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BMW leaves road and crashes into Mini on garage forecourt1m16s

BMW leaves road and crashes into Mini on garage forecourt

This is the aftermath of a serious car crash that saw a BMW leave the road at Helston, in Cornwall, south-west England, careen across a junction and crash into a £11,000 Mini Cooper parked on a garage forecourt. The force of the impact ripped the Mini's bonnet open, rolled a massive granite boulder and scattered grass and earth clods over other cars for sale on the forecourt. Local news services quoted the police as saying that no one was hurt in the incident and that “the driver is currently assisting police with enquiries around the incident.” The incident took place on February 18.

Elephant causes traffic chaos after stopping trucks to steal food3m44s

Elephant causes traffic chaos after stopping trucks to steal food

This is the astonishing moment a wild elephant causes traffic chaos after raiding passing trucks - to steal bundles of sugar cane. The enormous beast was spotted after it wandered onto the busy highway in Chachoengsao, Thailand. Wildlife officials arrived but were powerless to control the brazen male jumbo as it plundered passing lorries in search of the freshly collected crop. The suitably full elephant finally trudged back off into the jungle two hours later at around 5pm having stopped more than 12 different vehicles, hungrily sniffing out the sweet treats. Onlooker Arnie Banpho said: ''He was a big elephant so nobody was brave enough to get near him and push him back into the trees. ''Cars were driving very slowly passed him and there were big queues while they waited for him.'' Kovit Boonphanuk, Head of Wild Elephant Care at the Khao Ang Rue Nai mountains, said: ''The elephants in this area are friendly and never harm anyone. He only wanted some food. ''Truck drivers who use the road regularly are familiar with elephants and take extra care but this was an unusual occasion when the animal stopped many vehicles and would not leave. ''We would like to remind anyone who encounters elephants while in their vehicles to stay well back, do not use the car horn and do not shout at them. ''Let the elephants continue what they are doing, or they may become angry. Elephants often travel in herds and there may be others nearby.''

Indonesian volcano sends out plume of ash 5,000m into sky2m34s

Indonesian volcano sends out plume of ash 5,000m into sky

Mount Sinabung on the Indonesian island of Sumatra has erupted again, sending a gigantic column of ash around 5,000metres into the sky. Filmer Surya Jadi Sembiring, a resident living in Karo district near the volcano, said the eruption covered the mountainside in ash. He described the sound of the eruption as thunderous. The video was filmed today at 9am (February 19). Emergency officials said that no one has been injured so far.

Human curling captures imagination in Kent40s

Human curling captures imagination in Kent

Team GB's curling teams in the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang have clearly been inspiring people up and down the country to take up the sport of curling. But curling is no passing fad. Last year, these players from Tunbridge Wells in the south of England staged their own curling content - with a twist: They used each other as stones, all for a bit of fun. In the video, filmed in February 2017, a player slides down the ice toward curling rings at the other end. The origins of human curling are unknown.

Anti-fur activists protest at London Fashion Week50s

Anti-fur activists protest at London Fashion Week

Anti-fur activists protesting against the use of fur at London Fashion Week this afternoon (February 19). The footage shows dozens of demonstrators shouting slogans as they hold banners reading 'Hands up if you wear fur' and 'Fur is not fashion’ outside The Store Studios.

Snowmobile rider gets taken out by own sled46s

Snowmobile rider gets taken out by own sled

A snowmobile rider got wiped out by his own vehicle - before it went careering down the slope and crashed into a tree in Montana earlier this month. In the video, filmed in West Yellowstone, the hapless rider is trying to make it back to his sled after falling off when it slides downhill and hits him. Writes the filmer, a friend of the man hit by the sled: "It all started with three sleds stuck on a hillside. One just rolled and another (went) upside down. "Then Nathan - aka the Snake - was working on getting his turned upright (when) the roll happened. "It completely levelled him and drove itself downhill into small pines, causing major front-end damage." According to an official local tourism site, winter brings an average annual snowfall of 143 inches

Family miraculously escapes after speeding jeep hits motorcycle4m09s

Family miraculously escapes after speeding jeep hits motorcycle

A family had a narrow escape after a jeep smashed into their motorcycle in Banaskantha, Gujarat. In the CCTV footage, the family of three, including a young child and a woman, had made a U-turn on the highway when they were hit by a jeep coming from the opposite direction. The jeep was driven at such high speed that the bike broke into pieces and was dragged for some distance. The jeep also lost control and narrowly avoided hitting the divider. Despite the high impact collision, the victims got away without life-threatening injuries. The child got up on its own and rushed to the injured woman, who was lying on the road. The man also managed to get up on his own. The onlookers rushed to the accident spot and rushed the victims to a hospital, where they have recovered. The accident took place on February 14, in Banaskantha, Gujarat. ++ CLIENT PLEASE NOTE MUTE VIDEO ++

Is this Britain's most sweary driver? Walsall man cusses on Black Country roads4m04s

Is this Britain's most sweary driver? Walsall man cusses on Black Country roads

+WARNING: CONTAINS MULTIPLE SWEAR WORDS THROUGHOUT+ A foul-mouthed driver from the West Midlands in England has compiled his cheekiest cusses to date in this hilarious compilation video. In the video, which contains multiple swearing throughout, driver Mike Sandland from Walsall expresses his frustration at other road users when they perform dangerous manoeuvres on the road. Writes Sandland: "When I'm driving I think out loud and my mouth has no filter." The incidents in this video took place mostly in Walsall but a couple are from the Burton-upon-Trent in East Staffordshire. They date from 2015 to just a few weeks ago.

Indian man ends up with two hearts after surgery1m10s

Indian man ends up with two hearts after surgery

+++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC CONTENT+++ A 56-year-old man received a life-saving cardiac surgery but ended up with two beating hearts inside his chest. The man, suffering from end-stage heart failure, had been admitted to Apollo hospital in the South Indian city of Hyderabad, to undergo a heart transplant surgery. When a heart of a brain dead 17-year-old donor became available on February 10, Apollo surgeons realised that it was too small for the recipient. “The donor heart was of normal fist-size. The recipient’s heart was the size of a small football,” Dr A.G. Krishna Gokhale said. There was no time to wait for another donor as the patient was in a critical condition. So, the doctors decided to keep the old heart rather than replace it. They cut away a part of the patient pericardium and squeezed the new heart between the right lung and the original heart in a procedure that lasted seven hours. The new heart has been connected to the diseased heart, which continues to be in its place. Both the hearts beat complementing each other to ensure a smooth blood circulation in the body. “The surgery, heterotopic or piggyback heart transplant, is rare and worldwide only about 150 such procedures have ever been reported,” said Dr Gokhale. The patient has recovered satisfactorily and the doctors say he will have to keep a close watch on his heart as there could be new complexities.

Norway curling team attempts to put on dotted trousers hands-free on ice1m29s

Norway curling team attempts to put on dotted trousers hands-free on ice

Curling has once again proved to be a hit with fans in the Winter Olympics currently taking place in Pyeongchang, South Korea. In the men's event, it is the Norway team that have been making the headlines, not least for their colourful trousers. In this video from 2014, filmed in the days before the European Curling Championships, Norway's national team took on a challenge from their official sponsor to put on a pair of their trademark colouful trousers over a pair of Comfyballs pants - while on ice and HANDS-FREE. Comfyballs have been described as the Wonderbra of men's pants. The team, which is famous for their outlandish trouser wear, managed the challenge in just under two minutes. Norway play Great Britain tomorrow (February 20) in the men's round robin session 10 in the Winter Olympics. +CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: MUSIC IS ROYALTY-FREE+

Deadly snake rescued from open well in India2m07s

Deadly snake rescued from open well in India

This is the moment a Russell's viper, one of the world’s most venomous snakes, is rescued from an open well in India. A resident of Phuleswari slum in Bhubaneswar spotted the snake inside the open well on February 13. Five days later, volunteers of local organisation Snake Helpline dropped a hook and rope into the well to rescue the snake. They pulled the rope slowly and managed to get hold of the snake before dropping it inside a bag. The snake was later released into its natural habitat.

Who let the dogs out! Welcome to the British Siberian husky racing championships3m22s

Who let the dogs out! Welcome to the British Siberian husky racing championships

One normally associates Husky dog racing with snow-covered landscapes, yet the UK lead the world in what is known as ‘on dry-land mushing’. And there is no better place to see one of the fastest-growing dog sports in the world than the British Siberian Husky Dog Championship. Teams of dogs and their owners, drivers and trainers congregate at various forest venues throughout the short winter season (Mid- November to early March) to compete for the UK championship title. The first Siberian Husky dogs came to Britain in the 1960s, but the first race was not until 1996. Since then, the sport has become more popular and evolved into a serious competition championship. These race meetings are held on trails throughout Britain. Each meeting has races with classes for two, three, four, six and eight dog teams of Siberian Huskies. This contest, at Elvedon Forest, was the penultimate in this year’s 2018 British championship. Since there is rarely snow in the UK, competitors race on what is known as a ‘Rigg’ - a 3 or 4 wheeled contraption resembling a trike. The dogs are harnessed to the Rigg and complete the course on a time trial. The championship is highly competitive, but the safety and welfare of the dogs and the drivers are paramount. So before racing can commence, each Rigg must pass scrutineering to ensure it is race worthy; that the steering and brakes are in good order. Each set of dogs race against the clock, 2 minutes divide each team. The forest circuits range in distance for the different teams and are also adjusted according to weather conditions on the day.

Plane makes emergency landing after engine catches fire4m30s

Plane makes emergency landing after engine catches fire

This is the terrifying moment passengers looked out of their plane window to see propellers not spinning - after an engine caught fire. The Nok Air twin-propeller aircraft carrying 84 people took off from Sakon Nakhon, Thailand, at 3.10pm but just ''two minutes'' later its engine was engulfed in flames. Hair-raising footage shows smoke still coming from the plane's engine charred black around the engines with the farmer's fields visible below at an altitude of around 5,000ft. Power to the engine was cut - leaving the Bombardier Dash 8 Q 400 to make a swift u-turn and perform an emergency landing at the airport it had just left. The co-pilot can be heard telling passengers that there is an ''engine failure'' and apologising for the inconvenience. It landed at around 3.25pm some 15 minutes after take-off. One passenger described how the aircraft ''shook slightly'' during the fire and feared that something ''much worse'' was about to happen. Fellow-flyer Wee Boonsena said: ''We had just taken off and about one or two minutes later suddenly there was fire coming out of the exhaust of the engine. ''This happened two times about 5,000ft high and it was a bit scary. ''But thanks to the training of the pilot and the professionalism of the crew it was handled safely. Nok Air confirmed that the plane made an unscheduled landing.

Boy with rare condition teaches sister to spell his football team's name34s

Boy with rare condition teaches sister to spell his football team's name

Giovanni is a 10-year-old boy from Pennsylvania with a rare condition called Schwartz Jampel Syndrome, which is a form of dwarfism. In this video, he demonstrates how he taught his younger sister Giuliana to spell 'Eagles', the name of his favourite American football team and the winner of Super Bowl LII. Giovanni's mother Shannon Algarin filmed the video at home in Williamsport on February 18. She writes: ''Giovanni is the biggest Philadelphia Eagles Fan you would ever meet. ''He taught his six-year-old sister Giuliana how to spell Eagles and showed that off while pointing out that she can spell Eagles but cannot spell the word 'and'. ''They were both very proud of their accomplishment.''

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Cartoonist creates intricate street drawings with chalks34s

Cartoonist creates intricate street drawings with chalks

A cartoonist took his art to the streets of southern China's Fuzhou to delight bystanders with his drawings. The footage, captured on February 12, shows the man -who suffers from a back condition- drawing on the pavement using chalks. Bystanders can be seen observing the man as he draws a vivid Bruce Lee and a famous Chinese official called Bao Qingtian. According to local media, the treatment to cure the man's condition is very expensive and left him with a debt that he is now overcoming by collecting tips from the admirers of his street drawings.

Colourful parade kicks off Year of the Dog in London4m51s

Colourful parade kicks off Year of the Dog in London

Londoners marked Chinese New Year today with a vibrant parade through central London. Festivities then continued in Trafalgar Square, which saw traditional dragon and lion dances take place. London Mayor Sadiq Khan also spoke to the media.

UK mum tries her hand at curling with a Roomba and the broom34s

UK mum tries her hand at curling with a Roomba and the broom

Just an amusing clip of a woman from Cardiff, Wales trying her hand a bit of curling with the Roomba (robot vacuum cleaner) and a broom. "Mum curling a Roomba in front of the Winter Olympics on the tv," her son wrote online. ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN LOOPED++

Angry scenes as Ukip members row over leadership of Henry Bolton3m35s

Angry scenes as Ukip members row over leadership of Henry Bolton

These were the scenes outside Ukip's meeting in Birmingham on Saturday as supporters and opponents of party leader Henry Bolton rowed over his leadership. Shortly afterwards party members voted to sack Bolton, who had been elected only last September as the crisis-hit party’s fourth leader in 18 months. Bolton had been clinging on to power despite a revolt by senior figures after the media reported his relationship with Jo Marney, a model who sent offensive messages about Meghan Markle, the fiancee of Prince Harry.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau visits Indian wildlife sanctuary with family54s

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau visits Indian wildlife sanctuary with family

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Sunday visited an Indian wildlife sanctuary with his family. Trudeau was joined by his wife and their three children aged 2, 9 and 10 at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in Mathura. They enjoyed feeding the elephants and learning about each of the animals, all of whom have been given a second chance at life free from abuse and cruelty. Wildlife SOS runs a bear rescue centre in Agra and an elephant rescue centre in Mathura. The Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Centre (ECCC) was established in 2010 in Mathura and provides critical medical treatment and lifetime care to 24 rescued elephants. Trudeau and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi will hold talks on civil nuclear cooperation, space, defence, energy and education.

Rehabilitated wild monkey gets huge hug from family when released58s

Rehabilitated wild monkey gets huge hug from family when released

This is the touching moment a monkey was given a huge hug by its family after it was released back into the wild. The clip, which was filmed in Amanzimtoti, South Africa last week shows Tracy Rowles releasing a rehabilitated vervet monkey called Pearce. Last month, a student at Kingsway High School in Amanzimtoti, South Africa, spotted the young vervet monkey in need of help with a seriously injured leg. The student contacted Umsizi Vervet Rescue Centre, a rescue organisation run by Rowles. A team of volunteers went out as quickly as they could and, after hours of trying, eventually caught Pearce. Pearce’s family members were furious, fearing the team was going to hurt the young monkey. Pearce was taken to the vet and then to the rescue centre to recover. Three weeks later and it was time for him to be released, but finding Pearce's family was far from easy. Vervet monkeys roam for many miles. However, after hours of searching, the team eventually located them sitting on top of a building on some school football fields. When Rowles opened the cage, Pearce hopped out and climbed the building on which his family were sitting. Recognising him at once, a family member hauled him onto the roof where he was embraced warmly by his troop, who had perhaps feared they'd never see him again.

Vlogger breaks down why high winds closed Winter Olympics Park4m30s

Vlogger breaks down why high winds closed Winter Olympics Park

High winds forced authorities to evacuate the Olympic Park in Pyeongchang on Thursday, forcing events to be postponed and disappointing sports fans. With no Olympic events to watch, this vlogger went to check out whether the evacuation was really necessary. "The extreme wind destroyed a concession stand, the roof of the Coca Cola stand as well as many fences, barricades and garbage cans," he said.

Winter Olympics recreated at home - in Australian summer3m52s

Winter Olympics recreated at home - in Australian summer

A family from Australia pulled out all the stops recently to recreate the Winter Olympics at home during the Australian summer. With the help from their creative dad, Samuel (9) and Mikalah (11) attempted their own improvised versions of an incredible array of winter events, including snowboarding, figure skating and the skeleton. "We love the Winter Olympics so much we thought we'd recreate some of the events at home," said dad Jacob Strickling. "The only problem is that we are in Australia, it's summer, and it never snows where we live. So we had to make do," he added.

Elephant plays the harmonica1m08s

Elephant plays the harmonica

An elephant has been filmed playing harmonica at a rejuvenation camp for temple elephants near South Indian city of Coimbatore. A video shows a mahut handing over a harmonica to an elephant named Andaal, which holds it deftly with its trunk, and plays a few melodious notes swaying its head. Coimbatore is hosting a 48-day elephant rejuvenation camp, which concludes on February 20. Thirty-three elephants, including Andal, are being rested and nourished on a special diet consisting of fruits, jaggery (coarse brown sugar) and other delicacies. Researchers at University of Kansas have shown that elephants have the ability to distinguish basic melodies.