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Hey guys finally doing a full pond update with a small feeding for my baby arows before i go back to Perth tomorow :( i hope i managed to capture most of the fish you guys have been wanting to see :) take care and see u guys soon wen i get back around june/july ish

Published: December 5, 201811,819 views
KOI IN POND update!!! 3m01s

KOI IN POND update!!!

Hey guys just thot id give a short update of my koi in the pond during feeding time :) i will do the rest of the pond in my HD camera

Published: December 3, 201811,588 views


FINALLYYYYY sorry for the LONG LONG WAIT GUYS! heres an updated vid showing the HUGEEEE GROWTH of my pimas and kois in just 2 MONTHS! cant imagine how huge they will be in a few more months :s

Published: November 28, 2018111,355 views
3rd Koi in pond and UPDATE! 1m02s

3rd Koi in pond and UPDATE!

Hey guys i finally transferred my 3rd koi into my pond (kohaku) right before i go back to perth for Uni. hes doing very well and is already schooling with the other koi :)

Published: November 15, 20184,066 views
Koi RELEASED into Pond! 3m10s

Koi RELEASED into Pond!

Releasing my Kohaku and Tancho into pond because they were getting too large for their tank. they kept bashing the glass and were far too skittish so i felt this was the best decision. ENJOY :)

Published: November 6, 201823,125 views


This is what i do every morning except for the fact that i have 2 assistants helping me prep and feed today since im doing the feeding! hopefully most of my fish were caught on camera! ENJOY!



Hey guys just showing u mostly my large paroon shark eating since there has been a lot of interest in him. Also a little commentary about quite a lot of my other pond inhabitants! sorry for the boring choice of diction! i was pretty sleepy haha!

Published: September 30, 2018
HANDFEEDING Silver Arowanas in POND part 2 30s

HANDFEEDING Silver Arowanas in POND part 2

I "Played" with aros in Singapore. I Got to the Sentosa Shangri La Resort, (I Live in VA.) It was 12 AM And i was like, OMG. There is a large pond in the reservation area. in that pond,, there is a 3-4 ft. Arowana, 3-2 ft. Gold Arowanas, 2 or 3 Pacus and an arapaima? The rest i forgot. Well, I got there and i always put my hand over the pond to see if the Arowanas would jump at me. I Don't do that anymore because there is no lighting in the pond.I "Played"

Published: September 23, 2018
HANDFEEDING Silver Arowanas In Pond 1m08s

HANDFEEDING Silver Arowanas In Pond

Feeding anchovies to my baby silvers in the pond. as can be seen they have grown since i put them in a few weeks back! they r no longer attacked by the big arow and have gained heaps of confidence

Published: July 31, 20182,693 views
What are the small fish in the POND 55s

What are the small fish in the POND

Everyone ALWAYS asks me what the small fish in the pond are! well here is a big one that i netted in the pond. please feel free to ID it in the comments section below

Published: July 22, 201820,221 views
TLkmDN Treating VERY Injured Koi 1m27s

TLkmDN Treating VERY Injured Koi

Hey guys i released one of my koi from the tank into the pond this morning. Everything seemed normal. a bit of chasing from the pacus and a bit of running away. My other koi were treated exactly the same. BUT wen i got back from lunch he was beaten up SOOOO BADLY! all his fins were bitten off including his tail. Poor guy. I immediately removed him and began treatment. I'll be praying for a speedy recovery. IM SOOO PISSED at my pacu!!! i just fed them as well. i guess my koi got unlucky and was bitten badly at the start so he couldnt run away

spider eating fly 1m07s

spider eating fly

said the spider to the fly. At least that’s usually the way it goes. In most showdowns between spiders and flies, the odds weigh heavily in the spider’s favor. Today, however, we’ll look at a few species of fly that manage to turn the tables on their eight legged foes. When many spiders capture a fly, they don’t eat it right away. Instead, they poison the fly and wrap it in silk. They leave this silk-wrapped package for later consumption, just the way you store food in your pantry instead of eating it all right there at the supermarket. Imagine yourself as a fly passing a web full of these wrapped-up dead flies. You might imagine you’d be frightened by the spectacle of your comrades, wrapped up like so many Hostess Twinkies. Not so for the Microphorus crassipes. This fly species sees a spider’s larder as a golden opportunity. Indeed, it gets most of its food by stealing these silk-wrapped packages–very carefully of course–from spiders. Another type of fly found worldwide, called Robber Flies, take this thieving concept one step further. Instead of just stealing the spider’s food, certain robber flies go after the spider itself. Robber flies have been seen snatching a spider off of the ground, carrying it away, and eating it. Even worse news for spiders: There’s a whole family of flies–the Small Headed flies–whose larvae actually develop inside a spider’s body. These fly larvae burrow into a passing spider, then proceed to eat the spider from the inside out. Spider or fly, fly or spider. Betting on the spider isn’t always a sure thing.