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Man shaves beard, shocks family and friends3m35s

Man shaves beard, shocks family and friends

After growing out his beard for a very long time, this father decides to shave it all off - much to the shock of everyone in his life! Check out their epic reactions! The beard trend is very popular for these last few years, and almost every guy is rocking it, but sometimes all you need is a clean-shaved baby face. Or at least a stubble, but not a huge beard that covers your whole face. This dad's transformation is truly incredible and he looks like a totally different man in the end. That's 1.5 years of growing a beard gone in just 1.5 minutes of shaving. Awesome!

Published: May 12, 2017Updated: May 15, 2017125,682 viewsVirality: 35%
How to Dry Clothes /Directions for Dummies/1m00s

How to Dry Clothes /Directions for Dummies/

This could happen when you trust a guy to hang out wet clothes. Ladies, beware, guys simplify housework simply because they don't care or it's a chore they just don't want. Watch and learn to be creative about the ways you spice your every day chores up. Most of all, laugh your head off.