Criminal tries to steal parrot, gets beatdown from 70-year-old shop owner1m54s

Criminal tries to steal parrot, gets beatdown from 70-year-old shop owner

After spending more than 35 minutes in this bird shop and chatting with the owner and leaving an address, this inexperienced burglar tried to kidnap a Severe Macaw. The shop owner Lloyd had a hunch that this guy was up to no good, so when he saw him enter the shop for the third time with an open bag, Lloyd reacted fast, eventually crashing the burglar into a parrot cage. However, the burglar still managed to get the bird in the bag so Lloyd did not give up. Lloyd chased him out of the store, tripped him multiple times and knocked him out with the parrot perch all while the poor bird was still in the bag. Lloyd and the bird snatcher battled all the way to the next main street until Lloyd eventually got not only the bird back but the bird snatchers shirt, hat and bag. When Lloyd came back in to the store with all of that, he found out that the bird was alive and doing well. Lloyd is 70 years old and as fit as they come, twice the burglar's age and half the size. The parrot community is crazy about Lloyd's heroism. Lloyd says he did it because he loves the birds and especially Snatch, who now has a great love for Lloyd. Snatch's owner died a few months before he came into the store.

Funny Parakeet Shares His Opinion About The Global Warming1m04s

Funny Parakeet Shares His Opinion About The Global Warming

We should all be a little bit worried about the global warming! Global warming is already having significant and costly effects on our communities, our health, and our climate. Today we have an amazing video of a concerned parakeet that shares his opinion about the global warming! What’s your opinion about the global warming? The camera starts rolling and Picasso gets ready for his big impression. Picasso warns our society about the dangers of global warming. He cares a lot about the environment and also likes to make sure that the day is started powerfully. Picasso is a great cheerleader ! Picasso will take any step needed just to make this world a better place! That’s outstanding! Picasso is a strong believer that the global warming is a danger to our society and he stands on top of it! Now we have word and confirmation from The Animal Kingdom about the global warming and we really appreciate their opinion! This is one amazing interview with Picasso the parakeet! Did you enjoy it? Parakeets are sweet, social little birds that enjoy the interaction with each other and with their human companions, and can be taught to talk. Imagine those late night conversations with them before going to bed! That will would be really funny! Think a parakeet might be the right pet for you? If you are not convinced about having a parakeet as a pet here is another video of parakeet brothers engage in full length conversation . Adorable!

Cockatoo attacks girl for sitting on his bed31s

Cockatoo attacks girl for sitting on his bed

Thai the Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo is extremely territorial and possessive over the new bed that he and his owner share, so much so that he hates if anyone even comes near it. In this instance, Thai is not pleased when another family member, Genna, is interested in trying out the new bed. If that isn't bad enough, Genna also gives lots of attention to the two dogs on the bed. Every parrot owner knows that is a big no-no, unless you want to make your bird really jealous! In typical parrot fashion, he does what he has to do and lunges at Genna, finally getting her to exit the room!

Macaw loves to dance to 'Game Of Thrones' tune2m48s

Macaw loves to dance to 'Game Of Thrones' tune

Rocky the macaw loves music and loves to dance. He also loves watching TV. Rocky has watched Game of Thrones last season and he grew to love the whistle. Although he can't whistle himself, this is him dancing to George whistling the theme song. George has been trying to teach their African Grey named Cody to learn the Game of Thrones whistle. You can hear Cody practicing it in the background. One dances and one sings, together they make a great band!

Cockatoo dances along to owner's singing1m30s

Cockatoo dances along to owner's singing

This is Jersey the umbrella cockatoo. She loves to dance so occasionally her owner will take popular songs and change the words just to entertain them. Jersey gets more excited to dance when she sings to her or when someone is dancing. Jersey thinks she has a good voice and tries to sing along but, as you can hear... not so good!

Parakeet agrees that his wife is crazy during interview2m18s

Parakeet agrees that his wife is crazy during interview

This woman likes to have fun with her Mustache Parakeet Picasso by asking him questions about his life and day. Picasso is in love with Jersey the Umbrella Cockatoo. He follows her everywhere and will not leave her alone. He is basically her sidekick. Picasso is very protective over Jersey but he also understands what it is like to deal with her moods all day. They share so much but you know how it is, sometimes Jersey lets Picasso know that she is not in the mood for his attention. Picasso does not take no for an answer. After playing with the same toy for a little bit, Jersey went so crazy on her toy that Picasso just had to give up, so she interviews him. This is what he had to say.....

Check Out The Hilarious Moment When Parrot Recognizes Himself In Camera Phone53s

Check Out The Hilarious Moment When Parrot Recognizes Himself In Camera Phone

Ever since cell phone manufacturers started making front facing cameras a regular part of their products, people have been divided in accepting them. While some hate the gadget with every ounce of their being, thinking it makes them look broader and uglier than normal, others revel in the existence of a camera where you can actually see how you pose, so that you catch the best possible selfie ever! This is the first time George the African Grey Parrot sees himself in a camera phone on selfie mode. As soon as his owner asks him who is in the video, he comes over to look and then laughs when he sees himself. He then proceeds to test the camera by barking at it and trying out other words and phrases he likes to see if in fact it is him. He even plays peekaboo with the camera! When he finally comes to the conclusion that this is in fact him, he says,"Oh, it's George!" Then he starts sending even more kisses and asking for them in return, because, hey, that is one handsome Grey Parrot. What a character! Another probably very distant cousin of George is the famous Einstein. That Grey Parrot is world famous for his antics in front of the camera and as a real star, he just can’t get enough of watching himself in the mirror . The moment he recognizes his face, he starts kissing the reflection, before adoringly waving good bye. Hope these two cracked you up as much as they did us.

Parrot loves to sing in the shower 2m55s

Parrot loves to sing in the shower

Rocky loves to sing and his favorite place to sing is in the shower. When Rocky wants someone to sing, he will wave his leg furiously back and forth and scream until his demands are met. He likes to hear music just as much as he likes to perform. Rocky is a rescue parrot, and before he came to his current owner he lived with a sweet lady who thought Rocky would be better off in new home because he was very aggressive towards her, so it had come to a point where Rocky had not been out of his cage for ten years. Maybe the lady he lived with liked to sing in the shower!

Cockatoo thrilled to find out her video went viral29s

Cockatoo thrilled to find out her video went viral

Jersey the cockatoo's owners have just informed her that she has gone viral ("Cockatoo denied donut, throws epic temper tantrum") and her reaction is priceless. Although Jersey is excited about the success of her video, she is even more excited about the possibility of finally having a donut!

Cockatoo With A Sweet Tooth Feasts On Donut And Throws Temper Tantrum At Owner2m52s

Cockatoo With A Sweet Tooth Feasts On Donut And Throws Temper Tantrum At Owner

Sometimes all we need is a snack. Growing up, our parents always warned us not to eat too many sweets, often monitoring our sugar intake and refusing us certain treats like chocolate and donuts. But that never stopped us, did it? Jersey the Cockatoo was caught red-handed eating a piece of her owner's donut. When confronted with the issue, she throws a temper tantrum that is sure to make you smile! This hilarious tantrum was caught on film once the owner noticed that Jersey was eating her donut. The cockatoo didn't want to give it up, leading to the temper tantrum. After bobbing its head, flaring out her feathers and squawking for a few minutes, all was forgiven and kisses were exchanged between the owner and Jersey. Who would have thought that Cockatoo’s can have a sweet tooth. Well Jersey has, and she acts like a spoiled bird when her owner confronts her. She refuses to give up the secret, even if her breath smells like donut. Jersey may have an attitude, but her cute manners got her out of the unfavorable situation. Cockatoos prefer to eat seeds, tubers, corms, fruit, flowers and insects. However, this bird decided it was time for dessert and feasted on a sweet, delicious donut. Check out this hilarious temper tantrum from a Cockatoo!