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Guy Cuts A Deal With The Man In Blue To Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket58s

Guy Cuts A Deal With The Man In Blue To Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket

A bizarre video has emerged of a guy getting pulled over for speeding who dares to make a risky bet with the officer in order to get out of the ticket. A man was stopped for speeding after riding over the speed limit. Footage starts when filmmaker records the moment before a cop approaches the car to present a speeding ticket to driver. His friend jokes that he is getting two months to life, but his buddy has come up with a good workout plan to get himself out of the unfavorable situation! When a police officer on duty saw a car speeding , he immediately chased it down for a few blocks until the car pulled over. Then the cop approached the vehicle and informed the driver that he has to give him a speeding ticket or else he will be summoned to appear in court. Footage shows the driver bargaining with the police officer, saying that he has been a cop longer than the cop on duty and that he has to give it a go! The cop is merely confused and left for words. “Are you still a cop?” wonders the dazzled man in uniform. “Well, yeah” says the man behind the wheel. “Why didn’t you say that earlier”, says the dirty cop, smirking at the driver, after having given him the ticket for speeding! After inspecting the driver’s license the cop on duty pays respect to his fellow colleague and leaves the man go free from the speeding ticket ! The driver adds “On the plus side I have been an officer cop”, to which all men start to laugh. Moments later, the cop on duty notices that the man sitting next to the driver has been recording the whole encounter and realizes that they have him on camera! Did you believe his story?

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Dog Extremely Jealous Of The New Family Member2m19s

Dog Extremely Jealous Of The New Family Member

Usually dogs love little children, like playing and wandering around with them. Because of this fact you may think that it is easy to have a baby and a dog at the same time, but this video does not seem to show it is true. It is obvious that Sadie is jealous of little Jaxx and she does not want to share her mommy with him. Just listening to the sounds she makes while arguing makes you laugh. Poor Sadie… Imagine loosing all that affection and love over a small new living thing that has become part of your family! All that love and attention was meant for you and now he steals it. Only if Jaxx could talk with Sadie, I think she would have told him everything right into his face… Somehow mommy is trying to maintain the balance between her two “children”, but at the end Sadie is still mad at her. Maybe she listens to her mommy’s orders and lies down in her bed, but the moment mother talks to Jaxx the same conversation starts all over again. Sadly, but Sadie seems like she can not submit the fact that she has a small brother that also needs mommy’s love and affection while growing up.

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