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Thanksgiving surprise part ll 1m17s

Thanksgiving surprise part ll

My son first surprised us at our home thanksgiving 2016. After being granted leave he came home to surprise us. So we than drove around the corner to my moms house he waited outside for a minute or so than came in to see his beloved gammi, her expression of love and excitement is priceless. This would be the last thanksgiving as the following year my mom died from breast cancer. She went into hospice and she was hanging on and we can figure out what exactly she was waiting for and my son was the last grandchild to finally come home and see her and couple days later she crossesed over into heaven.

Soldier Stages Homecoming While His Family Thinks They're Doing The Mannequin Challenge1m25s

Soldier Stages Homecoming While His Family Thinks They're Doing The Mannequin Challenge

This family has been tricked into thinking they're filming a Thanksgiving-themed Mannequin Challenge. What happens next completely shocks everyone! A family in Norwalk,California,United States was getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving together, so they gathered up that sunny November day with a great feast. Someone recommended that they do a mannequin challenge to have some fun and everyone got in their designated places. There are people caught mid-drink with the glass in their mouth, people handing each other plates, someone looking for a drink in the fridge...while you were busy looking for someone to flinch or make a move, one woman open the front door of the house and lets in a very special dinner guest in. A soldier has come home from deployment just in time to say Thanks! A brother and son is finally home with his loved ones and his mom and sister can barely handle the surprise. The two women throw themselves in the soldier’s embrace, crying and screaming with happiness. Just when you thought this can’t get any better, his second sister comes in from the backyard, to see what the ruckus is about. Be sure to lower the volume on your headphones, because it gets very loud! Everyone was grateful for one more thing that Thanksgiving.

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