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Scary moment! Girl passes out while skydiving1m19s

Scary moment! Girl passes out while skydiving

Adrenaline junkies, gather 'round! We all know the thrill when the rush of adrenaline hits you - blood pumping, ears throbbing, everything is going so fast while you let go! Whether it's a high speed chase, releasing the brakes on the bike as you ride downhill or in this girl's case, while skydiving! Skydiving must the awesome - seeing the world from above, the horizon around, air rushing past your ears and you can't hear squat. You have a steep fall and when you get the que, you pull the cord to open the chute and land safely. This girl enjoys the thrill of skydiving over Oroszlány, Hungary, accompanied by a professional, but once the parachute cord is pulled, the blood rush hits her brain and she passes out cold! But don't worry, because a few moments later she comes to, asks "what happened", checks her self to make sure everything is in place and laughs it off! Quite an adventure! Don't miss out on sharing this video with your friends!

Published: March 21, 20171,700,599 views