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ICE Director Rips Into Pelosi For Her Attacks On Law Enforcement Arresting Criminals3m03s

ICE Director Rips Into Pelosi For Her Attacks On Law Enforcement Arresting Criminals

RUSH TRANSCRIPT: >> Totally different subject now here we go I.C.E. Agents did manage to interview an inmate in a sphrifng San Francisco jail earlier this month and calling that a deliberate effort by the fed to find weak points in her department’s pro illegal state laws here’s her apology. I’m quoting now. My staff made a mistake. And I have to hold account accountable I feel embarrassed by it and taken steps to mange sure it never whats again. Look who is here acting I.C.E. Director how do you react to that Tom when you have of the sheriff of San Francisco apologizes for allows you guys into the jail? >> It is just incredible. Think about it you have law enforcement leader apologizing for a federal law enforcement officer. To have access to someone who is O in the country illegally and was arrested for committing yet another crime, and apologizing for it. It is just ridiculous. >> Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly called Mr. Trump enforcement efforts cowardly that’s her words. I would like your reaction to it. >> Well not only to say cowardly but I.C.E. Was terrorizing imrangt communities. First of all you’re talking about law enforcement offices. These are men and twheam put their lives on line for this country every day. They strp a gun to their hep and leave safety and security of their home to defend had this nation. How dare you call them cowardly and to say that we’re — terrorizing communities people arrested during California operations, loot — acts with a juvenile, about assault with deadly weapons, murder these people were terrorizing communities and I.C.E. Removed from the community so that’s far from terrorizing but protecting American public. >> Going head-to-head in California on the issue of illegals. If I say he’s going into the belly of the beast, you wouldn’t take objection it that? >> One big belly of the beast but Orr bellies you have Chicago, New York you have Denver a lot of things sanctuary cities to address. But yeah, California right now that’s — that’s where all of the news is at. >> Now, as you know, obviously, the federal government is suing California over these sanctuary policies. Are you still being blocked at that lawsuit was announced are you still being blocked? >> Absolutely, and if you watch the governor give a press kfns last week called administration liars because we do have access to the jails. Well egg that San Francisco apologized we have actually got access for a jail on one occasion and we have to remember that California sheriff association the governors own sheriff came out with a press release saying they were against these U laws and they are releasing public safety threats to the streets so they’re upset is equally upset as ISIS. >> Tom look thanks very much for join us today again it is a very important day and we appreciate your time on “Varney & company.” Thank you, sir.

Published: March 13, 2018