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Faelen the wolfdog at an outdoor sporting goods store. 2m17s

Faelen the wolfdog at an outdoor sporting goods store.

We went to a local Sporting goods store for their Fall Open House. Faelen enjoys meeting new people and getting pets and scratches from them. It also gives us opportunities to educate people about wolfdogs and wolves. There are so many misconceptions about both. Faelen is more social than most, but he is definitely not the maneater most are made out to be. He is so sweet.

Hyperactive Wolfdog Can't Stop Doing Zoomies In The Living Room36s

Hyperactive Wolfdog Can't Stop Doing Zoomies In The Living Room

A hilarious footage has emerged of a hyper wolfdog running inside the house jumping over the sofas without stopping, as if it is having a severe attack of Zoomies, or maybe just tries to do some exercise, or maybe thinks that the floor has lava. The attacks of zoomies is quite common in large dogs according to their breed, but this wolfdog seems to have a lot of energy to use, maybe it had more charge than a battery. Run, the floor is lava! A wolfdog named Faelen has a serious attack of Zoomies, so he runs inside the house not caring about the obstacles that arise, since he always avoids them or manages to jump over them. Faelen seems to have a serious obsession with sofas, as they are the main places he goes through during his Zoomies attack. When it seemed that his energy was not going to run out, Faelen finally manages to stop the attack of Zoomies and manages to lie on the sofa to rest a few seconds, maybe he felt he needed to relax a bit. Faelen just wanted to train for the Olympics! Talk about hyperactive behavior! Zoomies is very common in dogs, especially large dogs or those that grew in large spaces full of fresh air. Zoomies are not something you should worry about, it's just the time when dogs release some accumulated energy, in a way it's quite positive for dogs. It is important to play with our dogs and exercise, it is recommended that dogs always move in or out of the house to use their muscles, that way they can be healthier, maybe we can do some exercise with our dogs. Wolfdogs are characterized by having the appearance of a wolf and the attitude of a dog, depending on how they are educated, these dogs can perform various activities, some can be trained as hunting dogs, as they are quite resistant to cold. Wolfdogs are very intelligent and know how to defend themselves, they are also dogs that by nature normally grow in open spaces, which means that they always have a lot of energy to run or play. In this case, we can see how Faelen had a zoomie attack, which is quite normal since he is a large dog and by nature needs to release energy from time to time, it seems to be something completely normal for him. At this moment we can only enjoy and laugh while Faelen gets rid of his accumulated energy. It is important to know what are the main characteristics of our dogs, since not all breeds have the same characteristics, depending on the type of dog, different care and homes may be needed. Zoomies are pretty normal in dogs, so we should not worry, we should just have fun while the dogs get rid of the accumulated energy. In general terms, zoomies are simply moments of joy for our pet, it is not necessary to stand in their way to stop them. When you watch the video, you will notice that Faelen and its owners took it quite well. We must enjoy the moment!

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Dog Steals A Flashlight And Refuses To Give It Back30s

Dog Steals A Flashlight And Refuses To Give It Back

Who doesn’t love a nice jumpy puppy? But when that pup is holding a flashlight and running around, the whole situation becomes all the more hilarious. Jumping, dodging and enjoying himself is pretty much what this dog intends to do, while poor grandpa runs behind him trying to get the flashlight back. Dogs are many things, ranging from cute, fluffy to faithful. Dogs are man’s best bud, the one who always has his master’s back. The only thing on earth that would love you more than yourself is a dog, unconditional love is what I am talking about here. Obviously a big BUT follows after showering tons of praises *Drum Rolls* some dogs are highly notorious. And this pup in the footage is no different. There is a game commentary going on in the background with loud cheers and my bet is on football. This dog goes running around the living room wagging his cute little tail displaying joy during the commercials on the television. He wants to cozy up on the couch with the beaming flashlight held in the mouth when the game begins. That is how this dog likes it. He is probably going to cheer when his favorite team make the next goal by flashing light around the room and on top of everything he wants grandpa to stay put and leave him alone (We totally agree, can’t a cute little pup enjoy his time with beaming flashlight?) Maybe the dog wants to play with his stuffed toy from the floor and show him his newly acquired flashy toy, only if dear grandpa were cool enough to let it go. But can we cheer for the 19-year-old grandson who handed the pup with that flashlight in the first place? (Yeah, Kid! Do that more often!) I mean the dog is loving it. All the tail wagging and jumping around says it all. I hope the dog doesn’t focus the light on himself, blurring his vision. And maybe, just maybe, the grandpa is looking out for him and doesn’t want the doggie to irritate his own eyes with the bright light. It’s nice to see the dog give in to his master’s demand of returning the flashlight. Of course, he resists at first, I mean he is a dog after all. But he lets go of the torch in no time showing us his obedience. Kudos to his behavior in the last part of the clip! Dear doggie, we know it was hard to let it go and we hope you find a new and equally fun toy to play with the next time you’re watching a game! Of course, we don’t want to see him get vision irritation. But who knows maybe the next video on this channel will display what this dog does with that flashlight when nobody is around (Hopefully being safe as well), I’d love to see that, what about you guys? Let us know by commenting below. Make sure to share this cute act and make someone’s day. Cheers! Smile away.

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