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Devils Never Cry4m44s

Devils Never Cry

*Anime South 2006 - Best of Show* *Animes BG AMV Contest - 2nd place in Action* *Animania Con Ja Nai XIII Contest Finalist* *Ohayocon 2007 AMV Contest Finalist* *Steel Editor 2007 React - 1st place in Action/Horror* *Steel Editor 2007 React - Best of Show* *VCA 2007 simi-finalist in - Best Action, Most Artistic, Character Profile, Best Use of Visual FX, Most Original* At last my new project its finish 100%. Its with anime Bastard ! and show what this anime is one of my favorite.

Curse Between Us3m08s

Curse Between Us

Aniventure 2007 Judges Awards - 3rd place Action/Horror Aniventure 2007 Audience Choise - Best Action Aniventure 2007 Judges Awards - Judges Choise That project its finally finished. It start before 3 mounts when i first hear that song and it fit very, very well with Maya and Mitsuomi love story. I try some new editing technics here and i'm very happy to see what have i done.

Dragon Ball Z The Legacy of The Saiyans5m55s

Dragon Ball Z The Legacy of The Saiyans

Action - Character Profile amv of heroes from DB/Z/GT, there is no story just fight and fight and fight :D I try to show why i like this anime so much. Its all about fighting !!! Awards : Bunkasai 2008 - Best Action

Published: November 5, 2013132 views