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Kittens sunbathing 26s

Kittens sunbathing

On a sunny day the kitten is very excited because it will be sunny days delight for the hair is very dry and smooth.

Published: November 12, 2018
Cats teasing dogs 58s

Cats teasing dogs

Dogs and cats are two opposing species, as they can not live together. video recorded a clash between a kitten and a dog very lucky cat has escaped the siege of the fierce

Published: October 31, 20181,924 views
Bad outcome of a mouse 2m59s

Bad outcome of a mouse

The cat-and-mouse story is endless, the end result is that the mice were suppressed by the cats. They can not coexist in the presence of each other and human beings also avoid the devastation of rude rats

Chihuahua is two months old 29s

Chihuahua is two months old

Chihuahua puppies are one of the smallest breeders in the world. The name Chihuahua is named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. This breed is very intelligent.

The Pomeranian is sitting on an armchair 28s

The Pomeranian is sitting on an armchair

Pom is a small, petite, European-born dog that is famous for its eye-catching looks. With the loud barking, persistent high alertness, these dogs can become good gatekeepers. The other advantages of the Pom dog are that it looks like a home, is very alert and can perform a small amount of skill in the practice.

Two young men stole the dog 1m58s

Two young men stole the dog

Stolen dogs are an act of inhumanity is happening a lot throughout the world, they use every trick as anesthetics, noose, electric shock. In what way is also unacceptable action. These thieves should be punished soon

Published: September 28, 2018
Top 7 Most Loyal Dogs In The World 6m22s

Top 7 Most Loyal Dogs In The World

Dogs seem to be the most loyal animals to humans over the centuries. Families nowadays look for a dog to adopt as a friend and treat them as an indispensable member. But there are many breeds in the world, each one has different characteristics, aggressive species, intelligent species, nice and quiet ... and today, Thegioidongvat.Co will introduce to you species Most loyal to humans, even when they are willing to sacrifice for human beings.

Published: September 17, 201821 plays$0.07 earned
puppies, little angels 1m09s

puppies, little angels

a girl too love dogs. She had six dogs and beautiful dogs like little angels. She set aside a corner for them. Everything is tired and the message disappears as soon as we see these dogs

Published: September 13, 201897,193 views
kitten loses mother 42s

kitten loses mother

The stolen mother left the kitten three days old, every day the owner must make milk for it, poor and cute

Published: August 28, 20181,667 views