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Dubai Metro1m39s

Dubai Metro

The Dubai Metro is the longest fully automated rail system in the world. It’s 74.6 km long and has 49 stops, two lines and a daily ridership of 353,244. This ride is from Burj Khalifa - Stop 25 and Business Bay - Stop 26.

The Dubai Frame54s

The Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame was opened January 2018 and marks the transition between old Dubai and new Dubai. It is 150m high and 93m wide and will be a centrepiece of Expo 2020.

Published: March 25, 201812 views
Flying Gurnard 26s

Flying Gurnard

During a day snorkelling near Nassau in the Bahamas a Flying Gurnard (sometimes called Helmet Gurnard) was spotted. This bottom-dwelling fish is found in warm waters in the shallows but near deep water. They have enlarged pectoral fins which allow them to glide or ‘fly’ along the surface. This guy stuck to showing off his fins and stuck to the bottom. At first glance he almost looked like a grasshopper!

Turtle Cleaning Station 33s

Turtle Cleaning Station

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle resting on the bottom at a cleaning station then swims away. Turtle has a flipper amputation.

Published: February 6, 201810 views