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Kids Get 'Pulled Over' By Their Cop Dad, Serious Altercation Ensues56s

Kids Get 'Pulled Over' By Their Cop Dad, Serious Altercation Ensues

Have you ever been pulled over by a policeman, guilty or not? It is pretty serious business; you need to be extra respectful towards the public serviceman and let him do his job. But there are some punks out there that just like to play games with everybody, including those who protect and serve! This might look like a similar situation, but do not be alarmed, it is all for good show! A policeman dad throws a sketch with his daughter and son after coming back from work, as he pulls them over in their motorized toy car. The Roanoke Police Officer Kenny Bowman is all dressed up in his blues and seems to be quite serious in his inquiry. “Do you guys know why I pulled you over today?” asks the officer, to which the girl answer like a gun “Because we are too cute” and that they sure are! When he asks why they aren’t buckled up, she replies with a whip that would make any police officer’s blood boil. “Mind you business!” When he asks for their documents, the girls says to her brother “He has no backup, floor it!”, to which the boy steps on the “gas” pedal and they run away from the serviceman. They play the same scenario with the boy doing all the talking and his slurred answers make it even more hilarious! The clip has gone viral the moment it saw the light of the Internet!