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Endless Husky Energy25s

Endless Husky Energy

All dogs need regular exercise to stay healthy, it keeps them out of trouble due to boredom, plus it is good for the humans, too. This husky just came back from an extended walk. The owner hoped the dog would be nice and tired, but the dog had other plans. As soon as the dog got through the gate, he finds his second wind and squeezes out more zoomies. What a silly dog.

Sassy husky51s

Sassy husky

This husky tries to convince his parents to let him outside no matter what. He pulls out all the stops to make his case and even talks back when his mom tries to reason with him.

Sweet husky 34s

Sweet husky

It is well known that a sacred bond exists between every dog and its owner. This adorable husky seeks out his owner and just wants to be with her. Adorable!

Published: September 19, 201742 views
Dog loves car ride 27s

Dog loves car ride

It's no secret dogs love to stick their heads out of the car window. This husky enjoys a fun convertible car ride with maximal wind in the face. What a lucky dog!

Published: September 9, 201744 views
Zoomies away 48s

Zoomies away

This special needs husky (leg injury thus the bootie) doesn't want to end his walk, cannot contain his pented up energy, so he let's it spill out all over the yard. He doesn't let his handicap stop him. Oh what fun he must be having.

Published: September 3, 201723 views
Husky agrees to nap with owner 38s

Husky agrees to nap with owner

Huskies are normally full of energy as they are working dogs. With very little convincing needed, this adorable pup agrees to take a nap with his owner.

Published: August 28, 20174,231 views
Joyful husky throws tantrum for attention34s

Joyful husky throws tantrum for attention

This owner was relaxing on the couch when her husky comes in and needs very little reason to do "zoomies" all over the living room. Here's a close up view of the silliness. This is too cute!

Published: August 22, 201733,901 views
Impatient Husky 12s

Impatient Husky

Huskies are known to be vocal, this one can't believe he has to wait for his mamma to go outside and speaks up, almost sounds like he's says, "how cruel."

Husky plays peekaboo with owner25s

Husky plays peekaboo with owner

Raising dogs really can be like raising children. They need constant attention, need to be feed and really need to be played with too! Dogs love to play with their toys, but it seems that this husky just wants to play something else. Check out this epic game of peekaboo between the owner and the husky! It seems that there is never a dull moment in this house! This is one video that no pet owner wants to miss as it is one that they will remember for a long time!

Published: July 14, 2017186,706 views
Passionate husky lovingly welcomes home owner45s

Passionate husky lovingly welcomes home owner

As this husky's owner enters the home, she has a lovely welcome from her dog! The husky is so excited to see her. They have such a strong friendship. She follows her dog throughout the house and asks him if he wants to eat, he gladly replies with a bark. I think he is ready for his meal! Before he eats, she asks him to give her a high five and to speak when he is asked. He obeys and then jumps right into his meal! He is a very patient dog and does what he is told. His owner is very pleased with him. After eating some nice meals, many dogs will probably want to take a long nap in a warm bed with some nice cozy blankets. What a great way to end off the meal, take a nap so you are energized and can run around for the rest of the day! The more energy they have, the more time you have to run around with them and enjoy your day. It is so nice to come home and know that you have been missed by your favourite companion.

Husky sleeps in hilariously awkward position40s

Husky sleeps in hilariously awkward position

Prepare for another hilarious dog video! In the video, a husky sleeps in a hilarious position that cannot help but to make you laugh out loud. Huskies are known to be active and high energy. This one is super calm, relaxed and just plain happy! Many people can relate to this dog as more than once we've all woken up in a super weird sleeping position. This dog highlights this beautifully and manages to create a memorable pet moment! Good thing the owner managed to capture this on video without waking it, or else we would have never seen it! Isn't this dog just plain out adorable? It highlights what we all secretly want to do on the inside, especially during work or school! It's innocent pose that is in that awkward position shows that it really must be in a deep and peaceful sleep. Don't you wish that you had a husky or other pet that sleeps like this? This husky looks so tired. It's owner must have bought many dog toys on Amazon to have this dog so tired! After all, playing with your pet a lot will tire them out, maybe even to a point like this! Do any of your animal companions have funny sleeping positions? Let us know in the comment section!

Published: June 27, 201757,623 views
Extremely energetic husky plays with owner 25s

Extremely energetic husky plays with owner

We all know that dogs love to play, but this husky is on another level! With probably some of the most energy you've seen in a dog, this big guy runs all over the living room, jumping from place to place with a few pauses in between. You can bet that it would take a long time for this adorable husky to tucker out from all that playing. How much fun does it look like our four legged friend is having? For all you dog lovers out there, you can bet that you will enjoy this energetic dog. This might even make cat lovers let out a little giggle, but no one will hold you to it if you do! Doesn't he just look so loving and fun? Imagine taking him to the park, he could probably play fetch for hours on end! At the end of the day, moments like these are the ones that you will hold dearest to your heart. Are you a dog lover or a cat lover? What's your favorite breed? Let us know in the comment section! Be sure to visit for more awesome animal videos, and feel free to upload any other videos that you have as well. Check out how desperately this husky wants to play with his owner. The level of his energy is unbelievable!

Published: June 18, 201715,409 views