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Young boy with muscular condition conquers obstacle course1m48s

Young boy with muscular condition conquers obstacle course

Luca literally walks circles around some of the things (gait trainer, wheelchair, braces, etc.) that he doesn't need anymore, even though they helped him learn to walk over the last couple years. Luca was born with a muscular condition, but now at age 5, his balance and walking skills are improving. Challenges remain, and the journey will continue!

Kids deliver heartwarming message about new brother adoption34s

Kids deliver heartwarming message about new brother adoption

Luca was adopted in Poland at age 3. His new siblings, Levi and Lia, spent 5 weeks with him there while they completed the adoption process. In the video, they are all ready to head home to the USA. At the time of recording this, Luca had only been learning/speaking English for 5 weeks!

Little kids deliver special Father's Day message2m25s

Little kids deliver special Father's Day message

Levi and Lia tell the story of their journey from fatherless to fatherfull in honor of Father's Day. Their little brother Luca, who is mentioned in the video, has now joined their family as well. This video is made, with lots of love and respect, to honor fathers everywhere, and to celebrate the importance of fathers being good fathers to their children.

Three Little Kids Deliver Heartwarming Mother's Day Message3m18s

Three Little Kids Deliver Heartwarming Mother's Day Message

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Levi, Lia, and Luca explain some of the many jobs that mothers do every single day! Because mothers do operate much like unnoticed superheroes, they proclaim that ‘Mother’s Day’ has been changed to ‘Anonymous Superhero Day!’ Would you agree!? This is the heartwarming moment when three children send a very special message to all mothers out there, stressing that mothers are untradable and irreplaceable . According to them, what moms do every day is pretty exhausting, totally impossible, incalculably complex and requires impossible skills, coming down to the fact that moms indeed are superheros! One of the three little geniuses comes up with a great idea, suggesting that mothers everywhere should start an exclusive club called ‘Moms only’! However, do you think moms have time for something like that, since they tend to be pretty busy running errands and doing chores?! Free time, what’s that? So, what do moms do every day? Here is just to name a few of moms’ superpowers: a mom is a nurse, a doctor and a pharmacist, a dental assistant and an on-call EMT, a mom is a highly-skilled chef, top-notch baker, a free grocery delivery service and a 24/7 ‘happy snack’ maker. A mom is a wise judge, insightful counselor, a successful diplomat, as well as an expert, in conflict resolution, crisis intervention, and peacekeeping, a mom is a janitor, a Mrs fix-it, an errand master and a taxi driver too. A mom is a coach and a cheerleader, a teacher and a therapist, a librarian and accountant, a dishwasher and a laundromat, a mom is a hairstylist, a fashion coach, a personal hygienist, a party planner, a tour guide, a jokester, a singer-songwriter, a storyteller and a free-time coordinator. A mom is the boss and the receptionist, the administrator and the secretary, the day-care supervisor and nightmare security guard. A mom is a photographer, videographer, a journalist, a bodyguard, a lifeguard and a bouncer. A mom is a shoe-tier, an alarm clock a question-answerer, a snuggle buddy, a kiss dispenser and a monster chaser. A mom is a spiritual mentor, a prayer warrior, a Bible teacher, an example of faith and a demonstration of God’s selfless love… we can go on and on and on, the list of what moms do is endless and tiresome just to read! Ultimately it all comes down to this: My mom really loves me, a lot! The amazing thing is that in the end of the day, moms don’t do all this just to get noticed. They are actually covert agents, anonymous superheroes . Maybe they don’t have a cape, or a catchy name or actual superpowers, but for their kids they sure know how to fly! They swiftly conquer injustice and their love indeed saves our world each day. On this momentous day, the three geniuses decided to officially change the name from ‘Mother’s Day’ to ‘Anonymous Superhero Day’ in order to thank all the mothers out there for working so hard, for so long, for no pay, for which they deserve every single day to be their day! Happy Anonymous Superhero Day to all mothers and all other superheroes who show motherly love to children each day! This indeed, is the cutest message in the name of mothers we have ever heard! Love your mother and cherish the time spend with her daily!

Little kids tell the story of the Good Samaritan3m15s

Little kids tell the story of the Good Samaritan

Levi, Lia, and Luca tell Jesus' story of the Good Samaritan, found in the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 10. May God bless each of you as you seek to copy the Good Samaritan, loving the neighbors that are present in your lives. Blessings from the Mullen Family!

Listen To These Kids Preciously Tell A Classic Easter Story2m37s

Listen To These Kids Preciously Tell A Classic Easter Story

Levi, Lia, and Luca tell the story of Jesus and his encounter with the Samaritan woman, found in the Gospel of John, Chapter 4. So inspiring! - While going from point A to point C, Jesus decided to pass through point B. There was only one teeny, weensy, little problem. - Yeah, point B was called Samaria. - Oooh, that’s bad. - Yep, huge problem. - A big no go’ zone’. The line that shall not be crossed. - Everyone who was anyone knew that the Samaritans were bad. They talked different and they dressed funny. Even worse, they worshiped God wrong. - This was highly unacceptable. - Anyway, Jesus found a rest stop right by Jacob’s well. A lady came to fetch some water. Se was a Samaritan . - Oh, no! - Oh, yeah! - The line that shall not be crossed. Maybe so, but He sure crossed it, and here is how the conversation went: “ - Could you get me a drink, please? - But we are not the same, why do you want my help? - If you knew who I was, you would ask for my living water. - You don’t even have a bucket, you cannot get water. - Drink yours be slaked a while, drink mine be slaked forever. - Okay, it’s a deal, fill me up.” - The conversation went on for a bit, and the lady realized Jesus knew her heart. She finally said she’s been hoping for the Messiah. And Jesus said it was him. The woman then called her friends to come. And the disciples brought Jesus lunch. Jesus wanted them to see the harvest, so he told them he had living food they have never tasted. But they just thought somebody else had already brought Him lunch. - They were really slow on the uptake sometimes. - Yeah, really slow. We do not want to spoil your experience by saying anything more. Enjoy these beautiful inspiring kids and follow their story to the end of this video!