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Friesian filly shares hay with Grey Friesian gelding 1m27s

Friesian filly shares hay with Grey Friesian gelding

Chance is our 4 year old gelding sharing hay with his new little adopted sister Tripoley. He's so kind and gentle with her. Tripoley's hips were shaved because she showed up here with a damaged hip and had to go into UW to figure out what it was since it was not disclosed to us before she was shipped to us.

Puppy vs vacuum20s

Puppy vs vacuum

The first thing Frisbee does every time I vacuum is come over to play with the hose, yes it takes me an hour to vacuum with this puppy.

Published: September 29, 2017Updated: October 2, 201718 views
Cute puppy vs Great Dane 2m23s

Cute puppy vs Great Dane

This cute Parson Russell Terrier Frisbee is only 8 weeks old but takes on his Great Dane brother Elliot in a match of brawn and stamina. Luckily Great Danes are so gentle or Frisbee would be in trouble.

Published: September 4, 2017Updated: September 5, 2017145 views
Puppy scateboarding  on mop 2m02s

Puppy scateboarding on mop

8 week old Frisbee wanted to help with chores but got distracted when he found out riding on the mop was more fun than cleaning

Published: September 2, 2017Updated: September 5, 201717 views
Jumping Foal Wipes Out In Wet Grass30s

Jumping Foal Wipes Out In Wet Grass

Horses are seen as these valiant, majestic and noble steeds. Their size and stature makes it so that you would not want to mess with anyone riding one. For hundreds of years, humans have been working with horses to accomplish different jobs and tasks so our bond with them is very close. Although we do not use them for those kinds of stuff today, there are still many people that keep horses as companions and show animals. There are even people that breed horses to produce adorable, little foals (baby horse). These foals are just so adorable that when you see one, your heart cannot help but to melt! The even produce really funny moments like in this clip here! Chance the foal was not hurt after he slipped and fell in the wet grass. He loves zipping around and being a baby. Watch as he runs and plays in this adorable clip! What did you think of the video? Have you ever seen something like this? Did you find the foal just as adorable as we did? We would love to hear what you have to say so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it is sure to make them smile and laugh almost as much as it made you!

Published: August 17, 2017Updated: August 18, 20175,021 viewsVirality: 2%
Great Danes Watch Horses Splash In A Pond, Want In On The Fun2m45s

Great Danes Watch Horses Splash In A Pond, Want In On The Fun

Summer might be coming to an end, but the fun can continue for a while longer. A team of horses were soaking in the remaining summer sun by the pond on their owner’s property and they were quite the sight to see, but these fun loving horses attracted a different kind of audience as well. While the horses were splashing in the pond and having an awesome time, their owner’s two Great Danes became mesmerized by the game these elegant animals were playing, so they wanted in on the fun. The team of four Friesdale Horses take turns between grazing and splashing in the water and the dogs are loving it! It seems like the dogs think the horses don’t like the water, because every time one of them comes out of the pond, the dogs bark at it, like they’re saying “c’mon, stay a little while longer, it’s great!” Some might even think that the Great Danes are herding the horses, but they don’t look like they give a damn. It’s summer, it’s hot, the water in the pond is dyed a nice shade of blue, so the horses will do what they want. It is just priceless to watch! If anyone of you wonders why the horses’ faces are covered, those are mosquito masks, to prevent the bugs from going in their eyes and from biting them. You’re welcome!

Published: August 17, 2017Updated: August 18, 2017104,212 views
Funny Great Danes play with pumpkin48s

Funny Great Danes play with pumpkin

These jolly doggies are out on the lawn kicking and biting a pumpkin and just being happy. Take a look at how one of them gets jealous all of a sudden a tries to steal it from the other!

Published: August 1, 2017Updated: August 4, 20172,066 viewsVirality: 10%