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Howling Husky Hilariously Sings Along To A Xylophone 29s

Howling Husky Hilariously Sings Along To A Xylophone

Everyone loves a good comedic pet video, and this one certainly fits the bill. This adorable video will definitely bring a much welcomed smile to your face. This hilarious dog has given her parents so much joy and love and laughter with her “singing,” which her parents have captured perfectly in this video in order to be able to share it with the rest of us. The video begins with a child’s xylophone toy. This is a common toy that most kids have either seen or played with at some point during their childhood. When the person holding the camera begins to play the little instrument, they tap the little colorful keys to produce a childlike melody. Most people would expect to see a child in the video. Much to our surprise, though, this parent is not playing this instrument for his toddler. He is playing it for his dog! What could be cuter than this? This beautiful Siberian Husky’s name is Gunnar. This is a very fitting name for a member of this particular breed that is known for its rugged strength. Obviously, as the viewers can see in the video, the dog happens to be a huge fan of this xylophone toy. The husky accompanies his dad by playing the keys and using his vocal skills to this little duet. Siberian Huskies are known for their vocals. They have incredibly powerful voice and lungs. They are built for and have been bred for extremely cold conditions since they live in tundras. This means that they must be hardy animals whose howling can travel for miles so as they can communication via the icy conditions. This particular husky has a beautiful “voice”. He howls right along with the little pings from the xylophone. Sometimes this pooch's howling sounds a bit more like growling, and some may find it a little creepy. When the sound coming from the xylophone stops for a moment, the dog pauses his singing, as well. He has learned to “sing” along to the sound of the xylophone. At one point, his singing sounds almost like a cry, too! This dog just could not be any cuter. His family surely spends their days with countless hours and of laughter, love and entertainment because of their pooch. He is absolutely precious. Anyone would be blessed to have this beloved pet as a part of their little family. When this husky's singing turns more into a growling sound, it almost makes you wonder if he is singing along to the xylophone because he likes it, or if he actually hates the sound of the little instrument! While everybody who is watching this duo finds it hilarious and adorable, we cannot say with absolute certainty as to what this precious pup's true feelings are about this entire ordeal. Hopefully, he likes the sound that the instrument makes, and he would be not in a state of turmoil or anguish from the noise if he didn’t like it. It is always interesting to wonder what is actually going on in the mind of pets!

Published: October 26, 20181,041 views
Husky makes it clear he's ready for a walk36s

Husky makes it clear he's ready for a walk

Gunnar is quite the talkative husky when asked if he wants to go for a walk. His owner doesn't get past the first word before Gunnar starts talking! At one point it sounds like he answers the question with "uh-huh"!

Husky scared of harmless deer statue10s

Husky scared of harmless deer statue

Watch as this Siberian Husky pup named Gunnar gets a little bit distracted on his walk by a miniature deer lawn statue. He's confused why his new friend isn't responding!

Husky has strange reaction to calendar look-alike32s

Husky has strange reaction to calendar look-alike

Watch Gunnar react to seeing his nearly identical twin husky on a calendar. He even sits down exactly like the dog in the picture! Seems like he couldn't quite figure out who he was looking at. Maybe it's a relative!

Fun-Loving Husky Thinks He's Playing Tricks With His Owner44s

Fun-Loving Husky Thinks He's Playing Tricks With His Owner

Huskies are a real pearl of nature. They are friendly, gentle and dignified. Most of them strike us with their vividly blue eyes though the colour of their eyes can come in six other different shades. Their soft look is what buys us at the first place. Huskies’ real nature comes to thrive in a family surrounding since they are great family dogs. They know how to tease children and be playful with them all along. Huskies might not be the best guard dogs but having one on your porch will brighten up your day. And owning a husky as little as it can be is the cutest thing ever. This husky puppy melts your heart with his awaiting eyes and thirst for play. Sitting jolly on the bed, playing hot and cold with his owner, in all his naivety he thinks that he can actually scoff his owner. And oh my, he does not want to be kept long, one look from those warm husky eyes drives the owner to grab the toy just to make his puppy happy and make the game alive. And how smart he is, letting go of the toy on purpose just to see another round of his funny little trick. It is like never ending game with this puppy – the more he is teased the more he wants to prove that he is in charge of the game. His eyes are pleading with sparkles so that the rhythm of the game continues in quick succession. The owner can not simply stay immune to the game as we can hear him laugh at the cute mischief his dog is displaying.

Published: July 23, 20151,321,862 views
Talking Siberian Husky argues with squeaky toy1m15s

Talking Siberian Husky argues with squeaky toy

This adorable Siberian Husky puppy named Gunnar is having a howling conversation with his squeaker toy. Take a look at this cute dog that is being pulled out of bed by an immensely annoying sound such as this squeaker toy. The toy is somewhere in the background from where it loudly screeches, just a heads up, you might want to turn down the volume of your headphones. For a moment it is as if this Husky is yelling at its owner to stop with the loud racket. This video takes place in the owners house where the dog is laying on his cushion and relaxing, until he is disturbed by some awful sound, after which he quickly gets up and starts howling. This poor Husky could not get his beauty sleep!

Published: July 24, 2015292,798 views
Siberian Husky has moment of insanity9s

Siberian Husky has moment of insanity

Gunnar, an 11 month old Siberian Husky puppy, has a short period of insanity in this adorable video Whether it is the howling, talking, or these moments of absolute craziness, Siberian Huskies are a rare breed! Husky ownership is entertaining to say the least!

Published: July 21, 201538,118 views
Husky adorably scared of his treat58s

Husky adorably scared of his treat

Gunnar loves his treats, so we're not too sure why he seems so threatened by one of them in this video. Watch him playfully use extreme caution with this particular treat!

Published: July 20, 20158,592 views
Puppy caught sleeping in hilariously odd fashion38s

Puppy caught sleeping in hilariously odd fashion

Gunnar, an 11-month-old Siberian Husky, tends to sleep in some odd positions. This clip catches him sleeping upside down in the laundry room! A few flicks of the light seems to wake him up, but he's clearly too comfortable to move! What a weird pup.

Published: July 13, 201533,338 views
Husky puppy adorably plays with an ice cube1m45s

Husky puppy adorably plays with an ice cube

Gunnar, a Siberian Husky puppy, discovers his obsession with ice cubes. Watch as he plays with one for the very first time! Now that's a heart-warming moment. Credit to 'GunnarHusky'.

Published: February 8, 2015118,986 views
Husky puppy throws temper tantrum10s

Husky puppy throws temper tantrum

Gunnar, a Siberian Husky puppy, is very fond of the remote control (for some reason). However, watch his reaction when it is taken away from him. Hilarious! Credit to 'GunnarHusky'.

Published: January 27, 2015432,481 views
Siberian Husky challenges a Roomba38s

Siberian Husky challenges a Roomba

Gunnar, a Siberian Husky puppy, seems to be a bit nervous of a Roomba that refuses to back down. Check out the funny confrontation between them. It looks like the Roomba is the winner! Credit to 'GunnarHusky'.

Published: January 23, 2015127,852 views