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We Had a Baby | It's a Girl! 4m19s

We Had a Baby | It's a Girl!

My wife recently gave birth to our third baby girl. Watch my vlog for more details. ➤My vlog channel: ➤My main channel:

3 Year-Old Does Unexpected Dance Moves22s

3 Year-Old Does Unexpected Dance Moves

I was jumping up and down with Baby Alicja in the kitchen when all of the sudden she doing some fancy footwork. Then she told me to do that too! It was cute. Background music entitled, "Beach" by MBB at

Published: October 20, 201751 views
Family Trip to Kurozwęki Palace in Poland 8m11s

Family Trip to Kurozwęki Palace in Poland

Kurozwęki Palace in Poland is a great place to take your family for a day of fun and activities. It's the only Place in Poland with American bison. They even have bison steak on the menu in their restaurant (if you're into that sort of thing). You can go on a tour of the palace, see the mini zoo, and try to find your way through the corn field maze (I didn't have much luck, there). Watch this video to learn more!

Published: August 22, 201725 views
Little boy runs away from first kiss opportunity12s

Little boy runs away from first kiss opportunity

Do you remember your first kiss? The butterflies, the anxiety… Everyone remembers their first kiss, although not everyone has good memories about it. Even worse are the once we didn’t get to have, like these two toddlers! Johnny’s dad is encouraging him to give Alisha a kiss, but the toddler had other intentions. Call it shyness, call it stagefright, but no one wants to kiss their crush on camera! Johnny climbs off the swing and runs off camera, leaving poor Alisha without her kiss. The little girl sure looks devastated. This will be the first almost-kiss she will never forget!

Cute Baby Laura Fighting Sleep FAIL1m56s

Cute Baby Laura Fighting Sleep FAIL

My one and-a-half year old baby daughter started getting tired while eating lunch. She tried to fight it off but ultimately ended up succumbing to weariness. This is hilarious and adorable at the same time. Must watch!

DASHCAM: My Car Hit a Deer 24s

DASHCAM: My Car Hit a Deer

While driving home from church with the family on a dark Polish road, an unfortunate deer ran out in front of my car and sealed it's fate. I kind of saw it out of the corner of my eye before it jumped out into the road, but it all happened so fast I didn't have much time to react. Be careful out there and drive safely on dark roads surrounded by the forest.

Published: March 18, 20176 views
EXPERIMENT Chemicals and Fuel VS Explosives 6m36s

EXPERIMENT Chemicals and Fuel VS Explosives

For this experiment, we lined up a number of items to be exploded by Polish firecrackers. In case you don't know, Polish firecrackers are quite powerful. They're like those black market firecrackers you can only buy from Mexican street vendors around Independence Day in the United States. Some of the things we exploded include a can of aerosol hairspray, paint thinner, propane, and gasoline. Watch the video to see the results! SUBSCRIBE: This video includes the following royalty-free music: "Morning Walk" by Jingle Punks at "40 Epic Metal Reverb Hit Sound Effects" by SoundLikeTube at

Published: January 26, 201763 views