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Pit Bull Lets Out An Impressively Long Howl15s

Pit Bull Lets Out An Impressively Long Howl

You might think that you already know all dog breeds in the world. If that is so, then you might want to think again. Of course, there are so many breeds of dogs around the globe. However, one thing is for sure, and this is the fact that there are still several dog breeds out there in which you are not well-acquainted with. One of these dog breeds is the Pit Bull; not the famous American rapper and a singer, alright? All throughout the world, there are thousands of individuals who are raising Pit Bull . Well, there is no one to blame here since this dog is extremely cute and adorable. You might just end up hugging its body and pinching its face when you have this lovable canine. For your own information, the Pit Bull has several breed types and these are the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the American Bulldog, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and the American Pit Bull Terrier. It goes without saying that you can have a number of options if you decide to raise a Pit Bull dog. If you want to witness the extreme cuteness and adorability of a Pit Bull, then take time to watch this particular video. In this footage, you will certainly do nothing but laugh and be amazed. Yes, you will laugh because the Pit Bull is seemingly having its singing moment. Yes, you will be amazed because of the time this dog spends howling while the video was being recorded. This dog is like a human singer singing his own hit song. For sure, a lot of people out there will be envious of him because of his singing prowess, which which they don't have. By the way, this dog has a very interesting name, and that is Butterscotch. If you were the owner of this dog, you would certainly love watching him howling for a long time. Furthermore, it is said that Pit Bull originates in several countries, namely the United States, Ireland, Scotland, and England. One interesting fact about the Pit Bull that you should pay attention to is that it had rough moments in the past years. Yes, historically speaking, this particular cute canine was engaged into blood sports in the past in the United Kingdom. Some good examples of these blood sports were bear-baiting as well as bull-baiting. What is even worst, Pit Bulls, along with some other breeds of dogs, were horribly used in dogfights. Isn't that too harsh for you to imagine? Even so, Pit Bull thankfully became well-protected as time went by. It's simply because of the introduction of the animal welfare laws way back in the year 1835 in the United Kingdom. From then on, as the this dog became more and more popular in the world, international animal welfare laws had been created and strictly followed. If you are thinking of having an adorable pet with a rich history, then a Pit Bull is definitely the answer. There is no way you will not love having it in your life since it will easily become your best buddy.

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Hygienic Parrot Uses A Towel To Clean Its Beak13s

Hygienic Parrot Uses A Towel To Clean Its Beak

If you are someone who wants to have an incredible pet at home or you are a lover of exotic animals, you can not miss this video and you will get to know Baby and his hidden talent for cleaning. You can not believe it! You will probably feel a little envious and want to have a pet like this, then you can enjoy this very hygienic Macaw that is able to clean his own beak with a cloth towel. How great is that? This intelligent bird is the dream of all pet lovers, since having a beautiful and faithful companion at home that is not only part of the family but also can clean itself is something really great. Who would not like to have a bird that can clean its own beak? Surely many would love it. The skill and intelligence of this beautiful and exotic bird is undoubtedly a talent worthy of admiration and in addition to cleaning the beak itself, this parrot is also able to catch the towel brilliantly. This only proves that Baby the macaw is definitely trained very well which only makes us question ourselves what our hidden talents are? Surely this precious parrot is the pride of his owners and being so "hygienic" should avoid many minutes of cleaning at home. What is more, not only his skills are amazing but he can also be a huge entertainer for family and friends. He is such a great mascot! The proud owner of Baby praises the abilities of her wonderful bird and congratulates him every time he catches the towel and cleans his beak, and even when asked if he is ready to make the catch, the bird nods with his head. Amazing! Definitely, the love and support are the key in the training process of this macaw. So if after seeing this clip you were so surprised with the fascinating skills of Baby and you want to have a pet such as one of these beautiful parrots, cheer up and just do it! Surely, it will be a great experience and you will realize how smart and skilled they can be, and who knows - if you train them well not only they can clean their own beak, but they can also help with cleaning their cage. Would not that be even more cool? Maybe with a bit of luck and hard training that is possible. Well, if you were fascinated and surprised with this video and you fell in love with the incredible skills of Baby the macaw and you want more people to be enchanted by the hygienic habits of this exotic bird, do not hesitate to share it with your loved ones, so that it can be seen many times and of course give a thumbs up to this fabulous pet. Also, if you already have a pet macaw at home, please share your experience with us below or tell us something about it. Do not forget to leave your comments below!

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Dog Uses Baby's Kicking Feet For A Personal Back Rub47s

Dog Uses Baby's Kicking Feet For A Personal Back Rub

When people jump on the Internet and start searching for videos, they usually end up going down a rabbit hole of related and recommended videos. Many of the popular videos online often deal with babies and pets. These two specifically create so many memorable moments. They can be cute, funny, sad, and even heartwarming. Most people love a nice baby video or a cute puppy video. They offer so many emotions in the videos! Pets and babies are seen as little innocent beings, so it is always great to see videos with them. Sometimes, these two internet titans often collide to provide an overload of cuteness. Whenever a baby interacts with a good pet, the moment is always priceless! This duo offers some very cute moments and the duo strats are a good-hearted dog and a cute baby. It often happens to come across videos of dogs meeting a new baby, and it is always so nice how the dog reacts to the new baby. They get excited in the same way as when they get a little brother or sister. This video features two buddies, a dog and a baby, just hanging out and having fun! The dog in this video is pretty smart! Dogs love scratches and since they can’t directly ask someone for scratches, they have to improvise. They want a good back scratching any time of the day and they go wild for a good scratch or a rub. This dog probably doesn’t have any humans around willing to scratch him so he has to take matters into his own hands. There is his little baby friend around that might be able to help! As a baby is learning to crawl, it often lays down on its stomach and kicks its feet and flails its arms around. The dog must have taken notice of the child’s movements because he has an idea! With no one around to give scratches and rubs, the dog decides to use the baby learning to crawl to his benefit. He lies down directly next to the child’s flailing feet and lets the learning baby rub its back! This is a very smart move by the dog! Not only is the baby learning, but the dog is getting his rubs, too! This is a win-win situation for both of them. You can see Zuma, the dog, moving his head and back according to the kicks of the baby boy! Zuma looks to be in heaven with his back massage. These are two very funny friends and the baby boy probably doesn’t mind either! Zuma and the boy’s parents must have seen this a so many times before and it must be a common occurrence for the two. Zuma seems to be very comfortable with the back rubs and the crawling routine of the baby. This video is just another reason why videos with babies and pets are so cute. Seeing two innocent creatures coexist and befriend each other is so wholesome! Hopefully once the baby boy begins to walk, Zuma will be able to find another way to get his back massages again!

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Dog Successfully Sings Along To 'Old MacDonald Had A Farm'1m05s

Dog Successfully Sings Along To 'Old MacDonald Had A Farm'

Today’s video takes places in the family’s living room. The dog seems to be older, it is definitely not a puppy. He is a big-sized dog as we can see that he takes up half the space of the sofa. As the video starts we can see a big dog lying in the sofa. The owner of that dog is holding the camera and starts singing the famous song for children, “Old MacDonald had a farm”. As the owner starts singing (we also know that she is the mom of the family as it is a woman’s voice that we can hear), the dog is staring at her, knowing that it is is time to shine. As the owner says first sentences, she starts humming the rest of the lyrics and the dog instantly tags along. The owner of this dog is really amazed by the dog’s performance , as we hear her giggling after each verse. The dog then proceeds to howl, tilting his head backwards, just like his ancestors the wolves would howl during the night. Dogs are known to do this for many reasons , but this time we think he just wants to join along the singing, which is what makes this clip very heartwarming. Howling is one of the diverse forms of vocal communication that dogs use to communicate with each other or with their human friends. Dogs howl to attract attention, to make contact with others or to announce their presence. Some dogs also howl in response to high-pitched sounds, such as emergency vehicle sirens or musical instruments. Those are all the reasons why a dog could be howling, and we all know what it is about in our clip of the day! It would be lovely if the music of the song was playing in the background as the dog was howling and who knows, the dog might have caught its rhythm! During the video we can see a toddler approaching the howling dog. This family has at least one child and we think that the child must have been surprised when he heard the dog howling . Although the baby must have been surprised, he did not get scared during this one minute video, before he disappears from the camera, we can see him looking back at his mom with a little smile on his face. He must be used to the big dog being in the household and we are sure that they get along or the baby would have been scared of that huge howling dog. The dog, apart from his howling, is also barking as he was trying to actually change his voice so it would fit the song better, it is very cute. As the video ends, the owner congratulates her dog and he is being seen leaving the camera as the video ends. We are sure that he was gonna go get his treat or his cuddles as he got up right when the owner said that he was a good boy. So cute!

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