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Clever parrot easily outsmarts his human27s

Clever parrot easily outsmarts his human

Sam the macaw loves to chew the house, especially the bathroom, so his owner put a board to keep him from going in there. Needles to say, her attempt proved to be an epic fail!

Logan the Loyal doggie 20s

Logan the Loyal doggie

Logan takes a walk on the beach with his human Mom, but he quickly realizes that his human children are in the water, so he turns around and finds them, he lays right across from them playing in the ocean.

Sam the Parrot gets stuck underneath basket 21s

Sam the Parrot gets stuck underneath basket

Nothing is going to stop this hilarious parrot from getting to where he wants to go! Sam the macaw finds himself under a laundry basket that's normally used for his cockatoo pal. Watch as he gets faster and speeds across the hallway like he is on a mission. Looks like they need to add speed bumps! Parrots are quite peculiar animals, with a wide range of obscure aptitudes, making them awesome pets for certain people. Moments such as this are the kinds that you hope to share occasionally when owning a parrot. Usually they'll end up repeating something funny that they heard, but in this case, it's just a simple basket. Check out this hilarious parrot.

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Cookie the Cockatoo drives basket around home21s

Cookie the Cockatoo drives basket around home

Cookie the cockatoo is known to attack feet, so the solution for this is a basket she can drive around in! You might say that this is basically a cage for her, but she obviously considers it her armored vehicle, ready to strike when the occasion presents itself! The sulfur-crested cockatoo is very intelligent bird, but can be a very demanding pet. 309. Security footage captures cat's hilarious behavior Even though domesticated, cats still have the predator instinct that makes them pounce on everything and compels them to chase everything that moves. It is not at all uncommon to see a cat chasing her tail and biting onto it, as if she doesn't feel the prickling pain of her own teeth! It's fun to watch your cat do all these things to herself and many more. For some reason, the one thing that really confuses cats is when they have something stuck to them; it's like their brain shuts down and they have no clue as to how to respond to this unfamiliar object that just wont leave their side! Watch this cat as he spends a full 30 seconds spinning around trying to remove some tape off his foot. She might not be the brightest cat on the block but she sure is pretty! Priceless!

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