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How I wake up in the morning...2m26s

How I wake up in the morning...

There are tons of poor animals that are abandoned worldwide, because they have special needs. The reason why is because the owner sees the extra care that is necessary as a burden both financially and emotionally. Just like humans, if the animals are given the proper love and care, they can blossom into the best of their species. Little Belle spent 12 years at a puppy farm, where she didn't get the proper attention, until one day. She was adopted and now she is one of the happiest dogs that you will find. That goes to show you the power of a great home.

How to find the best spot...?2m07s

How to find the best spot...?

I know the perfect way to find the best spot! First, you have to dig, a lot... And sometimes you just stand still and wait, think it over. Then you start digging again, sit down for a while, contemplate the situation. Be aware that there's always a certain moment where you think that you've found the best spot, but that's never the case. Keep digging, circling, be creative! And then... there it is, the best spot ever! :-) Little Belle

She spent 12 years in a cage at the puppy mill, but watch when her rescuers show up 9m38s

She spent 12 years in a cage at the puppy mill, but watch when her rescuers show up

This is the story of an elderly Chihuahua dog that went through so much and was still able to live a beautiful life, despite the horrendous challenges she had to face. Be sure to have a box of tissues on hand! Everyone, meet Bella. She was 12 years old when she was discovered in a puppy mill in Portugal, locked up in a cage without ever seeing sunlight. When Bianca Associado found her, she was in terrible shape. Sick beyond compare, with a glaucoma in her left eye, ingrown nails and was chock full with parasites. She was so malnourished, her muscles were wear and she couldn’t walk. Rescuers took the unfortunate puppy for treatment and she was soon adopted in the Netherlands, with Irene. While with her forever owners, she underwent a multitude of surgeries - her teeth were removed because they were rotten and falling out, she received injections for the parasites that were roaming her body and her muddy eye was taken out, because it put a lot of pressure in her head. She barely woke up from the anesthesia but she fought through it. Bella spent additional four peaceful years before encountering another problem in her old age. Glaucoma had taken her other eye as well, causing pressure to build up, so they had that removed as well. Bella was left completely blind at 16 years of age, but that did not stop her from enjoying what life she had left. “Not only with eyes can you see beauty” Music: - You raise me up - Josh Groban - Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole