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View Host Says Killing Drug Dealers is a Racist Dogwhistle1m50s

View Host Says Killing Drug Dealers is a Racist Dogwhistle

RUSH TRANSCRIPT: One part I take issue with is the big pharmaceuticals. A lot of money is being lobbied into the industry that is pushing even doctorers’ hands. They’re paying for conferences to teach doctors to push their medicine. >> It’s like smoking. We know it’s dangerous. If you start lighting up, it’s your problem now. >> Sometimes, if you have a surgery. You’re given medication. What is important, I believe, to most of us at the table. Marijuana laws, when you’re criminalizing people for having a small amount of pot and it’s legal. In five years, it will probably be legal entirely across the country. The impression of prescribing and taking vicodin versus possibly using cannabis oil in one way or another is totally crazy, totally out of whack. Especially with cancer patients right now. I don’t understand why it’s so stigmatized. I don’t understand it when some people seem more comfortable prescribing oxycontin. >> The old war on drugs didn’t work then. It disproportionately affected people in the Latino and African-American communities. You listen to Donald Trump trying to do the same thing that didn’t work. It’s dog whistle politic. Saying put them in jail. Give them the death penalty. He’s thinking of a different profile of a drug dealer. >> He’s not thinking — because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. That’s the problem. [ Cheers and applause ] >> Duh. Duh. >> We’ll be right back.

Published: March 20, 2018