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Horse Acts Strangely After Giving Birth2m58s

Horse Acts Strangely After Giving Birth

Jenni, who resides in South Africa, is the founder and proprietor of Saratoga Stud. She rides, breeds, loves and takes care of the horses. She was delighted when Daisy, her favorite horse got pregnant for the first time in November 2014. When Jenni and Guy, her co-worker were called to the stables with the night caretaker, Daisy had exceeded the birth date by seven days. They reached at the stables the opportune time when Don Quixote was being born. His small size compared with the big size of her mom, perplexed them.

Published: March 2, 20181,575 views
Dog Visiting Dying Owner One Last Time in Hospital |1m50s

Dog Visiting Dying Owner One Last Time in Hospital |

This is the heartbreaking moment a devoted dog said her final goodbye to her dying owner in a California, US, hospital. Ryan Jessen thought he had a migraine, but was hospitalized with a ventricular brain haemorrhage and tragically did not recover. His loved ones gathered around his hospital bed to say their final goodbyes on November 30th.

Published: February 1, 201878 views
Tap vs Irish Dance8m04s

Tap vs Irish Dance

This video below features an amazing dance-off that will definitely blow your mind. It features two tap dancers and three Irish dancers dancing face to face onstage and leaving everyone screaming in excitement. I am totally stunned by this performance and I am sure you won’t be able to take your eyes off them as well!

Published: January 16, 20184,258 views
La conmovedora historia que se esconde detrás de esta extraña foto1m12s

La conmovedora historia que se esconde detrás de esta extraña foto

Mackenna Newman, 17, from California, could not resist immortalizing the moment. Her mother Marci, diagnosed with thyroid cancer since October, spent last week in isolation during her radiation treatment. But her partner, Jon, Mackenna's father, was clear that he would not leave her alone for a moment. This Friday, Mackenna tweeted a photo that shows her father's affection for his partner. "My mother must be in her room for her cancer treatment, that's why my dad has put his desk in front of the door to keep him company, and I'm crying." The girl relates that her father stayed out of her mother's room "all the time." And Marci explained that this was Jon's usual attitude: "He comes to every doctor's appointment, every blood test, every surgery, every radiation. And as you can see, if he can not be by my side, he is as close as he can. "

Published: December 31, 20178,171 views
Hunter faces social media backlash after he proudly posts pictures of his death on Facebook2m26s

Hunter faces social media backlash after he proudly posts pictures of his death on Facebook

Steve Ecklund, from Alberta, Canada, and his wife Alison, are both well-known for their love for hunting. Ecklund, in particular, regularly posts the spoils of their hunts – often involving the carcasses of animals such as bison, mountain lions, black bears, and rams – to both a barrage of supportive as well as well as derogatory responses. However, he’s getting more than his bargained share of attention with his latest grisly update. In a Facebook update, Ecklund can be seen grinning next to the corpse of a mountain lion that he just killed. Accompanying the bloodstained lion are two of his beagles as well as three other friends. While that attracted plenty of negative scrutinies, a later more graphic post, which even had to be filtered because of its gruesome content, appeared to show the animal’s heart laid bare and cut open.

Published: December 25, 2017374 views
How to shovel snow the easiest & safest way! Aching back NO MORE3m54s

How to shovel snow the easiest & safest way! Aching back NO MORE

EASIEST, SAFEST WAY TO SHOVEL ANYTHING. No bending your back. No aching back. No chiropractor. This is how I shovel, when I need to. No special shovels, no money to waste on half baked contraptions. All you need is a piece of rope, or chain, or anything flexible that you attach to the lowest point of your snow shovel, or other type of shovel, or pitchfork. Stand with your back straight and arms straight down. Load the shovel. Lift by curling your arm that is holding the rope while the other arm shoots the snow, or the sand etc., away. When shoveling upwards on steps, just shorten up your rope grip..... something you cannot do with the bent shovels.You can also shovel going downwards on steps, just lengthen your rope grip. At all times KEEP YOUR BACK STRAIGHT UP AND DOWN. This is how I save my back, save money, and my shoveling is actually fun. Use at your own risk.This video is copyrighted, and its' intellectual property. For informational purposes only. Consult a physician before attempting.

Published: December 24, 201747 views
AMK9 Coming Home Documentary11m09s

AMK9 Coming Home Documentary

AMK9, the leading global provider of K9 Detection Services, transported 92 contract working K9s back to the United States after they completed service work for the military in the Middle East. "Coming Home" follows these canine heroes' 7,000 mile journey back to the United States and the precise planning and attention to detail that was critical to this unprecedented operation's success. The stories of the dogs presented in the documentary are only a few of the many examples of how AMK9 proves their commitment to ensuring the welfare of all K9 heroes who have worked so diligently to provide safety and security to those working around the world.

Published: December 21, 2017438 views
A Mexican woman gives birth to a baby with two heads5s

A Mexican woman gives birth to a baby with two heads

Details of the fact are still unknown, it is only known that the babies were received by doctors from a Social Security clinic. Apparently the mother came to give birth to the hospital, without suspecting that they would be born in this way, so she, the doctor and the nurses were surprised. Still to be confirmed, this would be one of the few cases in the world, of Siamese that share a single body.

Published: December 14, 201794 views