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Pepsi United Spicer3m29s

Pepsi United Spicer

In this episode of Know Your Meme 101, we take a look back at the series of increasingly stupid PR failures from last month that snowballed into one epic Frankenscandal meme now known as the “Pepsi United Spicer.”

The Mandela Effect2m30s

The Mandela Effect

Was it the Berenstein Bears or the Berenstain Bears? Was it Oscar Meyer or Oscar Mayer? Did you remember it wrong, or have you been living in a parallel universe this whole time? Know Your Meme 101 explains the Mandela Effect.

Foodom (Part I)4m12s

Foodom (Part I)

In this first half of our two-part special episode on Foodom (short for “food fandom”), we delve into the oh-so-fascinating consumer subculture that has sprung up around America’s favorite fast food and casual dining restaurants.

Increasingly Verbose Memes2m38s

Increasingly Verbose Memes

In this pilot episode of our new meme explainer web series, we take a look back at the increasingly verbose meme that became a sensation in January and talk about why everything gets longer and shittier as time goes on.

Who Would Win?2m11s

Who Would Win?

Internet experts Eric and Jon try to answer some of the most difficult hypothetical questions that got a lot of folks on the Internet stuck in the thinking hole since 2010.

Shooting Stars3m00s

Shooting Stars

In this episode of Know Your Meme 101, internet experts Eric and Jon dive head-first into one of the biggest music video parody memes that swept across YouTube in March 2017.

Cash Me Outside2m35s

Cash Me Outside

In this episode of Know Your Meme 101, Internet commentators Jon and Eric throw in their two cents on the viral stardom of Danielle Bregoli and her sensational catchphrase “cash me ousside, how bow dah?”