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Husky Posing FAIL 31s

Husky Posing FAIL

Lmao. The title says it all. I wanted cute pics but had it in video mode and Lukas wasn't having any of it.

Published: September 27, 2017914 views
Fetch With Sebastian 28s

Fetch With Sebastian

My older rescue dog Sebastian loves fetch but he just can't grasp the concept of give it back so mommy can throw it again. But look at that happy face, adopting and seeing a dog this happy is worth everything.

My Husky Is Broken Vol 2 35s

My Husky Is Broken Vol 2

Lukas Kage loves go play fetch with Mommy but on this day he was being a little shit and just running after the ball but then not giving it back to me. 😊 😍

My Husky Is Insane 48s

My Husky Is Insane

Every time there's people with dogs walking by, my boys go nuts. Lol. I tried to do commentary haha. 😂

Kitty VS Husky 1m25s

Kitty VS Husky

The kitty Sammie sue and the husky Lukas Kage battle it out for the evil red dot. Who will win?

Husky Refuses To Leave Bed 1m59s

Husky Refuses To Leave Bed

This is the guest room aka the animals bed. That's why it's super hairy lmao. I heard him pouncing on the bed so I came in to tell him to get off but he was too cute so I just messed with him. He was on one that day being super extra and ornery. Love this husky and all his tantrums.

Silly Husky Tantrum 54s

Silly Husky Tantrum

First, this is the animals bed, which is why the pillows are so furry. Anyways, just another day in the life of Lukas Kage. He was throwing a tantrum because it's too hot out to play and apparently that is Alllllllllllllll my fault as the mommy. Haha. Enjoy.

Fluffy husky playing inside  10s

Fluffy husky playing inside

Summer isn't made for huskies. They are cold weather dogs. So during the day they hybernate, and at night you have to get creative to get energy out. This is the start of playtime before bedtime. Love my baby

How to annoy your puppy 10s

How to annoy your puppy

Yes I'm tiny. Yes I'm a grown adult with acne. I'm a fur Mom. This is me playing with Sebastian, my rescue dog. He's my best friend and cuddle bug. I was annoying him because he always kicks me off the bed during his tantrums hahha. 😂

When daddy is on duty 10s

When daddy is on duty

Mom's to human or fur kids have the same problem, daddies who are supposed to be on kid duty, but the kids somehow find mommy. Sebastian (little dog beside me) was there from the start and Lukas the husky came in about 30 minutes later. 😂 a mommies work is never done I guess. 😂 😂 😂

Husky Tantrum 33424 1m04s

Husky Tantrum 33424

Oh you know. Just my puppy, being ornery. 😂. Every single time I go in my makeup room to practice, he throws a tantrum on the bed. 😂

Husky puppy is so stubborn 1m24s

Husky puppy is so stubborn

Huskies in general are stubborn, here Lukas is playing fetch with his daddy but gets easily distracted by any noise in the area of the bird he tried to kill (it ran off long ago) . 😂 gotta love prey driven dogs.

Funny Husky Tantrum 1m38s

Funny Husky Tantrum

Lukas loves to throw epic tantrums in my makeup room/guest bedroom. 😂 he's done this since he's been a puppy 🐶

Arguing With A Husky 1m52s

Arguing With A Husky

Lukas and his Aunt Jennifer were having a tiny disagreement about her being inside playing on her phone and not with him. Lmao 😂. 🙊 you can't win an argument with a husky.

Husky Cuddles 10s

Husky Cuddles

It was raining and gloomy outside. Usually Lukas doesn't let us play games while he is awake, but he did this lazy Sunday. He jumped up and cuddled me and daddy, while watching us play the newest call of duty. He's definitely, finally, getting out of puppy phase, and entering mature cuddle phase. I. Love. It.