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Cute DJ Cat 11s

Cute DJ Cat

My cat Misha, 'scratching' a record in more ways than one! She obviously did not like the MEW-sic that was playing!

Urban Fox Success Story 2m56s

Urban Fox Success Story

When this fox started visiting, 2 years ago, he was in a terrible condition. Very thin, was starving, his coat was awful and he had an injured rear foot. Not sure if his foot was caught in a trap. This video shows how well he looks now. He is no longer thin or starving as he is fed very well. He looks healthy and his coat is thick. He arrives between 4pm and 5pm every evening and will sit patiently until the food is thrown up to him. He will allow us to get within a few feet of him. He will eat, wash himself and chill out for a while before he leaves. His foot is still showing signs of injury and we have contacted the RSPCA for advice. These poor foxes are being forced from their natural habitat to urban areas to forage for food. Love or loathe foxes, you cannot deny that they are beautiful creatures.

Is my cat looking at ghostly orbs? 38s

Is my cat looking at ghostly orbs?

When I was editing this video of my border collie, Sam and my tortie cat, Misha, I could see white 'spheres' on the right and in the middle of the screen. Misha could see them too! Are they Orbs? Spirits of my cats who have crossed over Rainbow Bridge? Or are they just dust particles?

Border Collie meets cow, instant friendship ensues 37s

Border Collie meets cow, instant friendship ensues

Sam, the Border Collie did not know what he should do when he came face to face with some cows at the bottom of our garden. Should he herd them or play with them? The cow certainly was not bothered about being barked at. Perhaps Sam thought the cow was a very large Border Collie!

Kitten uses dog's tail as chew toy24s

Kitten uses dog's tail as chew toy

Notice how this Border Collie turns to look at his kitten friend and wags his tail to keep her interested in playing. These two are the very best of friends and they do absolutely everything together.