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Homemade electric jet engine actually works!2m33s

Homemade electric jet engine actually works!

This is a model of a jet engine with a scale 1:90. It was made with an electric motor that moves with a set of gears and with a flywheel that spins in 16:1 ratio, which was taken from a flywheel-driven toy car. It's cool to see where these parts are originating from. The best part about the flywheel is that it makes the jet engine model sound like a real full-size jet engine! That's pretty awesome. It's always impressive when you can replicate the real life sounds of an object. This is one cool contraption, you have to be very intelligent to create something this impressive. Be careful, it sounds so realistic, you might think you're taking off! The parts that make up the inside consists of the motor, magnets, the gearbox with flywheel and the electromagnet to generate current for the N1 gauge. When everything is put together, you get a running model of an electric jet engine. Amazing!

How an Automatic Transmission Works (Allison 1000)9m43s

How an Automatic Transmission Works (Allison 1000)

This is a very detailed explanation on how the gears of this automatic transmission converts the rotation of the input to those 6 speeds and reverse, using 3D animation. I didn't explain how the real clutches works so watch this video if you are interested on that: Here you can download the model for 3D printing: