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Adorable kitty falls asleep mid-stretch37s

Adorable kitty falls asleep mid-stretch

When you spend most of your days sleeping, it's not unusual to fall asleep in the strangest situations possible. Check Luigi the Ragdoll as he falls asleep in the middle of stretching. So cute!

Cat Has Hilarious Energy Burst After Eating Tuna53s

Cat Has Hilarious Energy Burst After Eating Tuna

Eating healthy is good for you. It is important for you to increase the intake of vitamins and proteins in your body. It is an also well known fact that cats love eating fish. Some of them may prefer trout, others may like eating salmon, but tuna is the most common choice, as it is low in saturated fat. It is also a good source of Vitamin B6 and Phosphorus, and a very good source of Protein, Niacin, Vitamin B12 and Selenium. The bad news is that this food is high in Sodium. Maybe that is the main reason for this cat’s behavior. Jeremy the Ragdoll cat loves eating tuna fish. But check out what happens when all those nutrients kick in! It is more effective than catnip! Maybe he has eaten more than he was supposed to, but one thing is for sure, it has given him tons of energy! All of a sudden, eating too much tuna starts to show its effects… The overdose of tuna makes Jeremy start tripping. He obviously sees a sea full of fish around him and starts chasing them. At least that is what we hope he thinks he is doing. For all we know, he might be imagining dragons! "One fish here. Oops, there is another one. I will catch you!" Jeremy can be seen jumping from one place to the other, wagging his tail in the process. For a moment there, it seems that the effects of the tuna overdose have worn off poor Jeremy. That means rolling around the carpet, scratching his back and licking his paws. Jeremy’s big blue eyes end up staring at his owner, calling him to stop filming him and instead come to play with him. Oh, wait, another fish...

Kitten tries walking with leash, fails adorably2m02s

Kitten tries walking with leash, fails adorably

It seems like there are many cats walking on a leash these days and it's not such an unusual thing any more. But people shouldn't take it for granted and expect that their little kitten will accept the leash instantly and walk like some cats in an online video. Oh no, there's a long process to get there and owners need to be patient and consistent with a leash training. Cats, especially indoor cats, can benefit a lot if they are trained to walk on a leash. Outdoor activity can enhance their quality of life by providing additional mental and visual stimulation in a safe way. It enriches their lives with new experiences and can help maintain a healthier weight. Outdoor exploration can also boost cat's confidence, making them less stressed and more satisfied. There are lots of advises and detailed steps on how to approach this matter but this video is not about that. It's about Jeremy the Ragdoll and his first ever experience with a leash. After some training he got much better and learned to walk on a leash like a professional but this is what it looked like the very first time. In short, it was funny, cute and unsuccessful! Basically this is what people can expect when they first put a leash on their cat. So remember to be patient with your cats, they need to be gently introduced to walking on a leash, and all those internet cats that are walking on a leash like it's a normal thing, didn't get there over the night but with lots of training.

Kitten Is Very Excited About His Fancy New Bed1m28s

Kitten Is Very Excited About His Fancy New Bed

Kitten thinks everything is a toy! Jeremy the Ragdoll isn't too eager about sleeping in this strange looking new bed but he sure loves to play with it! Funny and cute! Kittens are very playful and extremely interested in all new things. When kitten first arrives in new home, it is not strange that the owner wants to spoil it and goes out buying all kinds of specialized cat accessories… The fact that many times those fancy gadgets turn out to be much more interesting to humans than to cats is a subject for a different story – well-known example of a cat much more interested in the box in which his new gadget was packed than for the gadget itself. In this video you can see young Ragdoll kitten Jeremy and his reaction to one of those strange looking cat accessories, an owl-head shaped cat bed. Of course, he almost never use it for what it is intended for and never sleeps in it but he loves to use it as one of his favorite playgrounds. Kittens learn through playing so it is not a surprise when they see everything as an exciting new toy. It is so cute to watch him carelessly run around, catching the ball and so funny to see him biting the owl’s nose.

Fluffy Kitten Excited About Strange New Cat Tree1m26s

Fluffy Kitten Excited About Strange New Cat Tree

If you have ever moved into a new flat and not been able to contain your excitement at how good it is, perhaps you could sympathize with this cat. This cat's new toy tree looks like a giant flower and he flies around it like a little fur bee. It is so adorable! Cats' playful, watchful, and sometimes private nature guarantees they'll seek posts and perches to survey their surroundings. It ensures they'll select hidden hideouts to nap within and find surfaces to scratch upon. It also explains the occasional breaking into hunting mode when any moving object becomes prey. Cat trees provide a secure, durable pathway to the highest domain in your home. Most cats have no problem maneuvering quickly up and down the platforms and in and out of a cat tree. They provide an ideal solution to a cat's innate need for a lofty throne. Jeremy, the kitten, was just gifted a new cat tree and his excitement is a gift to us all. Just look at the faces he makes as he explores his new hiding nest. His excitement will sure brighten your day! We all love receiving presents and we can get very excited when given a new thing. This fluffy cat is overly excited about his new present, and curiously explores every detail. This is how kittens are by nature. Jeremy blends in perfectly in the flower cat tree, chameleon style.

This Kitten Learns Physics In A Way We All Would Have Loved To1m40s

This Kitten Learns Physics In A Way We All Would Have Loved To

When it comes to kids - anyone’s kids - the best way to learn something that will stick with them is through play! Kids starts learning about things from an early wage by drawing or coloring. Cats learn by playing day in and out! Jeremy the Ragdoll kitten knows this perfectly well! With his Turbo Scratcher, one of the best multipurpose cat toys you can find online, Jeremy learns about the fun in physics, the importance of scratching and the fun aspects of gravity! If fact, it may just turn out that gravity is a cat’s best friend, because every time Jeremy pushes that ball, it comes right back down again, inviting the kitten to play! The Turbo Scratcher is the perfect toy for cats - it has a ball that moves, but doesn’t go very far and a cardboard part to scratch to its heart’s desire! What more can a kitten ask for? Though they are known to be lively beings, even cats have days when they would rather lay down and do nothing except breathe and soak in the warmth. This lazy cat happened to be having such a day and she apparently wanted to lay down on her favorite toy, but she chose the wrong one, because this one moves! Annoyed by the ball, the cat keeps pushing it away, but the damn thing comes right back again!