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Playful Cat Replaces Lazy Dog In This Game Of Fetch47s

Playful Cat Replaces Lazy Dog In This Game Of Fetch

When it comes to picking up a pet, most people go for the loving and trusting canine species for one very specific reason. Dogs like to play and go around for walks. Everything is fun and attention worthy to a dog, as long as it involves its owner. Pretty much the same goes for those who would much rather adopt a cat. They know how low-maintenance they are and they love that cats only demand attention when they feel like it. If Mr. Whiskers doesn’t like to be pet, he will damn well make his sentiments known, much to the discomfort of the person trying to interact with him. But it happens every so often that a dog and a cat switch their roles in a household. The dog is the lazy, reserved one, while the cat is all over her owner. In one such Freaky Friday moment, these two appears to have switched their bodies and it is hilarious to watch! Charlotte the cat seems to love playing fetch with her owner! Every time he tosses that stuffed Nemo doll, she runs for it with an eagerness never before seen in a cat, picks the doll up and fetches it back to her hooman. She even surrenders the toy willingly, another thing we haven’t seen in a cat up until this point. But when the time comes for Grant the Beagle to fetch the toy, he looks everything but amused by the game. The human tosses the toy, Grant follows it with his gaze and then just sits there, as if expecting for it to come back on its own. Hilarious!