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Sleepy Dog Shines A Toothy Smile When Woken Up35s

Sleepy Dog Shines A Toothy Smile When Woken Up

Imagine the following scenario: you are into deep nap, dreaming about something lovely, cruising the clouds of slumber, when something nudges you unexpectedly and you lose the haze you oh-so-desperately needed. Now, one’s greatness is revealed by the way they react when woken from their nap. Do you react angrily, crying, or do you flash a smile? See this pup for example. Her owner found her sleeping on her back, all fours up in the air, snoozing the afternoon away. She looks so peaceful, <a href=" https://rumble.com/v4qn53-black-puppy-dog-sleeps-like-baby-in-human-arms.html " target="_blank">sleeping like a little baby</a>. So what does a dog owner do? They grab the camera, wanting to capture precious moments like these. Of course, the human had no intention of waking their sweet pup from their even sweeter slumber. But sometimes all it takes is but a gentle breeze to jolt you out of your nap and we guess this is what happens here. The dog opens her eyes and looks straight for the human hovering above her with their phone. What does the dog do? Does she lunge at them for disrupting her nap? Of course not! Instead, she shines her loving hooman with a <a href=" https://rumble.com/v40g2j-goofy-dog-flashes-hilarious-smile-for-camera.html " target="_blank">smile</a> from molar to molar, happy to see her favorite person in the whole wide world! That only lasted for a few seconds, because even though she would love to go and fetch a few balls, sleep in more important. Nighty night!

Published: April 13, 20182,571 views
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