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Cute Puppy Traps Himself29s

Cute Puppy Traps Himself

Adorable puppy, full of energy, finds himself suddenly trapped inside a box. Watch how cute his friends are when they can’t find him! Aren’t these puppies so cute?

A Puppy With No Fear38s

A Puppy With No Fear

Puppy that is trying to play with a dog 10 times his size is really pushing his luck. This dog has no fear and is lucky to be alive!

7 Year Old Girls Sings For Troops2m02s

7 Year Old Girls Sings For Troops

7 yr old Rhema Marvanne can sing the Star Spangled Banner better than any professional I have ever heard. The emotion she has for the song in just incredible.

Published: November 10, 201361 views
Amazing Motorcyclist20s

Amazing Motorcyclist

Held my breath the whole time watching this video of a brave motorcyclist take on the side of a mountain.