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Bulldog answers yes before hearing the question1m08s

Bulldog answers yes before hearing the question

Asking Reuben a "Do you" question right after dinner doesn't even need to be finished because he knows he's going for a car ride and a trip to the park. He has his owners pretty well trained to make sure they ask him that question. Good boy, Roo!

Published: May 4, 20185,525 plays$11.73 earned
Dog Has A Loud Reaction When His Couch Privileges Are Denied1m38s

Dog Has A Loud Reaction When His Couch Privileges Are Denied

Reuben the Bulldog's family was told when they got him that he would require large amounts of love and attention. How true this turned out to be! They were happy to provide it, but every now and then.... they need some time to relax. Here's a moment where Reuben sees his owner relaxing on the couch, attempting a short nap, but that won't do if he's not right there on top of the situation....literally. The wrinkly pooch comes over to his owner lounging on the couch and demands attention with the sweetest noise his little stubby nose can produce. When the dog notices that his whines don’t work anymore, he tries to jump on top, but is too short to make it, so instead he blew his nose all over his owner’s face! “He just sprayed me in the face with cheese smelling...mucus,” says the human to the camera and we are already starting to lose our composure. But this Bulldog finds none of this even remotely funny, so he makes this adorably sad face, bows his head down and walks over to his own bed. “Well look at that, how novel. He is actually using his own bed. For once,” continues the human, indicating that the dog bed they got Reuben is so rarely used, since the pooch prefers to lay on top of his owner. Reuben has had it with his couch privileges being denied, he starts barking at the dog bed and stomps all over it. He even kicks it around for good measure! He can pout all he wants!

Published: November 18, 2017197,483 plays$692.92 earned
Adorable bulldog hates the appearance of the suitcase with a passion3m41s

Adorable bulldog hates the appearance of the suitcase with a passion

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, dogs are loyal to a fault. They get so attached to us, it’s heartbreaking to see the look on their faces when we have to leave for a bit. It feels like the world is ending for them and it makes us feel even worse for disappointing them in such a way. If you don’t know the feeling, this dog owner decided to make a footage of it, to commemorate the misery all dog feel, and the extreme joy, once they come back from their trips. There's nothing more unsettling for Reuben the English Bulldog than when he sees the luggage being pulled out for a trip. The worry of who's going where and when and if he's included is made clear with his butt shaking and the circling of the suitcase. His owner had to leave the little chunker for a business trip and they both didn't want him to go. On the way home from the airport, the owner told his wife and daughter to record his entrance and then formulated this story around it. The leaving of a pet is always hard, but knowing you're going to get a great homecoming makes it all worthwhile. All dogs and owners can commiserate with Reuben on this one. Cheers! (Music credit: "Isolation" by Lucas King)

Published: February 7, 2018333 plays$0.95 earned
Bulldog Pulls Puppy Eyes To Let Owner Know It Is Time For His Beauty Sleep57s

Bulldog Pulls Puppy Eyes To Let Owner Know It Is Time For His Beauty Sleep

It's completely understandable if English Bulldogs are not your cup of tea. There are people who think they're downright ugly and would never consider owning one. On top of that, there can be health concerns and they're known to be high maintenance. If that's you, no worries! However, for many families when you combine the larger-than-life personality with a face full of fuzzy wrinkles, you get one absolutely irresistible fluffy creature prone to having moody episodes. Reuben the Bulldog is one that turns on the pouty charm at the drop of a hat and has his owners wrapped around his paws! Everyone’s a little cranky in the morning, that is inevitable, but Reuben is clearly not a morning person and can get quite grumpy when he is sleepy. Watch how he stares at owner with his lazy puppy eyes, trying to say something but words won’t come out of his mouth! Actually, what he really wants is to continue napping. Too funny! It is so adorable to see how grumpy and cranky these dog breeds can get, and how cute Reuben’s whining can get. Their natural face expression alone makes for a very sad appearance, so it comes as no surprise that these pups can seem to be eternally dissatisfied with life ! Seeing this bulldog comfortably resting his heavy head on the couch, enjoying the coziness of his home, makes it understandable why he feels so tired all the time and his favorite activity is napping! His face cant get cutter nor more sad as he stares down his owner in the politest of ways. He has also tried to pull the oldest trick in the book when he puts on the most "puppy" eyes ever. Moments later, Reuben gets bored and is tired of the long conversation he had with owner, so he decides to get to the floor and catch some beauty sleep. He really has the traits of a king, but the king of sloth and laziness! Judging by his reactions, he just wants to sleep and never leave his home !

Published: February 5, 20181,351 plays$3.88 earned
Whiny English Bulldog Rests From Nap By Napping1m25s

Whiny English Bulldog Rests From Nap By Napping

A hilarious video has emerged of a needy English Bulldog demanding attention from owner. Footage shows owner relaxing on the couch and a whining pup making annoying squeaky sounds next to his ear. Everyone loves a good nap in the middle of the day, a little siesta to refresh ourselves and finish the day strong. However, this lazy Bulldog can never have enough of the vitamin Z. You will be surprised to find out what Reuben wants after his nap! This needy pup makes a desperate plea for attention only to get on owner’s lap and get another nap! Bulldogs are known for their good acting skills, and when barking and whining don't work in getting your owner's attention, it's time to pull out the big guns, the sad face with puppy eyes! Footage shows that Reuben is obviously upset because his owner doesn't pay him enough attention, and the pooch first tries to get his attention by gently barking at him. When the owner doesn't budge from the couch and ignores his presence, the needy pooch decides that the situation calls for extraordinary measures, he plops his face on the side of the couch and makes the saddest face, pointing his puppy eyes at his owner. Watch how he squeaks and whines over and over again until owner addresses him. Now, that he caught owner’s attention the needy pooch just needs to make them sad puppy eyes and get all the affection he needs from owner. Reuben wanted to snuggle with his owner on the couch and grab another nap on the couch, in the coziness of owner’s lap. Could you believe this guy? He is the sleeping beauty of canines!

Published: January 28, 2018922 plays$3.03 earned
English Bulldog has a truly amazing dream1m04s

English Bulldog has a truly amazing dream

When you see a dog moving and twitching in its sleep, it's always interesting to try and guess what's going on in dreamland. By the looks of Reuben the Bulldog's tongue during this nap, he's working on some seriously huge meal. Or maybe he's dreaming of driving with his head out the window. Or chasing squirrels. Who knows, but dream on little buddy...dream on.

Published: January 24, 20182,767 plays$8.11 earned
Needy Bulldog Makes It Difficult To Work From Home26s

Needy Bulldog Makes It Difficult To Work From Home

So you're working from home and trying to get seven hours of work done in three. That's exactly the moment Reuben the Bulldog decides it's "go time". He does a lot of sleeping, but when he wants to play there's no holding him back. If you're looking for a calm, affectionate house dog, who will love you unconditionally and will be the perfect nap buddy, then the Bulldog in the pooch you are looking for. The chubby sack of sweet, sweet folds that last for days is a very good-natured dog who adores his folks, content to just hang out, live and let live. Like the frat buddy you wish you never had. However, this dog needs much care and thrives on attention. He's not a good choice if you will leave him alone a lot. Lonely bulldogs can become destructive. Reuben here might not be alone in a complete sense of the word, but does feel lonely. What does he do? The perfect distraction technique! Taking a few nibbles on an iPad is the perfect way to get noticed. Lucky for him, there's always time to take a break from the spreadsheets to get down on the ground and play. Nicely done, Reuben! If only he wasn’t so high maintenance. Reuben might be a perfect specimen of his breed, with the broad, stubby muzzle, but he will always make a plea for attention .

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Cranky bulldog feels better after belching1m06s

Cranky bulldog feels better after belching

When dogs speak to their owners, sometimes it's hard to pick up exactly what they're laying down. Hungry? Lonely? Tired? Hard to say. Luckily enough for Reuben the English bulldog after some solid whining, he fully expresses what the problem is!

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Dog owner tries to watch football with English Bulldog1m01s

Dog owner tries to watch football with English Bulldog

Don't you just hate it when you sit down with your best friend to watch the game and he won't pay attention? Reuben the Bulldog doesn't care that it's the playoffs. All he knows is that there's a head that needs licking and he's just the dog to do it!

Published: January 14, 20186,631 plays$11.26 earned
Amazing bulldog tongue in slow motion action2m31s

Amazing bulldog tongue in slow motion action

Just like with people, wintertime can be tough on the skin of dogs with things getting cracked and dried. Reuben the Bulldog is no exception and his humans are making sure he stays comfortable with the frigid temperatures. After applying some nose balm, it's an opportunity to see how amazing the canine tongue actually is. Tasting, drinking, cleaning, cooling and communication functions are all packed into that little bad boy. There's a whole lot going on with it and Reuben is no exception!

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Handsome bulldog looks cute while dreaming2m30s

Handsome bulldog looks cute while dreaming

There's nothing more comforting for both owner and pet than to have a soft log of sleeping dog on your lap. Reuben the Bulldog is no exception and finds his best napping is when he's laid out all 64 lbs of himself across his owner's body. Sometimes the napping goes deep into REM sleep and Reuben starts rocking and rolling and snoring his way through a dream. Chasing cats? Getting chased by that poodle at the park? Who knows what he sees, but even when sleeping he is cuteness personified!

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Bulldog Starts His Day With Exercise Routine 2m15s

Bulldog Starts His Day With Exercise Routine

He gets tired hearing it all the time, but everywhere this English bulldog goes, people want to know how he stays looking so fit and sexy! Low carb? High protein? No, it’s nothing more than starting each day with a vigorous exercise routine of rolling and tumbling to firm and tone the buttocks, things and upper body. Follow his lead and soon your friends will be asking you about your great form and shiny coat!

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Bulldog Tells Owner About Relationship Issues 2m44s

Bulldog Tells Owner About Relationship Issues

Every relationship can have its ups and downs. What’s important is that you have someone close you can talk to as you work out these issues. For this English Bulldog, he had a rough day and needed a shoulder to cry on and tell him his troubles. Hopefully after a good 16 hour nap, everything will look better in the morning. It always helps to have a buddy on standby to make you feel better.

Published: December 27, 2017127,826 views
Bulldog doesn't want Christmas to end1m01s

Bulldog doesn't want Christmas to end

Sensing that the end of the holidays are near, Reuben the Bulldog has decided to take matters into his own paws to defend his beloved Christmas tree. Maybe he's looking for a few more hidden presents, but for sure he doesn't want to leave from his new favorite spot under the branches. Enjoy it now, because the tree will soon be on its way out and the daily mouthful of pine needles will be gone from his diet. Happy New Year, Reuben!

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Sweet English Bulldog demands all the attention1m14s

Sweet English Bulldog demands all the attention

When you've just spent 2 hours petting and holding and playing with your dog, but it's still not enough... you probably have an English Bulldog! Who could refuse this handsome guy's cry for more attention?

Published: December 19, 20172,727 plays$6.19 earned
Bulldog Is Upset With Owner’s Stinky Feet 3m24s

Bulldog Is Upset With Owner’s Stinky Feet

Dogs can be drawn to strong odors and sometimes they love to roll and play in the nastiest of environments. For this English bulldog, his owners feet are too much even for him! The dog does his best to let him know it’s time to change his socks and hit the laundry, however, this might be the last time he tries to take a nap this close to the odor makers. Leave it to the bulldog to give his owner the cold hard truth.

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Bulldog won't listen to owner in any language1m32s

Bulldog won't listen to owner in any language

The ultimate lesson for any bulldog owner is that if the dog does not want to listen to you....they will not listen to you, period! They are amazing, funny and infuriating little creatures, but they definitely have a mind of their own. These owners decided to try a new approach to addressing their bulldog, just in case he's not really English!

Published: December 10, 2017216 plays$0.89 earned
Owner sings holiday goodnight to English Bulldog40s

Owner sings holiday goodnight to English Bulldog

When it's December and the TV is full of Christmas movies, you just can't help getting in the spirit of the season. After watching "Elf", this owner decided to let his bulldog know it was time to stop playing and hit the sack. The holiday excitement has energized Reuben and he'd rather be playing and chewing on the Christmas tree, but there's always tomorrow!

Published: December 6, 20174,486 plays$22.67 earned
Bulldog Prepares For A Naughty Christmas47s

Bulldog Prepares For A Naughty Christmas

It's December 1st, do you know where the bulldogs are? In this case, under the tree, slyly attempting to get Christmas tree ornaments and branches between his teeth for that perfect holiday treat. It doesn't matter that his owner is standing right next to him telling him no, because if you're an English Bulldog, "no" is merely a suggestion or more often just background noise. Keep his owners in your thoughts this season as they do their best to stop him from chewing up the tree in the month of December. Merry Christmas indeed!

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English Bulldog Helps Keep Floors Clean 1m02s

English Bulldog Helps Keep Floors Clean

Everyone tries to do their part in keeping the house clean including Reuben the bulldog. He may be the smallest member of the family, but his tongue can. Lean with the best of them. Before he takes a nap on the cool tile floor, he makes sure the area is spotless. Who needs a housekeeper with helpers like this!

Bulldog Discovers Missing Teenager 49s

Bulldog Discovers Missing Teenager

Autumn is the time for falling leaves and inevitably raking them into huge piles. It’s even better when you have teenage helpers to get the job done. What makes it even more fun is to hide one of those kids in the pile to surprise the dog. Luckily, Reuben the brave bulldog is on the ball and ready to find any missing teens. Good thing he was there to save the day!

Published: November 25, 201742 views
Persistence Pays Off For English Bulldog 1m59s

Persistence Pays Off For English Bulldog

There's no question that if you work hard enough at something, you can achieve it. Persistence can win the day even when the challenge seems insurmountable. This is the case with this super sleepy English Bulldog who wants what us rightfully his... a place on his owner's lap so he can get some decent rest. He pulls out all the stops, makes an impassioned plea for justice, and winds up victorious in the end, sawing wood and dreaming the dreams of the victorious. Well done, Reuben. Well done.

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Chilly Bulldog Transforms Into Redneck 54s

Chilly Bulldog Transforms Into Redneck

Winter is almost here and when the house gets chilly, Reuben the Bulldog hunkers down in his comfy bed to stay warm. His family turned on the heater and added some clothing for extra comfort. There's only one problem: there's not a lot of clothing that comfortably fits a chunky bulldog. The only item that fit the bill was an old, tiny children's sleeveless shirt, which left him looking less than classy. But if it does the job, guess you can't complain.

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English Bulldog Playfully Attacks Owner 1m54s

English Bulldog Playfully Attacks Owner

hThere's nothing more enjoyable for Reuben the Bulldog than to have his owner to get down on the ground for a good, playful rumble. Despite the fierce slow motion action full of teeth and flapping wrinkles, it's all in a day's worth of good fun. The only thing that might be better is the nap he'll be taking in very short order!

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