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Fog Spreads Through Plane Cabin With Passengers On Board Like In A Horror Flick29s

Fog Spreads Through Plane Cabin With Passengers On Board Like In A Horror Flick

During a short flight to Charleston International Airport in South Carolina, USA, these passengers had to wait for the plane to cool down while boarded on the tarmac because of air conditioning difficulties. Take a look at what happens when the air conditioning is shut off! If you were sitting on this airplane waiting to take off, would you be as chill as the two ladies who shot this clip? We think not, although there is a pretty logical, scientific explanation to this phenomenon, and it is related to the plane’s AC. The way aircraft AC works is basically air bled from the engines about halfway of its compressor stage and is about 400F degrees. Obviously this needs to be brought down. This happens in an AC unit that uses the outside air that is pretty cold. On the ground and low altitudes a fan is also driven by the hot air for extra cooling. By doing this, extra thermal energy is taken from the engine bleed air. After the cooling process, the air should be around 45 F, which is great for cooling, but needs to be heated during flight. There are several methods to do this, the most common is taking the air after the first cooling radiator, which now is pretty hot, and use a second point to slightly heat the air going into the cabin. Air from the atmosphere and the one in the cabin do not mix physically - all cooling and heating is done by radiators, and regulated automatically by the airco pack. The flight crew can only tell how hot or cold they want it to be. Now for the super weird part - every aircraft has a water separating unit in their AC, which might have been misbehaving during this flight, thus explaining the “fog”.

Published: October 8, 20172,015 views
Magical Spring Day 39s

Magical Spring Day

Straight out of the ending of the movie, Legend, I walked into floating seeds carried on the wind that filled the air and covered the ground. Birds sang and it was beautiful!

Praying Mantis Rings Doorbell 1m01s

Praying Mantis Rings Doorbell

I woke up to my doorbell being rung at 6am in the morning. It was ringing none stop. I looked outside but no one was there. I thought I might have a short or something. I thought I saw a twig on the button, so I went outside to check it out. Turns out it was a baby praying mantis that had landed on my doorbell. It was on the button for 20 minutes. I had to chase it off the button to get the ringing to stop. My doorbell ring sounds like the chime to a grandfather clock. You can hear it in the background.

Kitten brother and sisterly love grooming 2m09s

Kitten brother and sisterly love grooming

Before they turn into cats that use grooming as dominance, they are kittens who use grooming to show love. Here are my babies when they were 4 months old, loving on each other. Chloe is the black and gold tortie. Mango is the, you guest it, orange kitty.

Albino squirrel climbing tree 27s

Albino squirrel climbing tree

While looking out back window, a friend saw and recorded an abino Squirrel. Louisville Kentucky is known for it's albino squirrel population.

Published: April 16, 201727 views
Fall 2016 Praying Mantis51s

Fall 2016 Praying Mantis

October 30th 2016, found a large Praying Mantis under my mailbox. Beautiful insect. I just love these guys! Louisville KY

Published: October 30, 20162 views
Mango Loses Toy Mouse To Chloe31s

Mango Loses Toy Mouse To Chloe

While in a wild play with toy mouse, Mango doesn't know what to do when it lands next to his sister, Chloé, who stretches out playfully towards her brother.

Kitty In A Bag50s

Kitty In A Bag

Tazz crawls in an empty bag to take a nap. Forget buying a cat bed. Just give them a bag!

Published: August 12, 2016182 views
Gecko in California1m03s

Gecko in California

While visiting Scripts Institute, friends and I spotted this little gecko just hanging out. I love reptiles!!

Panda Bear Mei Xiang pacing to get back in her den29s

Panda Bear Mei Xiang pacing to get back in her den

We visited early in the morning, when the indoor enclosures were being cleaned and stocked with new Bamboo. Mei Xiang paced, wanting to get back into her enclosure. This is what a Panda Bear looks like walking around.

Published: April 18, 2016203 views