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Rose Quarter | Call 503-235-8771

OUR SITE: The Rose Quarter typically isn't one to play coy. If you get a press release from them, it's usually about an event you already knew was happening, and it's probably, like, a bull riding competition or monster-truck rally or something. For successful event you need full support and authority to turn the event into a successful one. Without full authority and proper sponsor backing the event cannot be as good as it can be. MY channel: more Video:

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Moda Center | Call 503-235-8771

OUR SITE: The scale of the event does play a crucial role when it comes to planning and organizing an event. Previously, most event planners would agree that it was possible to go solo for small and medium sized programs. However, large-scale, complex events were a totally different ball-game altogether. Having said that, modern time has introduced a number of solutions like the Moda Center this platform aids the event programs of all sizes. However, some basic guidelines need to be implemented in order to do that. MY channel: more Video: