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SYNESTHETIC by Nitish Kulkarni6m17s

SYNESTHETIC by Nitish Kulkarni

The impressive debut from 20 year old wunderkind Nitish Kulkarni is defined as relating to or experiencing synesthesia which invokes the experience of involving more than one sense. From the music to the album title the two complete mirror image themselves by facilitating the use of a melting pot multiple instruments from the east to the west along with a heavy use of cross rhythms that screams sleeper hit for 2014. Add in the high quality production talents of John Adorney who is featured on 2 tracks but does not overstate his musical DNA, by the end of the year many will be speaking highly of Kulkarni and his solo debut album Synesthetic.

"The Wonder Well" - Music by John Adorney featuring Daya3m41s

"The Wonder Well" - Music by John Adorney featuring Daya

The Wonder Well is John Adorney at his finest. Combining keyboards with strings and percussion from around the world as well as collaborations with guest artists, John creates a sound that defies labels and is uniquely his own. Considering that he is a music therapist, it comes as no surprise that John is so great at appealing to his listeners' emotions. His music is always very uplifting, despite how slow or upbeat a particular number may be, and The Wonder Well is no exception. His newest record presents the best in contemporary electroacoustic instrumental music.

"Path with a Heart"5m10s

"Path with a Heart"

The Path with a Heart, Photographic Art by Bill Caldwell http://www.abeautifulsky.com Music: "Sunrise" by John Mills. http://www.johnmills.com.au CD available at: http://www.eversound.com/still-gazing-at-the-moon/ The Path with a Heart quotation is from Don Juan Matus as described in the book by Carlos Castaneda, "The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge."