." The programme runs across three locations in the capital, where children are taught in the most cost-effective and straight-forward manner, using blackboards, picture charts, colours, activities like storytelling and dancing. This footage was filmed on Tuesday (February 20). +CREDIT: RAVI MISHRA+

Thessaloniki dig unearths ancient mosaics3m35s

Thessaloniki dig unearths ancient mosaics

New archaeological finds discovered underneath Greece's second largest city have been revealed to the media for the first time. The findings in northern Thessaloniki came to light during the archaeological excavations earlier this month and were announced on national television. They include well-preserved floor mosaics from the 4th century AD. According to local reports, archaeologists believe the multicoloured mosaics belong to a large public building complex or urban villa. Writes the filmer: "The mosaics under today's Egnatia Street, reveal the glamour, luxury and beauty that prevailed in Thessaloniki during the Roman period." The excavation is still ongoing.

UK's Shrovetide soccer match is as crazy as ever2m41s

UK's Shrovetide soccer match is as crazy as ever

The annual Royal Shrovetide football game is said to be the world's oldest, largest, longest and angriest kickabout. The game is played in Ashbourne in Derbyshire between the Up'ards, those born north of the River Henmore that divides the town, and the Down'ards, those born south of the river. The game is played with a hand-painted, cork-filled ball. The pitch is a no-man's land between two watermills, Sturston Mill and Clifton Mill, which serve as the goals at either end of the town about three miles apart. Any number may play in this thinly refereed game, providing they can claim to be Up'ards or Down'ard's. The game can last for up eight hours and rarely is there a goal scored. This is not surprising considering the size of the pitch and the number of players involved. Not many things have interrupted the Shrovetide game since 1891 and it continued through two world wars. Only foot-and-mouth disease has caused the cancellation of the game, in 1968 and 2002, although a limited version was played in 1968. The game has little to do with the beautiful game, as we know it. It has few rules - murder and manslaughter are barred though. It is a moving brawl that continues through the roads of the town, across fields and even along the bed of the local river. To those playing, trying to see where the ball is can be a challenge. The ball was "turned up" - meaning thrown in at 2pm. Most of the action was around the narrow streets of Ashbourne. The boisterous play disturbs local traffic and local traders. Shopkeepers in preparation for the two-day match often board up their shop windows beforehand.

Tourist, 32, killed after falling 100ft down Thai waterfall3m22s

Tourist, 32, killed after falling 100ft down Thai waterfall

A Czech tourist fell 100ft to his death while posing for a picture at the same waterfall where actor Paul Nicholls was stranded. Jiri Barta, 32, travelled to the beauty spot with a group of eight other holidaymakers, including one Briton. The man shuffled to the edge of a cliff next to the Khun Sri waterfall while a friend took a photograph. But Jiri lost his footing and plunged to his death in front of his horrified pals at around noon. Friends clambered down and desperately battled to resuscitate him - while his heart was still breathing for 15 minutes - without success. Rescue workers arrived a short time later and he was pronounced dead at the scene before being taken to hospital for a post mortem examination. Devastated friend Miss Romana Uassara, 30, said the group had arrived in Thailand on February 5 and they had rented five motorcycles to travel around the island. She said: ''We were just admiring the beauty of the waterfall and he walked over to the edge for a picture. The edge is so steep and he fell onto his back. It took a long time for his body to hit the bottom. I don't know why. We went down and he was still alive. We tried to do CPR and asked for help from villagers in the neighbourhood.'' Boonchai Wannawatchanasuntorn of Koh Samui's tourist police, said rescuers spent five hours negotiating the deadly terrain to retrieve the body. He said: ''There is a sign in both Thai and English barring people from entering, but tourists keep ignoring it.''

Man finds King Cobra inside car engine1m53s

Man finds King Cobra inside car engine

This is the terrifying moment a driver found a 15ft-long King Cobra hiding under his car bonnet. Thaichai Kongnimit, 55, parked the blue Nissan outside his home in Surat Thani province, Thailand, on Wednesday night. But when he went to drive to the market the next morning he heard a spine-chilling hissing sound coming from inside the engine. Thaichai - concerned there was a mechanical problem - opened the bonnet and recoiled in horror when he saw the deadly serpent staring up at him, poised to strike with its menacing hood spread. The father-of-three raced back inside his house to call the emergency services who sent the region's best snake catcher to snare the beast. Brave rescuer Tanawat Num took just two minutes to catch the enraged king cobra and put it inside a sack to be released back into the wild. Relieved Thaichai said: ''The cobra could have killed me. I opened the bonnet to look down into the engine and I was about 30cm from its face.'' Rescue worker Tanawat said: ''It is rare that we see a King Cobra this big. It was between four and five metres long. The snake didn't fight though so we could catch it easily.'' The cobra was stretched out and measured before being released back into nearby jungle.

Huge wall of dust towers above Queensland54s

Huge wall of dust towers above Queensland

A thick wall of dust rising above Blackall in Queensland after a storm hit the area on Tuesday (February 20). The footage shows the dust engulfing the fields and turning the sky orange. ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++

Only in Canada - Herd of deer obeys stop sign52s

Only in Canada - Herd of deer obeys stop sign

This is the incredible moment a herd of deer was spotted obeying a stop sign whilst trotting through a residential neighbourhood in Fernie BC. The footage, captured on February 17, shows five deer pausing at an intersection, where a stop sign is located, before safely crossing the road. The filmer writes: ''Spotted a herd of deer on my way out of my parking lot so I stopped to take a couple pictures. ''Had to carry on to work, turned around a little further down the road at the perfect moment to witness this.'' ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++

Car drives into dust after storm hits Queensland51s

Car drives into dust after storm hits Queensland

A dust storm hit Queensland on Tuesday (February 20) leaving towns and fields covered in orange dust. The footage shows a car driving into the dust in Blackhall, Central Queensland. The clip was filmed on February 20. ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++

UK university staff begin strike action in pensions row59s

UK university staff begin strike action in pensions row

Members of the University and College Union marched together today (February 22) in Glasgow along with staff from the Open Univerisity in a row over pensions. A UK-wide strike is aimed at challenging a new pension scheme that unions say will leave a typical lecturer almost £10,000 a year worse off in retirement.

Space X launch as seen from San Diego18s

Space X launch as seen from San Diego

Space X finally managed to successfully launch its Falcon 9 rocket on its fourth attempt. Video filmed today (February 22) from San Diego shows the rocket rising into the sky. The rocket blasted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in Southern California at 9:17 am local time. It carried a Spanish radar-imaging satellite called PAZ as well as a pair of SpaceX’s own broadband satellites as a secondary payload.