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Strange cat likes mail dumped on her head28s

Strange cat likes mail dumped on her head

Some cats will do anything for attention! Sure, they push stuff around the house, throw them for no apparent reason, other than to get on your nerves. They will chew on the ficus, even though you have told them repeatedly that it is bad, bad for them and they will probably throw it all up on the persian carpet. Chuey the cat likes to sit by her owner whenever he opens the mail. Rather than let the letters pile up on the floor, she prefers that they land on top of her head. Sure, they weigh less than a feather, but Chuey looks positively undisturbed by them. Her human sure is amused, so naturally she get a pat on the head and a scratch behind the ears. Silly kitty!

Published: April 26, 20171,592 plays$4.35 earned
Cat tries to revive his dead friend1m46s

Cat tries to revive his dead friend

Chuey lost her battle with jaw cancer, so her owner showed her to Big Boy, his other cat, so he wouldn't go outside looking for her and get lost or hit by a car. She actually hated him, and didn't let him get close. This is the closest he ever got to her. The next day he was back to his normal, happy self. Such a heartbreaking moment!

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