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Meadow Brook Amphitheatre1m08s

Meadow Brook Amphitheatre

Our Website: Today this well preserved Meadow Brook Amphitheatre is still used for film festivals, rock concerts, operas and as a magnificent setting for summer theatres to be held in. Long ago many gladiators fought and died in this arena and throughout the following centuries many ancient civilizations profited from this magnificent structure. There was even a system of covering the roof of the Amphitheatre to protect the crowds from the sun or the rain by pulling a massive sail over it.

Meadow Brook Music Festival1m00s

Meadow Brook Music Festival

Our Website: Music concerts of this continent provide a unique way to spend a wonderful summer night enjoying the musical performances by popular artists. Sometimes Meadow Brook Music Festival also include a range of other programs on literature, theater events, film, visual arts, comedy and other cultural events. These kinds of programs are arranged by organizers to provide an all-round entertainment for the crowd coming here.