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This Cool Cat Likes To Take Horseback Rides In The Snow42s

This Cool Cat Likes To Take Horseback Rides In The Snow

An unusual friendship has formed between Rita the horse and Lemur the cat. Watch as Lemur goes for a ride on Rita's back. Rita is known for her friendships with other animals on her owners’ property that are not horses. Previously we have told you of her adorating for Balu the Shiba Inu dog. In another video, we get to see Rita chase her canine best friend around the property and it is the most carefree thing we have seen animals do so far. The relationship between a cat and a horse might be a bit advantageous, but it still pretty cute. We all know what a cat loves in this world - a full food bowl and a nice, soft and warm place to nap. Nothing qualifies more about the latter than a horse's back, especially when it is so cold outside, it freezes the horse’s whiskers into icicles! The only time we have seen a cat actually do something on the back of a horse is when we saw Dude the cat join his young human for a miniature horseback ride! It sounds like it could be the main act in some circus show, but it is not! This bold little black cat decided that he really wanted to go for a ride in the New Jersey snow. So after a generous invitation from his loving human sister, Dude climbed upon the back of a very accommodating miniature horse named Gallant and joined his young human.

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Friendly Horse Plays With Her Canine Best Friend In The Snow37s

Friendly Horse Plays With Her Canine Best Friend In The Snow

Winter can be awesome time of the year when there's snow all around! The possibilities are numerous - long walks in the snow, making snow balls, creating snow angels, or making a snowman, you name it! And it's not just humans that love snow - this video is a sound proof that animals are equally excited about it as well! And after all, animal friendships are always an inspiring sight to see. Our heroes today are two very unusual friends - a horse names Rita and a dog named Balu, and seem like they can't get enough of the snowy field. As the video opens, we see the horse running around like crazy, chasing her dog best friend. She's really enjoying this! But our doggy here is also a true adventurer, as he's constantly teasing his friend and making him run even faster. Dogs are known to be real enthusiasts when it comes to outdoor activities in winter, especially if there's snow. There are thousands of moments captured on camera as they joyously slide on icy fields, jump around in their backyards or just running around with their owners and having a blast! Many dog owners around the world will agree with us on this. How about your pet? Do you have any interesting winter moment to share with us? We'd love to hear it in the comments below!

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little foal 38s

little foal

Foal for the first time went out, he's only four days, and runs as an adult horse)

Horse and dog reunite after 7 months apart34s

Horse and dog reunite after 7 months apart

Last year Rita the horse ran away from home. A farmer caught her and refused to give her back, resulting in a very long court trial. Finally, after 7 months, she was returned home and reunited with her all-time best friend, Balu the dog!

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Farm pig learns how to shake hands for treats25s

Farm pig learns how to shake hands for treats

It is well known that pigs are extremely smart animals, and this video is definitely proof. Check out Akulina the pig successfully give her front foot on command in order to receive a tasty treat. It even shows off how to jump over its owner's leg!

Horse and dog are clearly best friends28s

Horse and dog are clearly best friends

An extremely heartwarming moment is captured on camera as these two friends are seen hanging out together. Rita the horse and Balu the dog spend their days running, playing, and even sleeping together. Beautiful!

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Dog and horse are unlikely best friends1m05s

Dog and horse are unlikely best friends

It's always inspiring to see a rare animal friendship such as this one. Rita, a young horse, and Balu the dog enjoy a lovely stroll in the snow together. You can clearly see how close these two animals really are.

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Playful horse makes it clear who her best friend is25s

Playful horse makes it clear who her best friend is

You won't believe what happens when a horse named Rita is asked by her owner where Balu the dog is located. After hearing the question, Rita sprints right away to her best friend in an awe-inspiring display of friendship.

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Extreme cold forces villagers to move hay bales across frozen river22s

Extreme cold forces villagers to move hay bales across frozen river

In Russia the weather has gotten so cold that there is no more hay to feed the horses. In these desperate times the farmers are forced to call on the help of a neighboring village across the river to lend them giant hay bales. However, they must move these 300 kilo bales across the frozen river, risking the heavy weight breaking through the light ice.

Horse and dog share tender friendship27s

Horse and dog share tender friendship

These two grew up together and clearly love each other very much. This is how they generally greet each other every time they met. Truly a precious friendship.

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