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These Funny Twins Getting Excited For The Garbage Truck Is Priceless49s

These Funny Twins Getting Excited For The Garbage Truck Is Priceless

Have you ever wondered what happens in a toddler’s mind? The great, big new world can be an intimidating place for toddlers. They see things from a different point of view. They find some things so scary and some so amusing, that we grownups find just normal and ordinary stuff. That’s why they have the purest soul and the biggest hearts! These two amazing twins get so excited about the garbage truck that is the best thing ever! Check out this family's weekly event to wait for the garbage trucks to pass by and get the big trucks to honk in exchange for their love and waves! This day they were still in the middle of breakfast and getting dressed for the day, but they had to run out anyway! Their happiness is just the purest ever! They get so excited about little things! These twins just made our day brighter and filled with positive vibes! As the truck goes by they wave to it with the biggest smile and when the drivers beep the horn they get so excited! Hearts of gold! Twins are so amazing! There's no doubt that the personal bonds between twins - and especially identical twins - can be strong, but there's no evidence that it's mysterious or unexplained. We wonder if these cute, little toddlers have made a daily routine of waiting for the garbage truck!

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